What’s IN Little Bass Lake? by Jason

I borrowed a friend’s boat at Little Bass Lake to do a little evening fishing. I had caught two perch when something bumped into my boat from Below. I almost lost my balance and fell out of the boat. It scared me because it was quite a jolt. After a few moments I regained my composure and cast my line out again. Within a few seconds something hit my boat from below again. I grabbed each side of my boat and held on. After a moment I grabbed the oars and headed for shore. I told my friend what happened and he said that I had too much to drink. I told him that I might have agreed with him but I wasn’t drinking out there. Something is out there in Little Bass Lake. I sure won’t be going back anytime soon.

Lurking in the Woods by Nick Sterling

I saw this creature in the Manistee National Forest one year ago. It scared the ever Living Daylights out of me. I only saw it for a short second but I remember enough of that thing to have an artist sketch it. This is about as close as I can get to it. I could almost smell its foul breath. I ran to climb a tree and when I looked back it was gone. I climbed the tree anyway. I stayed up on that tree a good hour before I came down. I quickly packed my gear and got out of that area. Everytime I look at that artists sketch I tremble to this day. I will never go back to that area.

A Night of Fear by Bob Hamilton

I took my Blushing Bride of 3 weeks on a camping trip to the Manistee National Forest. On our first hike Into the Woods we came back to a campsite that had been torn apart. Everything was scattered around. But Sharon and I pitched in and righted the camp in no time. The next night we took another hike and then we came back the camp was ruined again. We couldn’t figure it out? On the third and last night of our stay, Sharon Made some of her chili for dinner. She likes it very spicy. You almost have to have a cast iron stomach to be able to handle that chili. After supper I had three or four doses of Alka-Seltzer to settle my stomach before our last hike. On our way back to camp we heard a hideous Roar. We ran back to camp only to find this. That will settle his hash. He ate all the leftovers! Sharon’s Chili is something that creature will never forget. He Scrambled Into the Woods as if it’s pants were on fire. That’s my darling Sharon.

A Spook in the Forest

I was hiking in a Forest south of Phoenix with a friend and my dog Lucky. We separated on this one Trail and then I heard my friend screaming followed by a pistol shot. I ran to where he was and saw what you are seeing here. He was shaking like a leaf and pointed at it. He thought it was some kind of spook. I told him It was some kind of a joke. He said he shot it straight through the heart and it was still standing. As I approached it I could see a fine wire holding it to a tree. But I knew it was not real before that because Lucky had not even growled once. Lucky knew from the start it wasn’t real. My friend said if he ever caught the people that did this he would wring their neck. All in all we didn’t have a bad hike that day.

The Cloud with Eyes

The only time some kids refused to go to the haunted Island was when they saw this in the sky prior to leaving for the island. The Marion boys club kids took this as an omen of bad things to come. They were really serious about this so this was the only trip that we didn’t get to the haunted island. The boys viewed this as a monstrosity in the sky that no one could explain. It stayed in the sky almost 10 minutes before disappearing. Can you make out the eyes of the sky? If he were alive maybe Rod Serling could explain it?

A Failed Impersonation by Sharon

My new husband Bob Hamilton got me this outfit to wear in the hopes of luring a Bigfoot into his rifle sights. I made a mess of things though. The feet on this thing weren’t put together too well and I kept stepping on things that hurt me. When you see me here I stepped on something and hurt my foot. It was painful. My loving husband Bob went back to the car to get something to help me. While he was gone another Bigfoot came up to me with a strange look in his eyes. A woman knows that look and it gave me plenty to dread. Where was Bob? The car was only 200 yards away and it seemed like forever that he was gone. Would I have to marry this thing? The way it stood right now this Bigfoot was starting to look better than Bob. Bob finally came back and fired his rifle in the air and the creature took off. I also took off this darn costume and Bob heard about it all the way back home in the car. Just thought I’d share this weird experience with you. Oh yes, when we got married Bob promised me a fur coat and I guess he kept his promise.

The Red Eyes at Matson Island by Larry

I just found this cool site plus the guy that runs its email address. He talks about a haunted island that I think is Matson’s Island. In the 1960s there was a haunted house there and I saw something out of the Second Story window that I’ll never forget. I even got a photograph of it. The fellow that runs this website says they never found the woman’s body who was killed there. When I saw those red eyes I ran to my boat and got the hell out of there. I managed to snap a picture before I left the island and this is it. I have never return to that Island again after the pharmacy developed this photograph. From what I’ve read on that island that house is no longer there but I wonder if the spirit is? I saw that with my own eyes and have a picture to prove it. I don’t care what anyone says that island is haunted especially at night.

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hamilton by Bob Hamilton

I want everyone to meet my new wife, Sharon Salenetro now Mrs. Robert Hamilton. I have talked to Sharon into joining me on Monster hunting in Michigan. Together we will hunt down Dogman and finally capture him. Sharon is very strong and can handle just about anything. I plan on taking her for a honeymoon in the wilderness of Michigan in mid-June. Sharon can hardly wait to cook for me over an open fire. I have been reporting on Monster hunting here for some time and I wanted to share with you my Blushing Bride.

A Stranger on Matson Island by Chad

I found this photograph from the early 1970s when I was on Matson’s Island. This website calls it haunted island. I was with a few friends having a drink or two when out of nowhere this guy walks by not saying a word. It was how he was dressed that flipped us out. After a moment or so we tried to find him but he was gone. Or was he ever here? All of us searched for him all over the island and found nothing. There was no boat in the vicinity where he could have escaped. I wonder if it was what the owner of this website calls a bone picker? It was one weird event.

Something Weird in that Haunted House by Derik

My.name is Derek and I visited your haunted island in the 1960s. I was taking pictures through the glass less windows and when I developed them this showed up. I never saw this with my naked eye. If I had seen it I would have been walking on water to.get out of there. I only recently found this website and thought I’d share this picture with you. As I said, I never saw this phenomena. I only noticed it when I developed the pictures. I’m not sure I know what it is and maybe I don’t want to know. Those red eyes creep me out. I now believe that island is really haunted. I understand from a friend that house is no longer there but I wonder if the spirit is?

The Stalker Creature by Henry Jones

I was camping close to Cadillac Michigan a few months ago with my friend Travis. And by the way I am not the actor Henry Jones although I do appear to look like him a tad but I am not him. We had both settled down for the night when we heard a crunching sound off to our left. Just a few seconds later we heard a horrifying type scream and then nothing. I spent the night close to the fire while Travis kept it going. Fortunately we had both took in a good supply of wood for the night. In the morning we saw a huge footprint within 20 yards of our camp. For some reason there was only one footprint. The ground was not completely covered with snow. A cabin nearby where we stopped to warn them about this creature gave us this photograph. He said he had seen it months before and took this photograph of it. Needless to say Travis and I canceled the rest of our trip gladly. I must admit to being a coward but my dear departed mother did not raise me to be stupid either. I will never again return to that area and count myself fortunate that creature didn’t attack us.

Horror Filled Eyes by Bob Hamilton

to avoid a thunderstorm I ducked into a cave in Michigan where I had been pursuing Dogman. In the middle of the night I heard some noises outside the cave. I could still hear thunder and rainfall but I moved to the front of the cave anyway. I have gotten separated from several of my friends earlier that night in our pursuit of Dogman. As I reached the front of the cave. A flash of lightning illuminated this creature and I headed back into the cave quite scared. I just couldn’t believe my eyes but some kids had made a model out of that to scare people. It had worked with me. If I had seen that coming in I probably would have seen it as a fake. But at night it was downright horrifying. In some ways I would have liked to have met those kids I’m scared the heck out of them somehow. The dinosaur in question was paper mache and wiring and a great paint job. I kept wondering all night what I would do in the morning if that real thing was still there. But in the morning I could tell it wasn’t real and felt like a real fool. I wonder if I ever encounter Dogman how I’ll feel?