Sauble Lake Emporium


The Sauble Lake Emporium stood across the street from Sauble Lake and served its customers well for a great many years. Now, however, like the Big Bass Lake store, it is no more.

Parking was never a problem at this store as it had many spaces to choose from and a rather large store as you can tell by the photographs of its interior. It had a great freezer selection of foods and beverages to suit the tastes of almost every camper.

Anyone else have a thought about this unique store?

A Pier on Sauble Lake


As I’ve mentioned before the Benish family had a cottage on Sauble Lake which I swam at once. Yet this pier in this photograph is rather impressive wouldn’t you say? It is easy to tell where beginning swimmers had to stay. If you were an avid fisherman that dock had many vantage points to fish from.

I don’t know a whole lot about Sauble Lake other than the Fun Spot was located just across the street from it. Any Sauble Lake residents out there that would like to enlighten us with more information about your lake? As I understand it there is actually a series of about five lakes. Are there any channels that connect all these lakes?

Rustic Sauble Lakes

I love to fish the Sauble Lake chain of five lakes each connected to by an adjourning channel. My favorite is #3 yet with each deeper channel into the chain, the lakes themselves get more primitive by way of fewer cabins dotting the shoreline. The same can’t be said of the major lake that being #1 which is also the largest of the five.

I enjoy fishing for perch as that is the tastiest fish in my opinion. I can never get my fill of perch on any lake. The rule in my house is that I catch them and then clean them and my wife cooks them. Truth to tell, Darlene won’t even bait my hook when she comes alnng for the ride. She merely enjoys the scenery but that scenery doesn’t include the end of my hook.

Someday I would like a cabin on Sauble #3 but for now my home is my favorite place to be just outside Scottville. In the future, who knows? Yet until that time comes, my fishing joy comes at Sauble Lake 3.

Sauble Lake Rustic Resort

After doing some research I found out that the Sauble Lakes chain once had a resort on it called the Rustic Resort. That was in 1912 and I can’t determine when it shut down. I do know it was in close proximity to Bloody Run Creek which is famous for that train wreck over that body of water.

I wonder if the resort was still in existence when the Boody Run incident took place? Any historians out in our readership that might know about this?  Also what was the rssort like?  I think a William Utter owned it.

Fishing the Sauble Lakes

The best thing about fishing Sauble Lake is that there are actually five of them and each are connected by a channel from one to the next.  I usually fish the main lake but now and again like fishing lakes 3 and 5.  My favorite fish to go for are perch as I enjoy the taste of that little fish. 

I have a friend with  a cottage on the lake which beats having a public landing as I just launch my boat off of his property.  He has a canoe that he lets me use but never for fishing as  I like to use that for pure exercise. 

At this time of year, though, my fishing activities take me more so to rivers over that of lakes.  Now I might be persuaded to return to Sauble One in the dead of winter when the ice thickens to the right weight.  But fall beckons me to the Per Marquette River for my fishing needs.  There I can canoe to my fishing destination and then fish off shore to my heart’s content.  What a life!

Sauble Lake- All Five of Them!

Sauble Lakes

If you count Little Bass Lake, the Big Bass Lake unit has two. Sauble Lake beats them hands down with four additional interconnecting lakes coming to a total of five lakes in all. Here we have them all for you.

The Benish family of Manistee, Michigan, used to have a cottage on the biggest Sauble Lake as I went swimming there a couple of times. And, while I have taken the channel from Big to Little Bass Lake, I would have dearly loved to take the channels to each of these lakes as well. Some might have been a little lengthy from how the map shows them in relation to one another.

I wonder if speedboats are allowed on each lake and also wonder how many cottages are found on each? Any help from our peanut gallery?

Some Reflections on Big Bass Lake

One of our readers (Kevin) left us a comment in regard to our recent poll on what lake was one’s favorite and he suggested that Sauble Lake was because it had no public landing and thus had a minimum of speedboats on the lake.  I remember those times on Big Bass Lake in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  After Frank Benish died, his family sold their land to the State of Michigan who in turn put the public landing on the southwest corner of Big Bass Lake.

At the time, our dock was the first one to the north of that landing  and the landing itself was right next to our land.  It was not only the noise that affected our family now but also the junk from the landing that was caught in a net cage under our dock that was frustrating.  Add to that the constant flow of boats into Big Bass Lake from Memorial to Labor Day which turned the once peaceful waters of Big Bass Lake into a flurry of churning waves and noise. 

In the 1970’s, I took many a trip to our wooded beachfront with several Boys Clubs of America groups and we used to drink the water from Big Bass Lake (along wth helazone tablets for purification) but that could no longer happen as the water is permeated with gasoline and oil.  Once our public landing went in the purity of Big Bass Lake was lost. 

I remember how the lake changed after Labor Day as I could take out our rowboat without being concerned about the wake from large boats knocking me ascunder.  It was similar to what Kevin had alluded to in regard to Sauble Lake.  In that light I hope that no public landing is ever installed at the Sauble Lakes.  That scenerio is forever lost at Big Bass Lake as the boats coming in seem to be getting bigger and bigger with even more horsepower than ever before.  Oh, for the return to much simplier tmes at the lake!

Sauble Lake Curve

Once off Michigan 37 at the Club 37 Restaurant turnoff, I used to take a road enroute to Big Bass Lake Road. After a long road trip, my senses finally felt “at home” as I rounded the curve facing Sauble Lake and could take in this magnficient view. Nearby was the Sauble Lake Emporium and even before that used to be the Fun Spot.

Sauble Lake felt like home probably because I used to swim there as a young boy as the Richard Benish family had a cottage there. They would invite us over to swim in Sauble Lake. Actually there are five of these lakes with channels between each of them. Whereas Big Bass Lake has five islands and one channel this lake has its five channels between the various Sauble Lakes.

The next lake up the road was Loon Lake which would connect with Big Bass Lake Road which I would follow along the entire run of Loon Lake. Then it was up a short hill and the Big Bass Lake Store was right in front of me with Big Bass Lake just behind it. Then it was only a mile west to our property. But, it was always Sauble Lake that made me feel finally at home after that long trip.

Autumn at Sauble Lake

I wanted to give you a full color picture of how Autumn colors this lake. I love this lake because there is no public landing. The lake is more restrictive than other lakes in the area.

And, like Big Bass Lake to the north, this lake also has channels but four of them!  Each leads to one of the Sauble chain of lakes.  Plus I find this lake less travel heavy than other lakes in the area allowing for more peaceful rides without all those heavy wakes.

Between mid October and mid November one can feast their eyes on scenery such as this all day long to their hearts content.  I enjoy using either a rowboat or canoe to take in this fantastic scenery as I lazily just drift about each lake. 

Perhaps you have a favorite of the Sauble Lake’s and if you do leave me a comment as to which one and why. 

The Fun Spot in the 1950s

Ed Hawks found this old photograph of the Fun Spot near the big Sauble Lake. Remember the Warped bowling alleys there? And the pinball machines? How many memories do you have of the Fun Spot? For entertainment they gave the Loon Lake roller rink some competition. In the Backwoods of those days it was unusual to have two entertainment centers within 5 miles of each other. Leave us a comment as to your time at the Fun Spot.

The Fun Spot at Sauble Lake



Of course, our photo above is not the actual “Fun Spot” near Sauble Lake, but I can’t seem to find any of the original. You remember the “Fun Spot” for it featured some warped bowling lanes, some pinball games, and the food. Remember the food.

I bowled there a few times and had a great deal of fun. To find a bowling alley in the north woods was a novel idea. Almost like finding a roller skating rink at Loon Lake. I heard that the Fun Spot burned down some time ago.

When you come to think of it, both the Fun Spot and the Loon Lake Pavilion offered that area something most rural areas don’t have. It makes me wonder why Big Bass Lake didn’t have something like that somewhere around its shores. Oh, yes, our fun spot was the lake itself with five islands to dart around in speed boats.

Any other memories of the “Fun Spot” out there? Provide a comment and let us know.

The Benish Cottage on Sauble Lake

Julie Benish and her parents owned a cottage on Sauble Lake. The bottom was rather Rocky but the rocks eere fairly smooth. The water felt colder than Big Bass Lake but it was probably because we were used to our lake. They had us over for a picnic in my sisters and I enjoyed it as did my mother. The Benish’s were very gracious to us. We hosted them the following month at Big Bass Lake. I had a big crush on Julie in those days. Julie’s mother was Miss Michigan and all three Benish girls were quite beautiful.

How About One of These at Big Bass Lake?

A submarine vessel at Big Bass Lake. You could check out the best place to fish this way. Or to actually see what’s at the bottom of the lake.

But there’s also other possibilities. You can sneak up on someone at night and surface and watch them set a rowing record to shore. You can also take this baby just over the surface of the lake.

Just imagine how fun this would be? You could Buzz right past the speed boats leaving them standing in awe. And suppose you’re only up here for the weekend? How in the world are you going to get home? Well?

You sure won’t have to get an airline ticket. This vessel has all you need. You can also use it at Loon Lake and Sauble Lake as well. Just don’t ask me about the price tag. And you don’t have to even use the public landing. This will even set the yellow plane on edge.