Not This Boater’s Day

This poor misguided soul thought that the Ludington Breakwater was a ski ramp. As soon as he was on the Breakwater he began commiserating with us. Unnoticed by him was a small tear in his boat on the bottom. After listening to him for about an hour we helped him put his boat back into Lake Michigan. Like nothing ever happened, he moved off deeper into the lake. He moved offshore about a mile and then this happened. It just wasn’t his day!

The Ludington Beach

When I was a young boy my family often took us from Big Bass Lake to the Ludington State Beach some thirty miles away. After a full days swimming on that beach our family dined at the drive-in A & W Root Bear where we feasted on cheeseburgers and an icy mug of A & W Root Beer. Nothing went down smoother or colder for that matter after all that swimming and marching about the hot sand.

The food at the A & W was probably no better than most except to hungry swimmers. But that Root Beer was something special and something that I always longed for whenever we were in Ludington. To me that was even bigger than the ferry boats.

Once at that beach I had my eyes open underwater and saw the most massive fish that I had ever seen which my imagination took as a shark and I hustled back onto that sandy beach faster than lightning. It had to be at least four feet long. At the age I was at then that matched my size.

That beach also had an ice cream stand where they served the best Butter Pecan ice cream that ever passed your mouth. Then again maybe that tasted so good because it was a very hot day and I was so tired? By the way, that ice cream place is no more just like the A & W. Both have given place to history.

You Light Up My Life

How about this power surge to get the Ludington Lighthouse going? Wow, what a photograph. Perhaps that is how God powers up His lighthouses around the Great Lakes. I don’t know if I’d like to walk out on that breakwater on that particular evening. I think I’d get a major charge out of that.

Some of the more intriguing photographs are taken at just this location which is probably the single most photographed area in Ludington. I don’t think even the ferry boats come in a close second or the prestine beaches of the area.

I often walk that breakwater out to the Lighthouse just to take in the sheer beauty of the area. No longer is diving allowed off that breakwater as that is something I used to do in my youth. I’ll have even more pictures of this location for you in the future.

Gigantic Wave!

I sure wouldn’t want to be on shore today. That is one big wave! The winds were whipping on Lake Michigan and produced monstrous waves. They would have been too much for Surfers especially that close to land. It makes me wonder how many Surfers were out there that day. I found this in an old box that someone had sent me. Usually Darlene gets this kind of picture at this time I beat her to it. We both been looking through old pictures of Michigan. We each found a few that will be presenting in the near future. I think this is the biggest wave I’ve ever seen.

What A Wave!

Thar she blows! What an explosive wave to strike the Ludington lighthouse! I would like to have seen more of these that day. By the way, Mike gave me that explicit expressions thar she blows. He told me it was used for Whalers. Next to sunsets and sunrises, I love to photograph scenes at the Ludington Lighthouse like this. Can you imagine if someone were out there at this time? There’s always some idiot willing to risk his life to take a wave like that. I’d rather appreciate it on shore. I wonder how many coats of paint that lighthouse has had over the years? At least I don’t have to worry about washing the windows as Lake Michigan takes care of that.

Three Possibilities

There are three possibilities as to what you are observing might be. The first, and most logical, is the easy choice, that being storm clouds approaching land. But, if you use your imagination, it might also be one large jetliner approaching a landing pattern or an eagle in flight. The mind can alter our perceptions and that is for sure. I find this cloud bank full of possibilities.

If a jetliner, you can amost visualize the pilot’s compartment up front.  Or could that be the enormous leering eye of an eagle?  I find occasions such as this at Lake Michigan quite intriguing as there is always something interesting going on there, especially in times of an approaching storm.  Perhaps your mind has also conjured up something altogether different than what I have laid out for you. 

Perhaps, the possibilities of interpretation are endless here to the iniquisite mind.  Then again, the more logical answer would be just another storm cloud approaching the shoreline.  Mr. Spock uses logic but I prefer the more inventive mind.  What say you?

Wavy Lake Michigan

Inexpensive Window Washing

I love to watch the waves of Lake Michigan hit various breakwaters up and down the coast of Lake Michigan. I recall Dave Norris once telling me of his experiences in Highland Park, Illinois, during winter storms as the power of Lake Michigan would ram into that breakwater sending flumes of water high into the sky.

That is similar to how it is in Ludington, Michigan, as sometimes the waves are so high that it makes walking on that breakwater most dangerous especially further out onto that location. But it is fascinating to watch as the waves roar into the breakwater sending water high into the sky. Now I know how they clean the windows of that lighthouse far out onto the breakwater.

Sauble River Outlet

You might have a hard time believing this but this is where the Sauble River empties into Lake Michigan. Not much of a river is it? It looks more like a trickle. About a half-mile up River is the.Hamlin Lake Dam. Sometimes the dam is but a trickle itself holding back the water in Hamlin Lake. At the outlet the water is quite warm. As it empties into Lake Michigan the water becomes quite Cold. But warm or hot or frigid the scenery is outstanding. The outlet is just before the Ludington State Park.

An Endurance Test

All up and down the coast in Michigan alongside Lake Michigan there are many endurance tests by way of sand dunes. On those hot summer days, the endurance test not only involves your leg strength but how much heat your feet can endure. Going up takes a great deal of stanima on both the legs and feet, not to mention the heart. Your feet continually must combat the sifting sand as sometimes it seems the progess you make is not as great as it might seem as each step brings your feet somewhat down as well.

I prefer going down sand dunes especially if Lake Michigan is directly below them as my reward is a cool dip into the lake thus quenching my hot feet. But, if you’re in any kind of training, going up those sand dunes should be your option as it is a great strength enforcer.

Make sure you have an adequate supply of drinking water on you as well or designate a friend to carry it for you if you are the one in training. Football players can get a real good workout on their legs on these dunes.

For me, I enjoy going down them and then to go swimming for awhile. But, then, yes, I also have to endure the climb back up before jumping in my car to head home. Say, I wonder if I could talk the State of Michigan into sand dune lifts like they have at ski lodges?

Everybody Loves the Ludington Breakwater

this Photograph provides you with a glimpse as to how far from land the Ludington Lighthouse is. You don’t want to be out there in weather like this. being out on the Breakwater at times like this is very dangerous. But not as dangerous as someone who just couldn’t resist joining others on the Breakwater. what a time to be on the Breakwater! Just make sure you get back before it gets totally dark.

The Wet Head Is Not Dead in Ludington

I hope this couple needed a shower today? I wonder if this event started an argument? I would think, though, that whoever ventured out that far on a windy day get what they deserve. With waves that high it would be an easy thing to wash them right off that breakwater and into Lake Michigan and then where would they be?

I often wonder about people that go that far out on the breakwater in bad weather. Once with my neice Nancy in Manistee, I went out on their breakwater on a wavy day but we got drenched only about forty yards out and then we returned to the safety of the shore. The waves were too high that day as well.

The strength of Lake Michigan is nothing to mess with. However, maybe they really needed a shower that day? I hope they brought some soap with them?