Change of Focus

The city causes me to lose my mind. I think it’s because all the hustle and bustle wears one out. Camping and gardening get me back in focus. Camping is like breathing in fresh air while gardening adds new life to our planet. Either way helps me to breathe easier. My focus with tasks on hand gets easier. So trying to leave your mind behind you for a day and focus on your soul.

Tim Carter War Hero Serving Others

I would like to introduce you to Tim Carter who was a war hero in Iraq. Now he commands a different organization of which I am under his command. He is in the service to others. Tim is an intelligent man with a good sense of humor. I relate to Tim in ways that he may not understand as I too was a leader. Tim’s command was always with men or adults and in his life he had a lot of noise. My command was always with boys and also had a lot of noise. There are a few men that I have wanted to know in my lifetime. Teddy Roosevelt comes to mind along with Al Mackin, Keith Bishop, and Tim Carter. Tim has an enormous amount of energy that he brings to his work daily and a tremendous compassion for what he does. He is a tireless worker which means going above and beyond the Call of Duty of a 40 hour week. He really cares for his clientele and you can see that within his personality. I like another concept that he is trying to develop that I had developed in my boys clubs. The concept of team and there is no I in the word team. Two words were key in my staff training and they were enthusiasm and motivation. I sense the same thing in Tim. His new command can be very stressful with red tape and all that can bring to the table. His enemies are paper and regulations which I also am most aware of. But he handles it with decisiveness and courage which is part of his makeup. I count it an honor to know this man as far as I do and I wanted him to know that. He deserves a civilian Purple Heart for the work he does now. This is the man I know Tim Carter.

Thanksgiving Memories

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon I have some music for you and the song is Somewhere In My Memory. Somewhere In My Memory And it’s one of my personal favorites around both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope you have a very festive Thanksgiving by remembering to give thanks for all the blessings you have each year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

An Alternate Ending to The Wizard of Oz

The Wicked Witch of the West needed Dorothy’s ruby red slippers because they were all out of her size at Macy’s and the style was discontinued. If you believe that then you will enjoy the alternate ending of The Wizard of Oz. alternate ending A great way to begin the holiday season.

The Lonely Lighthouse Sentinel

Did you know that lighthouses are lonely Sentinels. They stand out there protecting ships at sea and take a pounding by the surf day in and day out. The real lonely Sentinel.

Can you imagine spending a night in a lighthouse On A Night Like This? Yet they take all this abuse with a good nature.

But the pounding continues Day in and day out.

You’ve got to love those lighthouses!

Are you Stressed?

And my thought for today is this is your just desserts! My favorite sweet at Big Bass Lake was powdered sugar donuts from the Big Bass Lake store. That was such a treat and I swallowed all that down with a refreshing bottle of Squirt. For those not in the know that is a grapefruit soft drink. That will take care of your stress any day of the week. Or you could just take a swim in Big Bass Lake.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

To me, rainbows are happiness. They mark the point after a dark and dangerous storm has passed the area. They bring with them a feeling of renewal not only for the land but ourselves as well. I love to sketch rainbows upon my canvas. As I had color to them my imagination runs wild as to how I will display each color. I stay away from using solid colors as I believe rainbows transcend that sense of ordinary.

The hues of rainbows are as fascinating to me as the hues of colors upon Lake Michigan as the light captures each wave. Someday I will contemplate as to what might be “over” the rainbow but today I want to experience the solace under it. Total inner peace comes to mind. A feeling of serenity as well.

What are your thoughts about rainbows? Will you share them with me by way of a comment? My favorite rainbow color is blue as I am never blue when I experience a rainbow. What fantastic marvels they are!