Ronnie the Grouch

Ronnie ever so much wanted to go to Michigan on a camping trip but he got scared at night and that would not do. I took Ronnie and four other boys on a preparation trip to Salamonie State Forest near Wabash. The trip was for two nights. Ronnie enjoyed the day part of the trip but at night he began crying and he wouldn’t stop. So after a harrowing night, the other boys asked to go home so we cut the trip short. Ronnie’s mother later told me that he had always been scared of the dark and she planned to take him in for counseling. I left the Marion Boys Club for the salesian boys club in Ohio before I heard of Ronnie’s progress. He finally overcame his fear of the dark and was going camping again. I was glad to hear that.

Nagel Sledding Hill

IMG_20171022_125526 The Nagel sledding hill brought in all the children of the neighborhood. There are actually three hills in all.  The most popular was a gradual descent. The next most difficult was a steep descent and the last Hill was Suicide Hill. You had to maneuver between two trees at the bottom. At times we used a hose to spray water over the snow. The next day the runs were even faster on ice. About 70 yards away was Charlie Creek and a small hill put you onto the ice of the creek.  In this way you can glide down the creek another 50 yards or so. This here was used both night and day. And usually 10 to 20 kids were always there. Great fun!



IMG_20171005_104544 when I lived in Wabash the place to be after Junior High School was Gack’s. It was a pharmacy complete with the soda fountain. The Cherry Cokes there were great. It was the place to be if you were in junior high school. You can get a milkshake or a soda and good conversation. It was located right across from the courthouse. Sadly it closed in 1991.

The 13/24 Drive-in Theater

78bfaa_1f679d63e8d242e1bf30a0d8dadfd360~mv2syndicate-13-24-drive-in-4f8626d346d09d470e000032 the 1324 in our title refers to Highway 13 and 24 and that is where this drive-in theater is located in Wabash Indiana. It has been in business since 1951 and it’s still showing movies yet today. The Honeywell Foundation owns it. At one time they had a small train running around the drive-in theater but that is no longer in operation.

The Wabash Courthouse

these are two pictures of the Wabash Courthouse. One is an aerial picture and the other is the courthouse lighted up for Christmas. The courthouse is the number one tourist attraction in Wabash. Coming from the south on Indiana 15 one can see the courthouse lights almost 5 miles away.  Comments are welcome about this  historic placeplace.IMG_20170924_220014IMG_20170922_155542





























Yearly Coated

this building was he Wabash High School ticket booth for football. It was in front of Alumni field home of the Wabash Apaches. Each year the senior class had the responsibility for repainting the booth. They could do it in whatever color or design they chose to do. That building probably has more coats of paint than any other building and Wabash. It was a fun project. In our senior year I think we painted it orange and black which are the school colors.

Mrs. Eugenia Honeywell

Mrs. Mark C. Honeywell was the first lady of Wabash Indiana. Wabash owes much to her. Unfortunately she died in a house fire many years ago. I personally knew Mrs. Honeywell when I broke her window when I was 11 years old. My parents made me go to her home to apologize. A lady met me at the door with cookies. I thought it was one of her servants but it was Mrs. Honeywell herself and she put me at ease right away. She was so cordial and nice. I paid her for the window and we became friends. She has given Wabash to the Honeywell Center which is a Performing Arts facility, the Honeywell Gardens, the Honeywell community pool, and the Eagle Theater which not only has movies but also live performances. Our High School football field was the first to have mercury vapor lights. Thank you Mrs. Honeywell for making Wabash your home.

The Bridge

IMG_20170922_162251 this bridge used to cross Charlie Creek right behind the Negel house. When the water was high in the creek this bridge was a godsend. If there was no Bridge there and the creek was i and the creek was impassable one had to walk nearly a mile to get around it. The bridge was removed when the creek was rerouted due to the Honeywell family influence. Most people did not like that idea.

The Honeywell Center Skating Rink

  • Rink1 despite what you see here this is actually the Honeywell Center skating rink. It doubles as a place for parties and special events as you do see here. The Honeywell Center is a special place in the hearts of The citizens of Wabash. Since I was there in the 1960’s, the center has been greatly improved as you will see in future posts



Christmas in Wabash

Dave, Sam, and Buff

I was in the junior high when this photograph was taken and it came in front of our Christmas tree in our living room. Our tree was always placed in front of our huge picture window facing Wabash Street. Our living room was rather large with two sliding doors on either side of the room. One faced the stairway and the front door while the other led into the dining room. A fireplace was on that side of the living room. There was also a patio door to our porch which swung around the entire living room.

My two companions are Sam, the Beagle, and Buff, the all American mix who I found on my paper route. He followed me home and became probably the best dog the Norris family ever had. The other two notable dogs were Waggles in Forest Park and Wilson who replaced Sam after he died in Wabash.

At the back of our property were gigantic hills for sledding and there were three varities of hills in all. It was a great place to test out that Christmas sled or sauncer. Many times sledding lasted well into the night.

Merry Christmas from Big Bass Lake and Beyond, from all of us to all of you!

Historical Museum Christmas

This is the Wabash Historical Museum located in the old Sears store on the east side of downtown Wabash. It has been in existence about 10 years and it is very popular within the county. And here is another very familiar picture of the Wabash Courthouse in its customary Christmas garb. It can be seen for miles.


I was delivering papers on my morning route when a dog began following me. When I went up to one house, he blocked my path back to my bike. I moved toward him slowly and suddenly he leaped on me but licks not bites followed. He followed me home and after  meeting my dad, I had a second dog and probably the best pet we ever had. In adulthood, I only had Jeremiah.

He was a great friend for 15 years. He passed away 10 years ago and I still miss him today. He and Buff were near perfect pets. I purchased a lot of toys for him but his favorite was a piece of string. He  enjoyed stalking it. Jeremiah loved spaghetti and chicken outside his regular food.