This is Bob Marks, my nephew, who was orchestrated our family history so well. Here is his “Family Tree” of the Noreika/Norris generations:

Check out our family geneology which was created by my nephew, Bobby Marks who is the band director at Columbus Junior High School, Columbus, Indiana.

Although not fully completed, I have it here in partial form and when it is fully completed I shall update this post. If you have difficulty reading specifics I would recommned clicking on the picture and open it up into a separate window.

In addition my Aunt Mary Norris, her late husband Joe was my father’s brother, has compiled this information.

Joseph Charles Noreika b. 5/15/1873 Lithuania
d. 2/4/1956 Irons, Mi. (I think he is buried In
Sheboygan, as well)

Barbara Letukas Norieka b 12/6,1884 Lithuania
d. 9/26/1976 Ludington
buried Sheboygan, Wi

Adam J.Norieka b. 12/24/1910 d. 1973

Agnes Barbara Noreika b. 9/14/1916 Sheboygan, Wi
d. 4/ 2/1992 Enterprise, Alabama

Married Willie Baugh b. 8/19/1926 Florida
Adopted Jeb Baugh Germany about 1950. d, in the 90’s Alabama

Eve Elizabeth Norris b. 9/6/1917 Sheboygan, Wi
d. 7/20/2004

Joseph Martin Norris b. 3/07/1920 Irons, Michigan
d. 12/04/2006 Seattle, Washington

Married Mary Depoe 7/01/1949 Cloquet, Minnesota

Craig Martin Norris b. 11/14/1950 Seattle, Wa

Mark DePoe Norris b. 8/26/1955 Seattle, Wa

Grandpa Noreika came to this country and one of his friends had a sister In Lithuania. He sent for her sight unseen and married her. Joe would say that it was not a love match–I imagine that his mother had bigger hopes and she ended up with a life of very hard work and few rewards. In effect, this was a mail order bride.

When A.J. (my father) began to work in New York, his foreign name was a handicap–and so he changed it to Norris. This was much more acceptable in the business world. The girls eventually changed theirs for the same reason. Joe went into the service as Norieka but changed it after the war because it was hard to have his brother and sisters with a different name. I did not know him then. We met in Chicago in 1948.

I do have a little more history buried away that I will share when it find it. It is ironic that our son Mark (who was in your picture–not Craig) works In Airplane Sales for Boeing. He now lives In London–Lithuania has been a customer of his and it is too bad that he, too, doesn’t know any history dating back to Lithuania– due to recent changes, he may not have that account much longer. It is possible that he has been dealing with relatives and doesn’t know it. So sad.

Beth was the only one who knew any relatives there at all. Mark has said that Vilnius is a beautiful city. For some reason, Joe never had any idea to visit that area.


My nephew, Bobby, found this birthday announcement of my sister Susie in a Forest Park, Illinois, newspaper. How about that for research?


An oddity is that even though my grandparents, Joseph and Barbara Noreika, began in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where they owned a bar, the majority of their life was spent on our farm on Big Bass Lake. Yet they chose to be buried in Sheboygan.

Their son, Adam, my father, is buried on the grounds of our former property as both he and my mother’s ashes were spread near the big swamp nar the phone lines. My Aunt Beth Norris is buried in Lakeview Cemetery over looking Big Bass Lake on the east side. Thus only their son Adam and daughter Beth were buried in the Big Bass Lake area.

There are still three available grave sites in the Noreika plot in Sheboygan.

My Aunt Mary (Depoe) Norris passed away today at the age of 91. My cousin Craig of Seattle, Washington, informed me of her passing today. She acquired an infection in the hospital due to her second knee surgery and this led to her death. She was married to my father’s brother (Joseph). I will have more soon by way of Craig.