The Fun Spot at Sauble Lake



Of course, our photo above is not the actual “Fun Spot” near Sauble Lake, but I can’t seem to find any of the original. You remember the “Fun Spot” for it featured some warped bowling lanes, some pinball games, and the food. Remember the food.

I bowled there a few times and had a great deal of fun. To find a bowling alley in the north woods was a novel idea. Almost like finding a roller skating rink at Loon Lake. I heard that the Fun Spot burned down some time ago.

When you come to think of it, both the Fun Spot and the Loon Lake Pavilion offered that area something most rural areas don’t have. It makes me wonder why Big Bass Lake didn’t have something like that somewhere around its shores. Oh, yes, our fun spot was the lake itself with five islands to dart around in speed boats.

Any other memories of the “Fun Spot” out there? Provide a comment and let us know.

The Benish Cottage on Sauble Lake

Julie Benish and her parents owned a cottage on Sauble Lake. The bottom was rather Rocky but the rocks eere fairly smooth. The water felt colder than Big Bass Lake but it was probably because we were used to our lake. They had us over for a picnic in my sisters and I enjoyed it as did my mother. The Benish’s were very gracious to us. We hosted them the following month at Big Bass Lake. I had a big crush on Julie in those days. Julie’s mother was Miss Michigan and all three Benish girls were quite beautiful.

How About One of These at Big Bass Lake?

A submarine vessel at Big Bass Lake. You could check out the best place to fish this way. Or to actually see what’s at the bottom of the lake.

But there’s also other possibilities. You can sneak up on someone at night and surface and watch them set a rowing record to shore. You can also take this baby just over the surface of the lake.

Just imagine how fun this would be? You could Buzz right past the speed boats leaving them standing in awe. And suppose you’re only up here for the weekend? How in the world are you going to get home? Well?

You sure won’t have to get an airline ticket. This vessel has all you need. You can also use it at Loon Lake and Sauble Lake as well. Just don’t ask me about the price tag. And you don’t have to even use the public landing. This will even set the yellow plane on edge.

Sauble Lake’s Fun Spot

Have you ever wanted to just kick yourself for not remembering to take a few photographs of your favorite memories when younger?  I used to frequent this “Fun Spot” near Sauble Lake yet never once thought of taking a few pictures here.  I most remember the warped bowling lanes so that you really had to concentrate to get your bowling ball to do what you wanted it to do.

I also liked the pinball machines.  Do you remember those old heaters and the noise they put out?  I also wonder why the Fun Spot was never replaced when it burned down?  At least I heard that is what happened to it.  Does anyone reading this website have old pictures of the Fun Spot.  If so send it to me at

Also send me your thoughts about the Fun Spot and maybe I’ll dedicate a page to it at the top of Big Bass Lake and Beyond.  Perhaps the Fun Spot can be “fun” again through all of our memories about it?

The Five Sauble Lakes Plus River

1In the lower right of this picture you can see the headwaters of the Sauble River. I often wondered where the river connected with the lake. Yet Sauble Lake is actually 5 in number with a Channel leading to each lake. The overview shows each particular Lake. Instead of individual names for each Lake they are numbered 1 through 5. At Big Bass Lake there is a channel reading to Little Bass Lake. I suppose those two lakes could have been number too. The main Sauble Lake is where the river begins. It ends near the Ludington State Park where it empties into Lake Michigan.

Something Mysterious in Sauble Lake by Larry

My name is Larry and when I was fishing on Sauble Lake about a month ago I saw this creature surface just for a moment. I grabbed my camera and snapped this picture and then left that lake immediately. I don’t know what it was and I’m really not sure I want to know. I wonder if people that live on that lake have ever seen it. At first I thought it was a child’s toy until it dove underwater. I don’t think I’ll go back to fish on that Lake ever again. I’m still shaking as I type this.

Special Sauble Lake by Dale

I grew up on Sauble Lake at least the main one. In those days The Emporium was open and I loved shopping there with my mom. I don’t think any place had better ice cream then they did. On weekends I’d get to roller skate at The Loon Lake roller rink. It was a blast. I loved the ice cream there too. We moved away from Sauble Lake when I was 11. I’ve never been back since. I now live in Washington State and it’s a long haul back in Sauble Lake. I used to love swimming in that lake. I wasn’t much for fishing but swimming was another thing. I ran across this website the other day and have submitted this article which I hope they will publish. I come here occasionally to reminisce. Keep up the good work guys.

Which Sauble Lake Is Your Favorite?

So, which of the five Sauble Lakes is your favorite? Did you even know that there were five of them? Were you also aware of the interconnecting channels between the five lakes? And, which of the five is the most and least populated?

How many of you have been to all five Sauble Lakes? What are the connecting channels like? How long are each of them? Having never been on any of the smaller Sauble Lakes, those are good questions to ask. I have swam in the largest of the Sauble Lakes that being just across the street from the old Sauble Emporium.

Which of the Sauble Lakes is the best for swimming and fishing? Which is the deepest and shallowest lake? Are speedboats allowed on all five lakes and how wide are the channels between each lake?

If you have any of the answers to these questions, let us know by way of a comment.

Sauble Lake Emporium Now in Limbo by Walt

Over the years, Sauble Lakes have taken two major hits. The first was when the Fun Stop burned down and I lost my bowling lanes tucked away in the Manistee National Forest. Then the Keasters (I think that’s spelled right} sold the Emporium. Now that was a country store.

I’m old enough to remember Otto Bartlett’s store over at Big Bass Lake but the Emporium was far greater though each had their charm. Each had a great vista of their respective lakes and that was a selling point of each store.  The Emporium stocked moe merchandise and the parking was never a problem. 

Now each of those stores stands vacant.  It’s sad.  The Bender Family has a country store between Big Bass Lake and Loon Lake that seems to be doing okay.  And ha the original owners kept their store I think the Emporium still would be in business. 

The Big Bass Lake store would need a total remodeling job to get it into shape for any business that took it over.  The Emporium would need far less remodeling.  I wonder what will become of the old Emporium store?  Country stores are an albatross in today’s economy it would seem.  Still they served their purpose and I, for one, loved making purchases there.  I really enjoyed their ice cream.

Maybe the Emporium could be made over into a roller skating rink like the one that at one time was on Loon Lake?  It deserves a better fate than to be razed or turned into a home.  Any ideas on what might become of the Emporium? 

My Sauble Lake Travels

This is one of the roads leading to one of the Sauble Lakes. I’m not good at math and there are five of those lakes. There are a lot of twists and turns to get to this road so I hope I can find my way back. That’s always a challenge on dirt roads. I wanted to get in some fishing but sometimes I enjoy traveling these roads more. I always like to see where I wind up. On this day I never got the fishing in but I sure had a Time traveling these Dusty roads. On the way home I stopped off at a supermarket and got a few fish for supper. One way or another I had planned on eating fish for dinner.

fishing is almost upon us

it’s almost time for fishing on Sauble Lake. The only problem is which Sauble Lake do you want to fish in? There are five of them you know each with a channel to them. When I fished I preferred Lake number two or three. The main Lake had too much traffic on it to suit me. I love to fish for perch and bluegill. As for the Sauble River I enjoy trout and salmon. Unlike most fisherman today I still prefer worms. It may be simple but it’s effective. There won’t be much fishing for a while as Michigan is expecting a big snowstorm. April can be tricky but in about a month I’ll be ready.

View of Sauble Lake by Gary

it was right about here that as a kid I had a rope swing. It wasn’t one near the water. Instead it hung from a tree limb and was great fun. My folks didn’t like boats so we didn’t own one. That was the biggest rip-off of our trip. I can only watch the lake but never ride on it. I did go swimming at our beach and the only thing I got to ride on was an old inner tube. I had a younger brother and we had great Splash Wars at the lake. I kind of miss those days.

Deserted Boat on Sauble Lake

I have a good friend that owns a cottage on one of the  Sauble Lakes but as to which one this was taken at, I am not sure.  I think there are four or five of them each connected to the other by a series of channels.  Dave Norris told me that there is ONE interconnecting channel at Big Bass Lake that leads to Little Bass Lake, however each Sauble Lake has a channel between them.

This photographwas taken on one of those Sauble Lakes and it shows for all purposes a deserted boat.  The truth of the mate is that the occupants of this particular boat were skin diving at the time.  Their boat was not drifting as it might seem to be but instead anchored to the bottom.  It made me wonder as to how deep this particular Sauble Lake was?  Could it have been taken at the main Sauble Lake? 

And, do any of the Sauble Lakes have a public landing in which to launch these sorts of boats?  It should be noted that after about a half hour, the occu[pats of this boat returnd to their vessel and wet merrily on their way.

Sauble Lake Emporium


The Sauble Lake Emporium stood across the street from Sauble Lake and served its customers well for a great many years. Now, however, like the Big Bass Lake store, it is no more.

Parking was never a problem at this store as it had many spaces to choose from and a rather large store as you can tell by the photographs of its interior. It had a great freezer selection of foods and beverages to suit the tastes of almost every camper.

Anyone else have a thought about this unique store?