Aerial Harper Lake

I am pleased to add a new category to Big Bass Lake and Beyond and it is Harper Lake. Harper Lake has a resort on the lake which you can access on our blogroll. This lake has two islands on it. They are in close proximity to each other and one is large and the other quite smaller. From time to time I will be featuring pictures of Harper Lake. Comments are welcome at all times.

Lake County Snow Removalq

One thing that has always amazed me about even rural Michigan is on how fast they clear the roads. Here in Indiana, rural roads are often never cleared but in Michigan that is not the case. Could that be because Michigan gets more snow? That would be a good argument. But even at our family farm, which is a good twenty miles off the nearest highway, Big Bass Lake Road gets cleaned off shortly after any major storm.

To get to our cottage it’s nearly impossible as our entry road is wind swept due to the open fields on each side of that road. I have twice parked my car just off Big Bass Lake Road and had to hoof in through deep snow that quarter of a mile to the cottage just to view the area.

There are a lot of rural roads in Lake County, not to mention all the surrounding counties that are full of rural arteries. My hat is off to the counties highway department for how fast the roads are cleared.

The Boy that could Fly by Aeroboy

IMG_20171004_114957 the other day I was sledding down a hill and my sled went Airborne for a moment. When what to my wondering eyes should appear was Aeroboy flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I think I like that name but please don’t let Mommy know cuz she may worry about me. Mommy won’t let me cross the street by myself but you never said anything about flying over it. Flying does kinda bother my eyes. the oncoming wind makes them water. Flying is real cool.

Lake County Michigan Fantastic Sale !!

Lake County, Michigan, has a fantastic sale going on this month at one of its supermarkets. Check this out!

10 Pounds of Sugar for 42 Cents
Coffee- 19 Cents a Pound. That ought to “perk” you up!
Toilet Paper- 6 Rolls for 25 cents
Tall Cans of Milk for 33 cents
3 Pounds of Steak for 25 cents total0
Butter- 2 Pounds for 33 cents
Sliced Bacon for 10 cents a pound
Pork Roast is a little higher for 60 cents a pound
Lard- 4 Pounds for 19 cents
Macaroni- 10 packages for 39 cents

What a fantastic sale! Of course this sale was held in December of 1933 but then maybe one of you has a time machine so that you can avail yourselves of these great prices?

Aubert Lodge Near Ward Hill

How about a fancy place to stay near Ward Hill ski area.

You can sleep in a genuine log bed made by the Amish. You will sleep like a baby.

A great place to stay with the Manistee Forest on all four sides of the lodge.

Even the turkeys like this area which might give you an idea about what time of year to visit. What about Thanksgiving? Gobble gobble! Save me a drumstick.

Smarter Than the Average Bear

Did you know the black bears are increasing in number in Lake County Michigan? If you’re a bee keeper they’ll leave nothing but the wood.

This fellow is sniffing out some food. If you’re a bee keeper you’ll like him stopping by here first.

There’s nothing fishy about that and it may save your hives some damage. That is unless he likes honey with his fish. Did you know that Bears are quite ingenious? This particular bear was trying out for the Ringling Brothers Circus. He was bound and determined to get his bird seed at any cost and he did this without a net beneath him.

Yes, this particular bear is smarter than the average one. What will he think of next? Hopefully hibernation!

Black Bear Surprise in Lake County

Black bears are making a comeback in Lake County Michigan. A bear has been seen near the channel from Big to Little Bass Lake all summer. If you have a bird feeder you are inviting bears to your area.

Make sure all your garbage is bear proof. If they get it once they’ll be back and your only remedy may be a rifle. The Manistee National Forest is getting more dangerous all the time because bobcats are also now roaming the Forest. Be careful out there people!

Road to Nowhere

Call me unusual but I enjoy exploring roads that go nowhere. And I like the Sandy or dirt one’s the best. In Lake County Michigan alone there are hundreds of roads like this. When I used to live in Michigan and worked for the Foreign Service I often found roads thst I have never been down before. I would go for miles in One Direction and then turn at the first Crossroads I could find. I knew the area pretty good as I never ran out of gas. They don’t have gas stations in the Backwoods. Many times I would stop and explore the area. I suppose exploring the road system was my hobby in those days. Living in Arizona now I don’t have that urge anymore. I’m into golf now. I suppose that’s what retirement is all about.

Hiking the North Country Trail

When my two husky dogs were still alive they traveled with me on the North Country Trail in Lake County. They dearly loved the snow but that’s the kind of dogs they were. I almost had as much fun watching them Frolic in the snow than in the very hike itself. I enjoyed winter hiking even in the snow. You could see for almost a mile and the hiking was briske. The temperature on this day was about 36 degrees with no wind. The snow was a little bit crunchy from the night before us sub 32 temperature. I had brought a lunch so about halfway to where my wife would be meeting me I built a fire and cooked some hot dogs. The dogs even got a couple of them. I thought we might see some Wildlife that day but I think the dogs scared them away. I hiked about 7 miles in all and had a great day. But not as great as Fric and Frac had.

Where is Sauble, Michigan?- Part One

Sauble, Michigan, is noticeable only to the wildlife that visit it daily. There is no actual town sign there and the only business that has ever been there, to my knowledge, was the Ward Hill Ski Area and even more recently The Ward Hills Lodge. Now that area has reverted back to private ownership.

The Big Sauble River is found in this vicinity.   It is a hidden gem in North Western lower Michigan. It remains relatively unknown sitting between its more well known brother the Little Manistee and the Pere Marquette.

Its headwaters are at the confluence of the Sauble Lakes(a chain of four lakes) and Bloody-Run Creek The headwaters are easily waded and this tends to be brookie territory, although browns and brookies share most of the river. Continuing into Mason County the river flows into some public land with access available via the labyrinth of two tracks that wander through the area. There is good cover and lots of holes available to fish.

Further downstream the holes get deep enough to float your hat and the wading becomes increasingly difficult as you near US-31. The tradeoff is that this is where you will find the bigger fish. Good fishing can be found all the way to downstream of US-31.

Thus Sauble, Michigan, can boast of the ski resort and river.  Tomorrow I will have more on the Ward Hills Ski Area.

The Old Peacock Depot

My dad always used to tell me what a thriving town Peacock, Michigan, was but even in my young days, Peacock was just a blur in the road. No stop sign, not even a flashing light. Branch, Michigan, at least had a flashing yellow light and I thought that was small too. In fact, Peacock was just a little burg with a few houses and that was it.

Yet in my dad’s day, Peacock was something else as it had its own train depot which made it something in those days. Now I’m not even sure if a train knows where Peacock is. It is located about seven or eight miles away from Big Bass Lake but unlike Irons, it has little businesses of note. Irons has restaurants and a few churches along with some other kinds of businesses.

But Peacock used to stand out in my dad’s eyes but for what I don’t know. Anyone else out there with more info on Peacock?

Lake County North Country Trail

This is the North Country Trail which wanders through Lake County quiet nicely. Eventually it will cross the entire nation. It ambles throughout the Manistee National Forest from south to north. Along the way you can find campgrounds for your rest. I encourage all of you to hike the trail anywhere in Lake County.