The bone Pickers

IMG_20171007_223220 just north of the haunted house was an Indian graveyard. From that area came the legend of the bone Pickers. The Hoffman Estates boys club kids had just had their Taste of the haunted house. They thought that was all there was to their trip this time. Yet the bone Pickers remained. I told the boys but whenever they hear the cracking of a stick. The bone Pickers can’t be far away. All of a sudden two boys stepped on a stick and leaped forward about 10 feet. Cemeteries have that effect on some people. All and all that was a pretty good trip out to the haunted house.

The badger in high seas

S.S.Badger I have personally taken the badger to Wisconsin several times. But I have never taken it in weather such as this. I wonder how high seas affect the performance of the badger? Can customers feel the difference? And what about storms in the middle of Lake Michigan? Maybe someone has experiences such as these? Let us know by way of a comment.

Ted Nugent and Ward Hills- a fallacy?

7bcb22fd011f81af5a65440e4b01cfc4--jewel-box-ted this property in Lake County Michigan is said to have once been owned by recording star Ted Nugent. The property is on Six Mile Road. To me the property Bears no resemblance to the one at Ward Hill ski area. Nugent enjoyed hunting but you cannot actually call him a professional Hunter. I would be interested in other views on this subject with verifiable evidence to the contrary. I believe that Ted Nugent never owned any part of Ward Hills.

Chopping Your Own Christmas Tree


How about the great outdoors for your Christmas tree store? Now our picture is from a Christmas tree farm but what about property that you might own where there is an abundance of Christmas trees already there? Our property had several areas where a good pine tree of size could have been chopped down and trimmed to living room standards.

When one chops down their own tree it somehow makes it even more festive than those we purchase from parking lots where trees are shipped in from around the country. I have personally chopped down my own tree on more than one occassion and it makes that tree even more special.

The trimmings on the tree of lights and ornaments make it even brighter. Remember, though, to keep that tree well watered during the Christmas season so that the pine needles don’t try out making them even greater fire hazards than before.

Fantastic M-37 Overlook

On the way to Baldwin, Michigan, a few miles south of Wolf Lake, is a gigantic hill where you can observe a dirt road in the distance weaving its way through the Manistee National Forest. It’s an incredible sight. Our photograph looks south at the summit of that hill on Michigan 37. If one were to be traveling north, there are two lanes going up that hill and in your rearview mirror you could still observe that sandy trail snaking its way through the forest.

Last year I had a business conference in Traverse City and chose to drive up taking M-37 out of Grand Rapids. The roughly ninety mile drive was all forest from that point on. On the way home, I was able to stop and take this photograph of the snake like road in the distance all of sand.

I’ve always loved the summit where you can see for miles through the Manistee National Forest. In this picture you can barely make out that sandy road but it is there. This is about sixteen miles from Big Bass Lake.

Jaywalking Bear

I’ve always thouht that jaywalking in a city is rather a silly offense. Yet there are many police officers that ticket just such a crime. But, I’d like to see the cop that would try something with THIS offender! He would get the bear facts of life rather quick. No, you’d just to ignore such an offense by a bear. Say? Maybe that’s the ticket in the city? If one were to wear a bear rug in the winter, they could jaywalk to their hearts content. That is until an over zealous police officer started pumping lead into you!

In the country, though, that’s not liable to happen. Can you imagine how a Barney Fife police officer might handle this in the Manistee National Forest? All I have to say is that he’d better have more than one bullet in his revolver! In my opinion, let a bear jaywalk all he wants!

Lake County Michigan Fantastic Sale !!

Lake County, Michigan, has a fantastic sale going on this month at one of its supermarkets. Check this out!

10 Pounds of Sugar for 42 Cents
Coffee- 19 Cents a Pound. That ought to “perk” you up!
Toilet Paper- 6 Rolls for 25 cents
Tall Cans of Milk for 33 cents
3 Pounds of Steak for 25 cents total
Butter- 2 Pounds for 33 cents
Sliced Bacon for 10 cents a pound
Pork Roast is a little higher for 60 cents a pound
Lard- 4 Pounds for 19 cents
Macaroni- 10 packages for 39 cents

What a fantastic sale! Of course this sale was held in December of 1933 but then maybe one of you has a time machine so that you can avail yourselves of these great prices?

Where is Sauble, Michigan?- Part One

Sauble, Michigan, is noticeable only to the wildlife that visit it daily. There is no actual town sign there and the only business that has ever been there, to my knowledge, was the Ward Hill Ski Area and even more recently The Ward Hills Lodge. Now that area has reverted back to private ownership.

The Big Sauble River is found in this vicinity.   It is a hidden gem in North Western lower Michigan. It remains relatively unknown sitting between its more well known brother the Little Manistee and the Pere Marquette.

Its headwaters are at the confluence of the Sauble Lakes(a chain of four lakes) and Bloody-Run Creek The headwaters are easily waded and this tends to be brookie territory, although browns and brookies share most of the river. Continuing into Mason County the river flows into some public land with access available via the labyrinth of two tracks that wander through the area. There is good cover and lots of holes available to fish.

Further downstream the holes get deep enough to float your hat and the wading becomes increasingly difficult as you near US-31. The tradeoff is that this is where you will find the bigger fish. Good fishing can be found all the way to downstream of US-31.

Thus Sauble, Michigan, can boast of the ski resort and river.  Tomorrow I will have more on the Ward Hills Ski Area.

Forested Elk Road

Darlene and I enjoy traveling the dirt road known at least to us as Elk Road in Lake County. At the northern end of Hamilton Road, instead of veering toward Seaman Lake you go straight onto a dirt road which takes you into the heart of the Manistee National Forest.

Along that route, you go by the tree farm that Dave Norris speaks of down the Bloody Antler Trail and then through many twists and turns until you reach the Free Soil Road.  Along the way there are many points where Darlene and I like to stop the car and get out with our two huskie dogs, Frick and Frack. 

There aren’t many houses out this way as it is rather desolate once you leave the Seaman Lake area.  There is a side road that leads directly to Big Bass Lake Road and there are a few houses along that way.  We avoid that road and stay on Elk Road. 

If you ever get the chance take this road and explore where you can.  Every now and then you will spot a deer crossing the road or even a bear if you’re lucky.  Not many cars travel Elk Road leaving you all to yourself.  So sit back and enjoy the ride!

This is the Winter That Wasn’t

I’m a little jealous of my good friend David who lives in Indianapolis for he told me this morning that for the next seven days daytime highs in his city will be in the 70’s. Today he said that Indianapolis will be warmer than San Diego. The expected high for tomorrow in his city will be 78. What is going on???

Even here in Michigan our weather has been better than usual and scenes like this have been few and far in between.  My wife always has whites out in the spring on her clothes line but the real white out has been as rare as the dodo bird in Michigan this winter.  My two huskies think that I’ve misplaced winter this year and that they’re living in another state.

My snowmobiles haven’t been used a whole lot this year and that’s a shame.  Maybe there’s something to this global warming thing after all??  And what will the weather be like in Michigan this summer?  I heard that it even snowed in Hawaii this winter.  What is going on???

I’m somewhat concerned as to what Spring will look like in Michigan this year after our winter bust.  Maybe even some snow among the apple blossoms??