Christmas in Wabash

Dave, Sam, and Buff

I was in the junior high when this photograph was taken and it came in front of our Christmas tree in our living room. Our tree was always placed in front of our huge picture window facing Wabash Street. Our living room was rather large with two sliding doors on either side of the room. One faced the stairway and the front door while the other led into the dining room. A fireplace was on that side of the living room. There was also a patio door to our porch which swung around the entire living room.

My two companions are Sam, the Beagle, and Buff, the all American mix who I found on my paper route. He followed me home and became probably the best dog the Norris family ever had. The other two notable dogs were Waggles in Forest Park and Wilson who replaced Sam after he died in Wabash.

At the back of our property were gigantic hills for sledding and there were three varities of hills in all. It was a great place to test out that Christmas sled or sauncer. Many times sledding lasted well into the night.

Merry Christmas from Big Bass Lake and Beyond, from all of us to all of you!

Historical Museum Christmas

This is the Wabash Historical Museum located in the old Sears store on the east side of downtown Wabash. It has been in existence about 10 years and it is very popular within the county. And here is another very familiar picture of the Wabash Courthouse in its customary Christmas garb. It can be seen for miles.


I was delivering papers on my morning route when a dog began following me. When I went up to one house, he blocked my path back to my bike. I moved toward him slowly and suddenly he leaped on me but licks not bites followed. He followed me home and after  meeting my dad, I had a second dog and probably the best pet we ever had. In adulthood, I only had Jeremiah.

He was a great friend for 15 years. He passed away 10 years ago and I still miss him today. He and Buff were near perfect pets. I purchased a lot of toys for him but his favorite was a piece of string. He  enjoyed stalking it. Jeremiah loved spaghetti and chicken outside his regular food. 



 When I was eight years      Old. My parents gave me Waggles a cocker spaniel. It had the  biggest ears. But Waggles snapped people and when he did so, people came to take him away. And I charged the poor guy who came to pick up my dog. I lost the battle and my dog. My parents next got me a beagle, Sam. He even invented a new sport called stretch ball. Those back legs need tightening.    Sam has an enormous appetite which cost him his life when he ate poison. About two months before that happened, well, I’ll save that for Part 2. 

Eagles Theater 2

IMG_20170922_162331IMG_20170922_162355the Eagles Theater in Wabash has private boxes which is unusual in most movie theaters. In my time those private boxes were never used. Long ago this theater had Vaudeville and even a theater organ. At that time I’m sure the private boxes were used. On the 4th floor of this theater was a private Ballroom. You can’t tell it from this picture but I’m sure that area was glorious. All in all the Eagles Theater in Wabash is really something.

Eagles Theater- 1

IMG_20170922_162450IMG_20170922_162422this is the Eagles Theater in Wabash Indiana. When I lived in Wabash in the 1960s this theater only showed movies. one of its main distinctions was that it had three decks. Most movie theaters have only one or the most two. Now in this present age this theater is used not only for movies but also for Life performances. Each year they also hold a James Dean movie festival. The theater is now owned by the Honeywell Corporation of Wabash. If you’re ever in Wabash you might want to check this theater out

Wabash High School

I graduated from Wabash High School in 1966 and at that time the building was about 40 years old. Today this High School still stands  which amazes me. At our last reunion last year  some of my fellow classmates said the building has  undergone some renovation. To me  the biggest renovation  Was the removal of the forest behind the high school. I used to run my two dogs in that Forest  and it will be missed . They put a baseball field in its place. I have many fond memories of my time in Wabash  including the high school. But Time Marches On. I wish all the best for my fellow classmates and I hope the great community of Wabash  continues to grow and prosper .454

WHS Basketball

IMG_20171119_042855 Wabash High School Apaches. I am number 55. I am a good head taller than anyone else. At the time I was six foot 10 inches. Since at time I am 1/2 inch taller. I wish I had more weight on me as I would have been a better player. I had a higher percentage of shots going in from a guard position over that of being a center. But the coach wanted me at the center position. I was not born to be a center. Later I could shoot from the top of the key as long as I played defensive Center. I was happy with that option.

Forest Behind WHS

Wabash High School was distinctive because it had an oval as you approached the school itself. Behind the old high school was the new Junior High School. And behind that a forest. When we first moved to Wabash in 1959, the junior high was part of that forest. In the upper right of this picture is Alumni field home of the Wabash Apache football team. But it was at that Forest where I could run my dogs buff and Sam. When I was in my junior high years I ran that Forest daily and the dogs loved it. We all got a good dose of exercise. Sadly, today the forest is gone being replaced by a high school baseball field and soccer field. Some people would call that progress but not me.

The Tennis Pavilion At Honeywell Park

This is the new Tennis Center and Pavilion at Honeywell Park which also includes the Honeywell Pool, Little League     Baseball fields, and a new basketball court. It is located right across the street from Alumni Field home of the  Wabash Apaches. Check it out!

Wabash High School Facilities

This is Wabash High School home of the A
Apaches. The first picture is the high school itself with the oval in front which looks like an inverted C. The second picture is of the High School baseball field which is behind the high school. The third picture is Alumni field which is the football field of the Wabash team. Immediately to its left is the practice field. The track team also uses the football field. Wabash Middle School is between the high school and the football field and serves as the home basketball court for the Wabash Apaches.

In Memory of Don Baer

I just learned that Don Baer passed away. Don was the community center director for the Honeywell Center in Wabash Indiana. Every Saturday when I was a teenager he had a boys club at the Honeywell Gym. It wasn’t an official Boys Club of America unit but it was a place for boys to go. He also was in charge of the Honeywell camp located at the scout cabin near the Wabash Country Club. I worked closely with him there. Don was a warm caring individual with a great sense of humor. He will be missed by all knew him.