Country Roads- you’ve got to love turn

I love 20171001165338320421000000-o I love to travel Country Roads. But only the unpaved ones. One good thing is you can find a pit stop almost anywhere. Or a place to stretch your legs and have a picnic. My favorite part about country travel is to go left or right on to another unpaved road. paved roads are alright for the city but in the country, there’s got to be unpaved. Plus it’s another reason to wash your car when done. I don’t care to travel them in rain and snow but I’m nice days it’s pure heaven. Try it sometime I’m sure you’ll love it.

Bug-Eye by Travis

name is Travis and last summer I was in the Manistee National Forest near White Cloud. I have finished supper up early, I was tired after a long day of hiking. I had gotten about an hou I had gotten about an hour to sleep when I was awakened by a noise behind me. I grab my camera fast and caught a picture this thing. I knew about this website and emailed it to the head guy. I don’t want no publicity but I thought people should be Warned. When my film developed I kind of called this guy Bug-eye. I have no idea what it was nor did I follow it. I’m neither Brave Nor stupid. Don’t know how dangerous it was and wasn’t about to find out in the thick of Darkness. Next morning I hightailed it out of there. Don’t think I’ll ever return. Stayed up all night cuz I was afraid to go back to bed. My friends thought I dream the whole thing up but I got this picture to prove my point. That’s about all I got to say.

Oh, Oh?

I have often wondered what would happen if two cars met on a road like this? Fortunately this is never happened to me but I’ve often wondered, what would I do? As you can see, there’s only room for on there’s only room for one car. I suppose one of us would have to back up to the nearest place where we can go off the road and let him pass. In the rain or snow that could be a problem. Maybe I shouldn’t think of something like this until it happens?

the Manistee National Forest touches Lake Michigan

when I worked for the National Forest Service, this was a place for me to be. The wind off the lake was refreshing and I love hearing the sound of the surf. Now that I live in Arizona I miss this greatly. There is nothing like the sound of surf crashing against the shore. Or going down to the lake on Windy days and watching the huge waves come to land. This area has unsupervised swimming and plenty of sand dunes to hike around. There is a campground for lunch and dinner not to mention breakfast. This area is called the Lake Michigan recreational area. I would recommend it to anyone.

A Long Winter

As seasons go, this winter has been an unusually long and cold one in the Manistee National Forest especially so when it is your workplace day in and out.  But don’t get me wrong as I enjoy my work and I love this forest dearly.  It seems as if Michigan is down to two seasons these days as summer drifts right into winter and vice versa.  Spring and Fall seem never to happen as October warm days lead into the winter days of November and then winter doesn’t yield the ghost until nearly mid April. 

Perhaps its just me but fall and spring seem never to happen in Michigan.  Or they don’t happen to last as long as the calendar says they do.  Winter lasts about five months in Michigan and summer is about four months long which only leaves about three months for fall and spring  to share.  Does anyone else feel that way about Michigan weather?  Not that I’m complaining, mind you, as there are enough activities in each long season to suit me.  And since evergreens are always green, summer never seems to really lose its edge around here.  Perhaps that’s why they’re called evergreens?

According to my watch its almost time for our month and a half of spring?  I’m ready!

Ski Hiking

Of all my winter sport activities, this is the one I hate the most but Darlene insists on it to keep me in the shape she prefers.  I find ski hiking tedious at best as well as being quite exhausting. 

Now I can understand down hill skiing because the hill provides the movement,  but this?!  I have to do all the work and believe me it is not fun! 

Darlene likes me to go out a couple of miles before returning home.  But you don’t see her out here with me doing this endurance tester.  She’s safely back at home preparing dinner.  Where’s a good hill when you really need one?  I believe I’ll pass on ski hiking next year and take up something else less tedious like checkers.

I got something by Bob Hamilton

IMG_20171018_000431 this is Bob Hamilton Monster Hunter reporting. After years of searching for Monsters I finally struck Pay Dirt. I’m not sure if this is Dogman or Bigfoot. I know for sure that it’s not red eye. My partner Nick Horner got this with his camera and then fainted dead away. Nick is kind of high-strung. As soon as this creatures picture was taken he didn’t wait around for autographs. And with Nick unconscious I didn’t want to leave him by himself. At least I have this tangible evidence that my years of Monster hunting have not been in vain. There are unknown monsters out there in the wilderness. My search Will Go On until I capture one of these things. I have to wonder what he thought about me? If I view him as a monster, I wonder what he thinks about me?

Can you See THIS Through the Trees?

 my name is Dan Cantrell and I was hiking through the Manistee National Forest when I got a glimpse of this! I almost dropped my drawers! I had to do a double take to see if I was in my right senses. I didn’t stay at that Locale long because I wasn’t sure if this guy had friends around. I caught a glimpse of this thing and I can’t explain it yet today. I sent it too the administrators of this blog to see if they would publish it and warn people about it. I sure won’t be going back to this location anytime soon. UPDATE: I went back during the daytime hours and found a fence that I didn’t see before and it had this sign on it- animalsigns-8 I saw the comment mr. Norris put on about a fake stolen dinosaur. But what about this sign?

A flock of trees

When I worked for the forest service in Michigan, I was always fascinated  buy a flock of trees  all in a row  and all basically the same height  and distance from each other. This phenomenan occurred basically  was all kinds of trees. But the one that isbut the one that has always stood out to me is the pine tree . The pine tree  is Nature’s perfume . Those that planted them  years before were amazing  as to their detail and distance  between each other. Sometimes this goes on for miles. My wife called these  a flock of trees  or as I prefer a strand of trees . Magnificent !5

let it snow let it snow let it snow!

the Manistee Forest has had its share of snow this year but in drips and drabs. It also doesn’t stay around very long. But it looks so nice on pine trees. It decorates them like at Christmas time. Now like most people, I hate driving at this time of year. But today to see the snow on these trees I’d drive a hundred miles. So today sit back and enjoy the scenery for I know I will.

How to grade a road?

21370979_1736097569762164_488512.jpg I love to drive the roads of the Manistee National Forest especially the dirt roads. Not many would lay claim to that. At times it can be a challenge. There are ruts to consider and  pockets of uneven sand or dirt. So how do these roads looks so good? They have Graders to smooth the roads out . Now I’m not a teacher or anything  but I would give this grade  an A Plus .19511380_1663590093679579_820454