My new fur piece by Bob Hamilton

I thought of getting my girlfriend a fur piece but  opted  for one myself  instead. It was a stroke of Genius . To catch a Bigfoot  why not dress like a Bigfoot ? I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before ? Think like your prey ! I must admit though  in the summertime wearing a fur piece can  be quiet hot . Now I know how a barbecue hot dog feels. After about an hour  I thought about  what might happen if I actually met a Bigfoot . What if it  came onto me? How could I explain that to my girlfriend ? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all ? Worse still  what if a hunter  took a shot at me ? My head might wind up in his den . In retrospect  maybe I should have bought this fur piece  for my girlfriend after all ?396afc0ab71b6cafa7149688277cdcc4

Stalking Dogman by Bob Hamilton

spooky_forest_background_by_indigodeep this is Bob Hamilton Monster Hunter reporting. This time around I’m taking two people with me. One is a photographer the other a cook. For the entire four days we were there a thick fog blanketed the area. Several times we heard the Howl of something other than a wolf. I tasted the straw around some droppings I saw to see if it was fresh. I believe the entire time we were there Dogman was close. After the first night my cook wanted to leave. We had two rifles with us including a shotgun. Even if Dogman was spotted I doubt if our photographer could have got a clear shot. OfOf all the luck to plagued by fog. One day I will prove its existence.

The bone Pickers

IMG_20171007_223220 just north of the haunted house was an Indian graveyard. From that area came the legend of the bone Pickers. The Hoffman Estates boys club kids had just had their Taste of the haunted house. They thought that was all there was to their trip this time. Yet the bone Pickers remained. I told the boys but whenever they hear the cracking of a stick. The bone Pickers can’t be far away. All of a sudden two boys stepped on a stick and leaped forward about 10 feet. Cemeteries have that effect on some people. All and all that was a pretty good trip out to the haunted house.

Red eye and Camp Martin Johnson

lakeviewsign 30 years ago I saw red eyes for the first time. I had sneaked out of Camp Martin Johnson for a smoke which the camp did not permit. Out of the Blackness of the night two piercing red eyes appeared out of nowhere. I nearly dropped my pants. I was in the portion of Lake View Cemetery where a red eye has been seen before. By the way my name is Otis. Meeting red eye for the first time was the last time I ever smoked. I can’t help you to believe in this creature but I saw those two red eyes and I’ll never forget them.evileyes-1

Can you believe this by Carl

IMG_20170922_162551 my wife took this picture of something coming up out of Long Lake. I went down to the lake the next day and rowed my boat all around the area but saw nothing of this creature. But my wife insists that’s something lives in Long Lake. And I can’t deny the photograph. I wanted to share it with Big Bass Lake and Beyond because maybe Bo because maybe Bob Hamilton the Monster Hunter can find it

Demonic wolf attacks lighthouse!

IMG_20170924_115718 here you can see a clear illustration of a wolf attacking the Ludington lighthouse. The wolf is even more spooky in the night. You can see the snout of the Wolf and his piercing eye clearly. This is a great photograph. At least tonight the three little pigs have nothing to worry about!

Lake Michigan monster by Bob Hamilton

IMG_20170922_162628 I have a unique nose where I can sniff out monsters. And when I saw this monster from a helicopter I knew it was time to swing into action
Initially I got the hell out of there! Did you see the size of that thing? But my nose began twitching just like that lady on Bewitched. I knew there was a monster ready to capture. But I wasn’t sure what to do. Even though my bravery is beyond compare I almost wet my pants. I have one word of advice for anyone that sees this creature. Get the hell out of there! This is Monster Hunter Bob Hamilton signing off.

You will need a big worm for this one!

IMG_20170922_162715 you might need a record size warm to catch this baby. A friend sent me this picture of something interesting on Big Bass Lake. Instead of saying this is the one that got away you might want to say you got away! I think creature eats speed boats for lunch. And I don’t want to ask what eats for dinner!

The Legend of Redeye at Camp Martin Johnson

The Legend of Redeye is true for who could re-“herse” it? Throughout the decades at Camp Martin Johnson there have been many monsters but none like Redeye. Yes, Baby Bender might have had his appeal with he ability to rattle some kids or Stumpy might scare a few as well but none had the legend of Redeye behind them.

Redeye could only be found at Lakeview Cemetery and, yes, some locals did not like the undue attention that the staff and campers paid to that area.  Also his particular Redeye did not come out of a bottle but after observing it some counselors might have abided in a few rounds. 

Redeye was not from some institution like either the Baldwin or Sauble Mental Hospital’s but after seeing Redeye for the first time, some might have opted to find those two places and check themselves in!  And, Redeye was no mere tail light either.  So, what was it?

Redeye was an Indian brave who had lost his life on the original land before Martin Johnson purchased it.  He was killed in ambush and with his dying breath warned that his eye would not perish from that land.  And, from time to time, out of nowhere, this red-eye appears in the darkness.  Some believe it searches for its grave at Lakeview albeit an unmarked one. 

But here it is before your eyes at Lakeview as one former camper emailed it to me.  It is said to appear throughout that area yet today including the land once owned by the camp.  It is said to guard the boulder that lies over the grave of Martin Johnson yet today.  Beware of Redeye!