The Iron’s Cafe

Mike  has taken me to the Iron’s Cafe several times. I can recommend their hamburgers and fries as excellent. The service is almost like you were home and the place is very clean. I always like to look for new places to eat in the Manistee National Forest. For a very small town irons has several good places to eat. But the Iron’s Cafe is at the top of the list. Check it out for yourself if you ever find yourself in irons. 

Christine Nolan- rest in peace

Christine-Nolan-1431347795 I found out today that my dear friend and board member of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club passed away 2 years ago. Chris had a blonde pixie haircut and was stunningly beautiful. She was also very intelligent. She was the secretary on my board of directors and was responsible for hiring me. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her. She had a wonderful personality and great sense of humor . She could take on the leaders of our community at anytime.  There will be no one else like her ever. I thank God for letting me know her.

Seaman, Loon, Heart, and Alice Lakes

Seaman lake 4

How about this overview of not only Seaman Lake, which I discussed this morning, but also Loon, Heart, and Alice Lakes which are all in close proximity to the others. In fact, Big Bass Lake is just to their north. Alice Lake, which Ed Hawks has a cottage on, is just a hoot and a hollar from Heart Lake which will be featured here soon.

Loon Lake, of course, once hosted the Loon Lake Pavillion, which was a roller skating rink par excellence for this area. If there are residents of any of these lakes that would care to comment about their particular lake, please do so by way of a comment. Ed Hawks has given us some infomration about Alice Lake but what about Heart Lake?

Great dining at the club 37

IMG_20170922_212938 on occasion when I get a break from cooking Mike likes to take me to the club 37. I call it an oasis in the wilderness. No one is their equal in prime rib. Each bite is a Savory experience like none other. Mike enjoys their perch dinner. They are known for their Seafood as well. For almost being in the middle of nowhere their Ambience is excellent. The staff is always friendly and the place immaculately cleaned. I would even eat my prime rib without A one. I won’t even mention their desserts because they’re out of site. If you’re ever in the area enjoy this Oasis in the wilderness.o

A Snowfall at Big Bass Lake

Winter truly starts at Big Bass Lake with the first snowfall.  Until that time, autumn is still in control. I have often wanted to take out a rowboat on the lake during the first snow but I wonder how safe that would be? When does the ice first start to form on the lake? My winter expertise on the lake is sorely lacking as I only spent a few days up there twice in the winter.

Our cottage was not winterized however the original old house was.  My grandmother was a snow bird and headed south for the winter.  We used to pick her up sometime during hunting season before my Aunt and Uncle would then meet us in Wabash, Indiana (where we lived at that time) before taking her to Enterprise, Alabama, for her winter home.

My grandmother returned to the farm in Mid-April each year thus avoiding most of the contact with any snow,  I wonder how many residents on the lake live there year round?

Father Emile Dube?

1-DSC09314-e1338071140870-600x60 Father Emile Dube? That will take some getting used to. I knew him as brother Dube during my time at the salesian boys club in Columbus Ohio. We once visited and ice cream shop in German Village and saw Cesar Romero. Brother Emile also visited my Hoffman Estates Boys Club for a basketball tournament. Even more surprising for you I am now an evangelist and teach Bible studies. So we both have a surprise for each other. I miss our fellowship greatly. Father Dube? Yes that will take some getting used to!

Brother Gerald Warner

This is the man I served under in my role as Physical and Program Director at the Salesian Inner City Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio.  He is Brother Gerald Warner and he is a man  I still admire to this day.

Brother Gerald Warner, 77, has lived as a Salesian brother for 50 years. He was the founding executive director of the Salesian Boys & Girls Club of Columbus from 1969 to 1975. He was executive director also from 1986 to 1989, a staff member from 1998 to 2000, and treasurer of the Salesian Center (both the religious community and Club) in 1978-1979.

Brother Warner was born in Fargo,N.D., and raised in Lisbon N.D. After serving in the U.S. Army and then earning a B.S. in education from Moorhead(Minn.) State University in 1956, he came to Don Bosco Seminary in Newton, N.J., as a candidate. He entered the novitiate in 1958 and made his first profession of vows on Sept. 8, 1959.

Brother Warner earned an M.Ed. from Boston College in 1966 and is certified to teach English in three states. His ministry as a Salesian has been a mixture of high school teaching and boys and girls club administration. He has taught at St. Dominic Savio High School in East Boston (1959-1960), Salesian High School in Los Angeles (1960-1964), Don Bosco Tech in Boston (1964-1966), Salesian High School in New Rochelle (1966-1968), and Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey ,N.J.(1989-1998),  in addition to being treasurer at Salesian Junior Seminary in Goshen,N.Y.(1975-1978). He was executive director of the Salesian Boys & Girls Club in East Boston(1985-1986).

For six years, 1979-1985, Brother Warner was treasurer of the Salesians’ New Rochelle Province, residing in New Rochelle. From 2000 to 2007 he was on the staff of the Salesian novitiate at Mary Help of  Christians Church in Manhattan, where he also assisted with the parish’s youth ministry and hospital chaplaincy. Since 2007 he has been on the staff of Salesian Missions in New Rochelle with particular responsibility for ministry to men and women in prison.

Well done, Brother Gerald!

What’s in Walhalla?

First, you're probably asking yourself, what is a Walhalla?

It’s an eye blinker town located between Scottville and Baldwin on US 10 in Michigan. When we were kids and we swam at Lake Michigan on the way back to the farm after Scottsdale there were a Trilogy Of Towns. Walhalla, Custer, and Branch. We would turn north at Branch. Here are some highlights of Walhalla Michigan.

This is the Browtlhy Lodge

which is a nice place to relax in an eye blinker town. When you get hungry head down to

The Emerson Lake Inn for some great Foods and great atmosphere. This community is found in the Manistee National Forest. Take a break from your vacation and glance around Walhalla Michigan. It won’t take you long.

Very Wavy Lake Michigan

On a very cool July Afternoon, the Marion Y kids were greatly upset that the lake was just to cold for swimming as a brisk chilly wind was blowing. They all slipped out of their footwear and began timing the wave intervals to run in and out of them.  After 30 minutes their feet were freezing cold so I suggested burying their feet in the sand to warm them up. After that we headed t  the Ludington A&W to warm up even more with burgers and fries. Funny thing though, they didn’t object even once about the ice cold root beer?

In Winter you see it; in Summer you don’t

IMG_20171115_024329 what part of Camp Martin Johnson can you see now? It’s summer and you can’t see a thing! Yet beyond that tree line are the remnants of that camp including cottage’s and campfires. In winter you can see all of the remnants of Camp Martin Johnson. Yet please don’t tresspass on the island as it is private property. If you want to see the cottages, check out our category Four Winds Island and you can see what’s on the island without violating private property.

A Little Fall Color- Very Little

IMG_6487 October 14th 2017. My friend Ed and I were talking about fall colors and yet here on this date you can only see one little tree with fall color on it. Ed told me was very dry up there this year. I now live in Indianapolis and it was the fourth driest September ever here. However we are seeing some fall color already. I can’t remember Indiana ever having fall color before Michigan. One thing is sure and that is that Michigan will have to have fall before winter and the longer it takes the leaves to turn it’s one less day of winter.