North of the Bridge to The Big Island

This is a wonderful photograph just past the bridge that leads to the Big Island. It clearly shows the narrow piece of land separated on both sides by Big Bass Lake. To the west of that bridge, which you can see in the upper right side of this picture, is the southwest portion of Big Bass Lake, while just across this narrow strip is the southeast corner of the lake.

The Big Island is the only one of the five islands on the lake that has a bridge connected to it making for easy access in and off the island. It was put in around 1956.

The Big Island has the most homes on it of any island on the lake with Four Winds Island on the north side of the lake second. What I term the Haunted Island now has one home on it. Turtle Island and Grandma’s Hat (Tiny Tim) are too small for any home.

Isn’t this a great photograph of sunset at Big Bass Lake?

Boys Club Learning Center

the Mishawaka Boys Club in Arizona had a great Learning Center complete with many computers. The key thing here was these computers had very few computer games. They did have Microsoft Word and they taught the boys how to compose stories and also how to use computer for later in life. The club also had a variety of quiz Bow The club also had a variety of quiz bowls and spelling bees. The Torch Club met weekly in the Learning Center. Boys ages 11 to 13 were eligible to join. It was a junior Leaders Club. Finally this room had guest speakers from the community on a variety of topics. Every night had a specific program. The kids have fun at this Boys Club and also learned a lot.

Our Entry Port to the Haunted Island

As you can tell by the tree-lined island, what I term the Haunted Island can be most foreboding at night. Our boys club camping trips only visited that island once on each journey and only at the stroke of midnight. In fact, I tried to select the spookiest night when the elements of wind and no moon were in place.

The view you find here is just about where the old pier stands which is about as rickety as you can get. That served as the initial point where the kids imaginations began to take hold of them. After leaving the pier, a trail begins that leads up a short hill and then winds its way to the very haunted house itself. The house is found in a clearing with trees surrounding it. It is a two-story house and about as old as you can get. I’ve never been to the second floor because the staircase looks none to secure.

There was a mud cellar to this house but again the staircase appeared not safe enough. The floors on the first floor were okay to walk upon. A setting such as this, added to by a ghost story, was more than enough for the kids. They were only too eager to return to the boat. On the way back to Indiana, though, they were full of stories about how brave they were on their trip to the Haunted Island and for the majority of kids taken up to our property the trip to the Haunted Island was the chief attraction for them.

Have You Ever Felt At The End Of Your Rope At Big Bass Lake?

Yes, homeowners at Big Bass Lake do have stresses like property taxes and the weather which can cause them to be at the end of their rope. However, the best way to handle that psychologial condition is to be at the end of your rope literally by water skiing this great lake.

After a few rounds around the lake the pressures will literally melt right away from you. Being at the end of your rope is not the end of the world. In fact, being at the end of your rope on Big Bass Lake can be exciting and refreshing if you take a few dunks along the way.

After this exercise you will be able to handle any of the realities that face you as a homeowner. And you’ll know what to do when those feelings crop up again! Yes, being at the end of your rope on Big Bass Lake can be very invigorating!

The Manistee Breakwater

My husband, Michael, has talked a great deal about the Ludington breakwater but the Manistee one is no less magnificent. It doesn’t go out nearly as far as its Ludington counterpart, but you can get just as wet.

As you can tell, the waves are no less fierce in Manistee from Lake Michigan. I walked out on this breakwater a few years ago and proved to myself that the wethead was not dead as I was soaked through and through when one wave hit with full force. I was sprayed heavily and headed back toward shore faster than a speeding bullet.

It’s always a challenge on either breakwater to be able to avoid getting wet on days with high surf. It might be wise, though, to go out on a less wavy day than this because this kind of day guarantees you’re getting wet believe you me!

Play Ball Charlie

Charlie looks ready for action in the cadet softball program at the Hoffman Estates Boys Club. In the event that you don’t know he is wearing the colors of the Baltimore Orioles team. In our league this team was the Orioles. Our Torch Club members served as team managers for our 4 Team league. All of our regular games were played at our small softball field. Charlie’s team went into the championship game against the Brewers and it was played at our large softball field. Hoffman Estates mayor Virginia Hayter was present to throw out the first ball just prior to the National Anthem with a full color guard. Unfortunately Charlie’s team lost this game but he went three-for-three. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Reviewing Downtown Ludington

No one in Michigan loves shopping more than me. At least, that is my opinion. I enjoy shopping downtown Ludington because it is only a mile from the lakefront where my husband Mike likes to jog along the shore of Lake Michigan. Oftentimes why he is doing that I am shopping in downtown Ludington.

The Antique Store I love frequenting because I like old things and they have a wonderful selection. I also like frequenting the Bookmark and browse through all the literary publications that are found there. And, knowing of my desire for sweet things, Chef John’s European Bakery is visited often by me along with Kalwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream. Yum!

Of course, House of Flavors is a must but only in the warmer months. Did you know that their factory is also located in Ludington? Synder’s Shoes is another hotspot for me as all women love shopping for shoes that they never wear. I wonder why that is? Mike questions me about that all the time.

Then after Mike is done with his jog we often stop in at the Plaza Cafe for a light bite or two. There is just so much to do in downtown Ludington these days and of course, for those outsiders that frequent our town, no trip is complete without stopping by the dock of the SS Badger for a few photographs. Even in winter Ludington is a great place to shop!


No, this isn’t Polar Bear skinny dipping at the Big Bass Lake Public Landing unrehearsed. It’s the ice rescue squad getting in some timely practice. They make our foolishness and carelessness their top priority In what can be catastrophic situations. BE carful on ice or you may well be needing their services.  


The Speedboats on Big Bass Lake

Big Bass Lake is one of the few lakes in the area that does not have a regulated speed limit during peak hours of the day unless things have changed a lot since I camped there. Some boats whizzed by so fast that rowboaters needed to stay close to shore in order to avoid the huge wakes.

I remember one time that I was out on our motor boat and a big speedboat cut right in front of me and I had to sit on the bottom of the boat as I went airborne for a few seconds hitting his wake dead on.

For a time a sheriff patrol was situated on the lake but I’m not sure that still exists or not? In the days I camped off our property fines were given for having no life preservors even on rowboats. Is there a speed limit on the lake during peak hours? Leave us a comment and let us know.

US 31af

I made a business trip to Traverse City, Michigan, and found out that once I got on US 31 in Indianapolis, I didn’t have to exit off that road once, except for fuel or eating. US 31 goes all the way to Traverse City.

However the road is far different in Michigan over that of Indiana in that the latter has a road system that is bumpy with no rest stops whatsoever. Michigan’s road is smoother with rest stops all the way. There is more of a feel to a superhighway system in Michigan while Indiana’s stretch of US 31 just seems like a highway.

My picture here is the turnoff onto US 10 which leads to Mike Reynolds home town of Scottville, Michigan to the east, while to the west is his favorite resort town, that being Ludington, Michigan. Since I was needed in Traverse City in a few hours I headed due north.

US 31 in Michigan runs fairly close in proximity to Lake Michigan. Along the way one must pass over several bridges that someway give the right of way to boats passing underneath so drawbridges are set in place. Plus one gets to pass by Holland, Michigan, and they are known for their flowers and wooden shoes.

Indiana needs to spruce up its portion of US 31 to match that of Michigan’s side.

Camp Mishawaka From the Air

This is an aerial shot of Camp Mishawaka in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The lake is Lake Pokegama and the main camp can be clearly seen by the lake. In the woods is the tennis courts. I worked at this camp in 1969. My job was to teach camping skills in the forest add an area called super Belding. The camp took children from all 50 states and four countries. If you went for an entire 8 weeks summer it would cost you $7,500.

Bear It All

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DANCE? I THINK I CAN BEAR YOUR BREATH! What a Rumble they’ll make on the Dance Floor. The fur will fly! Next I want to show you the proper way to hire a crossing guard for your children. Who would mess with this crossing guard? Oh, and make sure they all get across safely.
Every last one before traffic can proceed again. And remember please Don’t Feed the Bears or they might feed on you!

Ping Pong Joey

Joey was a member of the Bradenton Boys Club and he loved hanging pong. For a Cadet, our youngest age group, he won almost every tournament. For exercise he enjoyed around the world ping-pong. Holy ping-pong frustrated Joey because a one inch diameter hole was drilled into the center of the paddle. It took him some time to get used to this game and he wasn’t used to losing. Over the span of time he was 50-50 in this game. He never quite mastered it. Joey also liked our Ceramics room and when he wasn’t playing ping-pong he was there. I think he had a crush on our instructor. Joey was a great kid.