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The Georgeous Sauble River Outlet

Talk about a picture saying a thousand words! This belongs on a portrait somewhere! Just take in the beautiful colors on a perfect evening. This is one of my favorite places to visit regardless of the time of day. This is what one would behold atop the M-116 bridge just before entering the Hamlin Dam campsite.

This is where the warmer waters of the Sauble River join with the much colder waters of Lake Michigan. I could just stare into a view like this all day. Examine the crystal clear image of the Sauble River with nary a fish even making a solitary ripple.

The sky in the distance puts a punctuation mark on this picture. The glorious mixture of the colors and the resulting reflections are wonderful. Moments like this should never end.

Lake Michigan Spectacular

From time to time I will be updating here at BBL and Beyond. Yes, my hubbie Mike and Dave have quit posting but everyone should know that a woman always gets in the last word.

How about this for a view? I should let you know that I have only just recently visited Big Bass Lake and will be posting on my observations soon. I won’t be posting daily but I will be around every now and then. So, this site isn’t retired yet!

I’ll Have Mine “On The Rocks”, Please!


When this sailor asked for his beverage to be on the rocks he really took it to heart, did he not? At least things are now looking “up“!

There MUST be a better way to visit the breakwater!

Elephants in Lake Michigan


No, I haven’t been drinking and no, I haven’t seen an elephant fly either. But this elephant came prepared bringing his trunk and all. I just hope he isn’t too thirsty as Lake Michigan levels are low enough already. I wonder how many people saw this encounter?

The bigger question is what if the elephant chose not to come out? Who in their right mind would want to coax him out? One mis-step and you’d become a permanent part of Lake Michigan. Maybe peanuts was what they used to get him out of there.

Oh, well, who said that a trip to Lake Michigan isn’t interesting?

This Is NOT A Ludington Ski Ramp


Some boaters in Ludington seem to have confused the breakwater with a ski jump? He must have thought he was part of the A-Team and tried to jump it to escape something or other. Obviously, he missed.

What might have happened had there been people walking about on that breakwater? I’ve heard of flying fish, but flying charter boats? What’s next?

Contrasts of Power in Lake Michigan

One thing I like about Lake Michigan is the variety of venues that can be utilized to express one’s personal preference. Be it a huge power boat with plenty of horsepower or something that is guided by the wind and personal talent this lake has it all. What’s your favorite way to express yourself on Lake Michigan?

Another Summer Gone

Tomorrow another summer will be ending at Lake Michigan and the fall season is on our doorstep. Originally our family was to make a move to Indiana at this time but Mike has been able to secure his job here so the move will not be necessary. For most of the summer, we had that vague feeling of losing what we had all these years. Now that will not prove to be necessary and Mike and I will soon see another summer drawn upon us.

This is the road leading to the Hamlin Dam on M-116 and the do not jump sign is due to the very shallow water here as the Big Sauble River is about to meet Lake Michigan about fifty yards away.

Looking west from this bridge, this is what your eyes would be taking in. Many people like to wade in these waters as they are much warmer to your legs and feet than what awaits you a few yards further west. This is one of my favorite areas to visit. Seagulls often dot this landscape and it just seems so peaceful,

At ground level, coming off that bridge, this is what you would see. It is here where I like to wade and exploe. Usually Mike is off somewhere jogging nearby but I like to wade until the weather just won’t allow it. I am looking forward to this autumn and will have more pictures in the days and weeks to come.

Thrill Seekers or Stupidity?

Not that long ago, a man died when he was swept off the Ludington breakwater in high surf and one would think that might have served as an ample warning to those that try such stupid things. Apparently not as people are still “braving” high surf as if were all some sort of thrill seeking game!   Our site has posted dozens of picutres about how stormy Lake Michigan can get.  There are a couple of pictures we have on site here that show boats even being thrown up on this breakwater so how can people think they can withstand these heavy waves?

Once you’re swept over the breakwater you find yourself in heavy surf and if there’s no one close enough to you, your fate is death.  Especially at this time of year when Lake Michigan begins dropping its temperatures.  Maybe I should have just rephrased my title saying that thrill seekers ARE stupid.  Yet some of these people even bring their children along with them. 

I enjoy watching the surf crash upon the breakwater BUT FROM SHORE!  My life is too valuable for me to risk it like that.  But then some people are wise and then there are those that are “otherwise”.

Best Window Washer Ever

You’ve gotta give Lake Michigan a lot of credit as it really knows how to get windows really clean. Can you imagine if all the houses in the area could get this kind of effort in cleaning their windows? I’ve often wondered how many people visit this lighthouse and get a bath at the same time?

More to the point, how many are washed off that breakwater and right into Lake Michigan? The lighthouse is a good quarter of a mile out into the lake from shore. I’ve seen ferry boats emerge out of thick fog that is so thick you can’t even see the shore. Those boats almost appear like sea monsters breaking through that fog.

I don’t go out to the lighthouse in high seas as I am smarter than that. Even so, even on calmer days, Lake Michigan does have the tendency to still whip up an occassional wave that can soak you on that breakwater. Try it sometime.

Lighthouse in Peril

Over the years, its taken a licking but keeps on ticking! No, I’m not talking about a watch but rather the Ludington Lighthouse. Sure, its gone through a few coats of paint however this lighthouse takes such a pounding each years its a wonder its still standing. Can you tell what season its taking a licking in today?

Can you imagine spending a night in that lighthouse during a storm such as this one? You’d be safe enough as no water yet has knocked it from its foundation but nightmares would abound in the nights following and that I am sure of. The pounding it takes during storms is incredible. Can you even think of how that water would sound on the inside of that structure for an entire night?

Or if you could glance out a window at that stormy sea and watch as the waves crash against it? What a night that would be!

Sun-Fed Lake Michigan

Can you see it? The sun is literally pouring itself into Lake Michigan!

Darlene and I swam yesterday at Lake Michigan just a few yards off M-116 which is the highway that runs between Ludington and Hamlin Dam. Each time I swim I like to pick out a new section to swim in and since there is a 7.1 mile area to choose from, I won’t be running out until my move to Indiana in September.

I’ll miss Lake Michigan most of all because it can’t be replicated. Your vista of the waters is neverending. I think I’ve said it before but this year it seems the lake has gone up from years past as there is less shoreline between the lake and the dunes than before.

Darlene and I brought along a couple of inner tubes to bob up and down on. It was a fairly wavy day so we got the best of what Lake Michigan has to offer. Darlene lasted only about twenty minutes and then left the lake to sun on the beach. When I come to the lake, I come to use it be it for jogging or swimming. I’ve even tried my hand at kayaking the lake but I won’t go into that dismal failure any time soon. Let’s just say that kayaks were made more for Michigan rivers than this grand lake.

And what about this view? Maybe I could bottle it when I move to Indiana?

Dusk at Sable River Outlet

With this aerial map it is quite easy to ascertain the location of the Ludington Ferry Boat Docks and the course they travel to Lake Michigan. Tourists can gain a great vantage point to watch these large ferry boats leaving Ludington Harbor almost anywhere along this route.

My favorite, however, is on the breakwater quite close to the Lighthouse as you can almost reach out and touch those boats as you are that close to them. I wouldn’t recommend that vantage point in inclement weather as the waves crash against that breakwater making that venue quite dangerous.

The best vantae point of all is to be on one of those ferry boats heading off to the State of Wisconsin, which I would heartily recommend to all.

Ever Stormy Lake Michigan

This would NOT be a good day to take a walk out to the Ludington Lighthouse at Lake Michigan as the waves are pounding the breakwater. It IS a good day to view the full fury of Lake Michigan and this post will attempt to drive home that point to you with a few pictures of this very same area.

Again the waves are literally pounding the breakwater. I have seen large boats washed up on this breakwater at times from those that are ever so foolish to attempt the lake at this time. I like to jog along the shoreline of Lake Michigan at these times but must confess that at times the wind sets the sand to fly and it is biting against the face.

I have even seen fishermen dare fate and walk onto this breakwater in high seas. The only thing they catch is stupidity for so doing.

This storm typifies what I am talking about. Just look at the force of those waves against the lighthouse and how high they are? If you look closely at this wave just to the left of the lighthouse you can almost visualize one eye of a wolf with the rest of his body colored black.

Great storms to watch but only on shore. Thoughts?

Picnic at Lake Michigan

A couple of friends of mine and I were down at Lake Michigan at Ludington a few days ago and the beach was packed with more sun bathers than swimmers. Still this is about the time of year I take my first dip into the cold waters of Lake Michigan. About this time they warm up about as much as they are going to warm up. My friends were there to just sun.

I swam for about an hour and even engaged in a game of tag with a few youngsters and their beach ball. It was great fun as the water really felt refreshing.

Once back with the girls they were already breaking into the picnic lunch of fried chicken, potato salad, and lemonade. After a hearty lunch and some girl talk, I returned to sunning and that warm sun felt really good. It’s so nice to live just a half hour from this beach. In about another week, the swimmers will outnumber the sun bathers.

As for today, the children were largely found in the lake with the parents supervising them from shore. The beach lifeguard also kept a constant vigil on the kids. What a fantastic day for a picnic!

I’ve provided you with a great many “looks” at the Ludington Breakwater in stormy seas, but this one in particular shows you how wide this breakwater is. You could almost drive a jeep down it. This portion is just after the turn due west. It is quite a hike but not so long in calm waters.

The trick is navigating this piece of cement during choppy seas. I don’t even try it in high waves as some do to their own peril. Water then is splashed across this breakwater with almost every passing wave.

There are large rocks to each side of this breakwater and diving off it is restricted even though some do anyway. In high surf some boats have even found themselves stuck on this breakwater almost as if they were using it as a springboard to get to the other side. There are some pictures of that elsewhere on BBL and Beyond.

I just marvel at the length of this breakwater which takes you to the very end of Ludington Harbor and is the last vantage point to bid farewell to ferry boats leaving the harbor.

The Ever Changing Shores and Hues of Lake Michigan

The area you’re looking at is just off M-116 between Ludington and the Hamlin Dam and this seven mile stretch of highway affords anyone their own private beach for the day. A few years ago Lake Michigan was somewhat down by way of its water level. Now either the shoreline has been depleted by sand erosion or Lake Michigan is again up as to its water levels.

Examine the hues of Lake Michigan or its color changes by depth. Close to shore are the grays or browns as the bottom is churned up producing those colors. Farther out are the greens and then blues of the lake.

On this particular day there wasn’t much beachfront to run on without getting somewhat wet. In this area beach erosion may well be a problem and maybe more sand needs to be added to expand the beach. However this area is very close to M-116 so there isn’t much beach to expand upon.

Yet what a day to do a run along the shores of Lake Michigan with a good breeze and small waves crashing upon the shore making all this a runners delight.

Sauble River Outlet In and Out Views

Our Bloody Red Lighthouse

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