My Next Quest by Bob Hamilton

a friend sent me this picture of Lake Michigan. After seeing this creature I plan to capture it. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but do it I will. I haven’t had any luck with Dogman or red eye but this one is a possibility. There are water traps that are far superior to land traps. A huge wire net might be in order possibly even electrified. I don’t like the name Messi but maybe Bessie. Bob and . Bessie could hit the road and I’d make millions. But first things first. This summer I’m heading toward Lake Michigan and see if I can get a glimpse of the thing. I’ll then worry about the next step.

Bug-Eye by Travis

name is Travis and last summer I was in the Manistee National Forest near White Cloud. I have finished supper up early, I was tired after a long day of hiking. I had gotten about an hou I had gotten about an hour to sleep when I was awakened by a noise behind me. I grab my camera fast and caught a picture this thing. I knew about this website and emailed it to the head guy. I don’t want no publicity but I thought people should be Warned. When my film developed I kind of called this guy Bug-eye. I have no idea what it was nor did I follow it. I’m neither Brave Nor stupid. Don’t know how dangerous it was and wasn’t about to find out in the thick of Darkness. Next morning I hightailed it out of there. Don’t think I’ll ever return. Stayed up all night cuz I was afraid to go back to bed. My friends thought I dream the whole thing up but I got this picture to prove my point. That’s about all I got to say.

Going Ape over Fake News

this is Monster Hunter Bob Hamilton reporting for Duty. Like our president says, I hate fake news. And when I saw this latest picture of a creature in the Manistee National Forest I got mad! This is supposed to be either Bigfoot or Dogman. To me it looks like an ape or perhaps even a monkey. Now that might interest another president who starred with Bongo but not me. That picture is sensationalism at its worst. That makes real Monster Hunters out to be frauds. One day I will have significant evidence about either Bigfoot or Dogman and maybe even Redeye. Stay tuned for real news!

I got something by Bob Hamilton

IMG_20171018_000431 this is Bob Hamilton Monster Hunter reporting. After years of searching for Monsters I finally struck Pay Dirt. I’m not sure if this is Dogman or Bigfoot. I know for sure that it’s not red eye. My partner Nick Horner got this with his camera and then fainted dead away. Nick is kind of high-strung. As soon as this creatures picture was taken he didn’t wait around for autographs. And with Nick unconscious I didn’t want to leave him by himself. At least I have this tangible evidence that my years of Monster hunting have not been in vain. There are unknown monsters out there in the wilderness. My search Will Go On until I capture one of these things. I have to wonder what he thought about me? If I view him as a monster, I wonder what he thinks about me?

Can you See THIS Through the Trees?

 my name is Dan Cantrell and I was hiking through the Manistee National Forest when I got a glimpse of this! I almost dropped my drawers! I had to do a double take to see if I was in my right senses. I didn’t stay at that Locale long because I wasn’t sure if this guy had friends around. I caught a glimpse of this thing and I can’t explain it yet today. I sent it too the administrators of this blog to see if they would publish it and warn people about it. I sure won’t be going back to this location anytime soon. UPDATE: I went back during the daytime hours and found a fence that I didn’t see before and it had this sign on it- animalsigns-8 I saw the comment mr. Norris put on about a fake stolen dinosaur. But what about this sign?

the Paulding light

 the Paulding light is a phenomena that appears in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near the town of Paulding. It is close in proximity to the Wisconsin border. This strange light has been appearing Nightly since the 1960s. There have been scientific studies including Michigan State University with no conclusions. Some believe it to be car lights or swamp gas. Darlene and I have both seen it but from afar. When we tried to investigate closer we found nothing. Yet the local people have seen it every night. Just what is it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Bonepickers of Haunted Island by Chad

    Mr. Norris calls Matson Island the haunted island more so to add mystery to the various Boys Clubs he served. It is true that his family at one time owned part of the island. His grandmother gave that to the Matson’s.
    It is also true that an Indian burial ground exists on the island. It is to that end that I made a trip to Matson Island with two friends to investigate the burial ground. We saw the so-called haunted house that mr. Norris alluded to. To be honest it does appear very spooky. Mr. Norris also calls the burial ground inhabitants bonepickets. After a short visit to the burial grounds we returned to the haunted house where I took some pictures. When I left the island I developed those pictures and found this even though I had not visually seen it. both of my friends did not see this either yet the picture gathered what all of us could not see. Is this a bone picker? And why could we not see it visually ourselves? Perhaps there is more to this haunted island/ bone picker Legend that meets the eye?

Shanty Falls Confederate Ghost by Stan

I want to thank the folks  Big Bass Lake and Beyond for allowing me to write this article .  My name is Stan  and I’m leaving my last name out  because I don’t want to be ridiculed in public  for what I’ve seen .  Just above Shanty Falls  in Noble Township  there is a cemetery .  I saw this creature arise one night out of his grave .  It moved toward the location of shanty Falls .  There was no way I was going to follow him  because I didn’t know his intentions  or his powers . I once  heard about a mythical being  stalking the falls  but I dismiss that as fancy .  This ghosts however is something else  and if he appeared to me  he’s appeared  to others as well . I will never go to Shanty Falls at night again . 

Dogman Captured- On Film by Bob Hamilton

This doesn’t look like the dog man I’ve been pursuing. Unless of course he’s become the Hunchback of the Manistee National Forest. Dog man is supposed to be on two legs. To me he looks just like another critter in the forest. I don’t know what to believe now? Has all my work been in vain? This is really discouraging. It almost makes me want to live here.

Marlborough Cement Factory by Earl

I was there. And at night yet. Some say this place is haunted and I believe them. About 4 months ago I visited the Marlborough cement factory just outside Baldwin Michigan. It’s the ruins of a cement factory that is now on the historical preservation list. When I was there at night I heard things that sent shivers up and down my spine. I heard just the whisper of voices but when I turned around I couldn’t see a thing. Now I’m not one to scare easy but this terrified me. Unfortunately I don’t have a witness to this incident but it happened. I wish I had a tape recorder. I didn’t see anything weird but I heard those voices. Has anyone had any similar situation when visiting this place?

A Strange Crunching Sound

 about 20 years ago or so I was at the Ward Hill ski area near Baldwin Michigan. My husband and I wanted to look at the slopes and take some pictures but we also brought along our skis. We were probably trespassing but we wanted to get a look at the trappings of the facility. My husband took off to take some pictures and I was alone for a Time. It was then I heard that strange crunching sound at Twilight. I looked behind me and saw nothing. At first I thought it was my husband trying to scare me. But then I saw him farther down the slope. I also heard a strange cackle sound behind me. It was at that moment that I decided to join my husband quickly. He told me it was my imagination but I know better. I was there. But I won’t be there anymore!