Not a good day to walk the Breakwater

IMG_20171006_144153 the entire Ludington Breakwater is under water today. It would be very dangerous to try to walk out to the lighthouse with Lake Michigan waves out of control. You some idiots tempt fate daily. Those are people whose parents probably told them to play out in the street. They display no common sense. I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. Maybe their feet are dirty and they want them clean?

Kids being plane crazy

Boys running along beach with a toy plane a few members of my Hoffman Estates Boys Club we’re having a fun day at Lake Michigan with an airplane. They ran up and down that beach many times. I watched most of that from Lake Michigan with two of the other boys that were on that trip. But these three boys just had the time of their life until they got tired and went into Lake Michigan to swim with the rest of us. But they actually didn’t swim, they just sat down and let the Cool Waters rush over their feet. I find the behavior patterns of boys interesting. These three boys never swam the entire day. But they still had fun because they had their day their way.

Stinging Sand

IMG_20171005_090302 every now and again Mike will take me on a walk at Lake Michigan. Some of those walks are at winter time. This time we were in Manistee Michigan. For those that walk the shores of Lake Michigan in the winter, you can feel stinging against your face but not by Lake spray or snow, rather blowing sand. Those tiny grains of sand can actually hurt you because they don’t come in once or twos, but rather in a swarm. The only good thing about that is that we wound up in downtown Manistee shopping. Who says that sand isn’t a girl’s best friend.

The colors of Lake Michigan

colors-of-lake-michigan12 when Darlene and I go to Lake Michigan she stays in the gray Waters only up to her knees and when done she’s Sunbaths. I like to take my inner tube and Float around Lake Michigan. I go into the lake colors of blue and green. I also like to play Frisbee with are huskies Frick & Frack. Our Huskies like the grey water too but mostly for drinking and getting cool. Our favorite location is between Ludington and the Ludington State Park. There are miles of public beaches to enjoy. You might want to try it sometime.

Have full regard for the waves of Lake Michigan

hqdefault once I tried body surfing in Lake Michigan and was having a ball. That is until a big wave broke on top of me stunning me. I was there at the time with the Marion Boys Club. Jeff and Ailee helped me back to shore. Before that incident I did not have a high regard for Lake Michigan waves. To this day I have a very High regard for them. The experience was talked about at campfire that night. It went very well with marshmallows.

Advice from Yogi

d88091bdd63ef3d52ea54c2af956c6ed--dune-michigan good morning all you people from Big Bass Lake & Beyond. Swimming in Lake Michigan it’s a serious business. If you’re eating from a picnic basket wait at least an hour before going into the water. If you go to soon you may have a boo boo and not my little buddy either. You might want to avoid mr. Ranger too. Now if I can just find a picnic basket?

Kind of far out to be jumping in

I took this picture several years ago. These two boys jumped off the Breakwater quite far out where the water is very deep. I thought them to be a little young to be doing this  especially without a lifeguard . But you know the recklessness of youth . They must have been very good swimmers . Oh to be young again !kids-lake-michigan