Ah, Spring is Finally Here by Wendy

can you believe the weather today for Mid April? Instead of working in my garden I’m working in on the shovel. What a mess! Possible ice coming tonight. I prefer my ice in a cold drink. Oh well. Maybe this is Winters last blast? I’m cozy enough at home and I just put an extra blanket over me so I’m good. Maybe by May. I can get out my garden tools again?

The Old Peacock Depot

My dad always used to tell me what a thriving town Peacock, Michigan, was but even in my young days, Peacock was just a blur in the road. No stop sign, not even a flashing light. Branch, Michigan, at least had a flashing yellow light and I thought that was small too. In fact, Peacock was just a little burg with a few houses and that was it.

Yet in my dad’s day, Peacock was something else as it had its own train depot which made it something in those days. Now I’m not even sure if a train knows where Peacock is. It is located about seven or eight miles away from Big Bass Lake but unlike Irons, it has little businesses of note. Irons has restaurants and a few churches along with some other kinds of businesses.

But Peacock used to stand out in my dad’s eyes but for what I don’t know. Anyone else out there with more info on Peacock?

Is It Bear Swamp or Duck Marsh?


My grandmother used to call this area, Bear Swamp, but today its known as Duck Marsh. Over the course of time many natural areas have their names changed. Both the tiny island on Big Bass Lake and the second smallest island have undergone name changes over the years. Whatever the name, along the road to Free Soil, there is about a mile long area that is swampy on both sides of the road. It is errie when a fog is over it and not the place to be at night.

In my grandmother’s day bears roamed the swampland and the surrounding forest. And they are making a comeback today as numerous bear sightings have been made not only in the Duck Marsh area, but also around Big Bass Lake. When their natural food is short they go for human areas of habitation to root out their garbage.

South of this area is another protracted area of swampland that runs north of the Bloody Antler Trail and into this very location. I would hazard to say that quagmire is beneath the waters of Duck Marsh. Thus this may be an area to get pictures of but I wouldn’t want to venture into this waters by foot.

Dangerous Jogging

So, what’s wrong with this picture? This youngster is jogging on a partially iced over lake and by himsef, no less. What if he were to fall through? There would be no one around to help him out. The viable danger this kid is putting himself in is a no brainer. If a lake is only partially covered in ice, do your jogging on the shoreline.

This youngster is asking for trouble. I would caution all parents to warn their children of the dangers such as this. Use this kid as your example of what NOT to do. Even at Lake Michigan I opt to jog on the shore over that of risking my life out there on the ice.

This was taken at a Lake County lake by someone that was obviously his friend but you can see where his friend would be standing in contrast to where the kid is jogging. Not even close to him! A picture is worth a thousand words and all of the words here would be dumb!

Night Riders

Wow! There are still a few Christmas gifts to get under that tree and the only way to get to the stores safely is by snowmobile. Then they have to be strapped down behind the rider and a slower trip home to make sure all those gifts don’t bounce off.

I love riding my snowmobile in the dark as my headlight gives me all the light I need to observe what’s coming up ahead. In the woods they give off an errie glow as they move forward at rapid speeds. The only thing I fear is those nuts that string barbed wire up across various fields. Since I only travel ESTABLISHED trails that is not a problem but friends of mine have been severly hurt by going on private property.

As long as you’re properly dressed on your snowmobile the cold air is not a factor. And neither snow nor drifts will hinder my late night vigil to get those last minute Christmas gifts. Oh, yes, Merry Christmas to all!

Lake County Snow Removal

One thing that has always amazed me about even rural Michigan is on how fast they clear the roads. Here in Indiana, rural roads are often never cleared but in Michigan that is not the case. Could that be because Michigan gets more snow? That would be a good argument. But even at our family farm, which is a good twenty miles off the nearest highway, Big Bass Lake Road gets cleaned off shortly after any major storm.

To get to our cottage it’s nearly impossible as our entry road is wind swept due to the open fields on each side of that road. I have twice parked my car just off Big Bass Lake Road and had to hoof in through deep snow that quarter of a mile to the cottage just to view the area.

There are a lot of rural roads in Lake County, not to mention all the surrounding counties that are full of rural arteries. My hat is off to the counties highway department for how fast the roads are cleared.

The boy that could fly by Aeroboy

IMG_20171004_114957 the other day I was sledding down a hill and my sled went Airborne for a moment. When what to my wondering eyes should appear was Aeroboy flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I think I like that name but please don’t let Mommy know cuz she may worry about me. Mommy won’t let me cross the street by myself but you never said anything about flying over it. Flying does kinda bother my eyes. the oncoming wind makes them water. Flying is real cool.

The bone Pickers

IMG_20171007_223220 just north of the haunted house was an Indian graveyard. From that area came the legend of the bone Pickers. The Hoffman Estates boys club kids had just had their Taste of the haunted house. They thought that was all there was to their trip this time. Yet the bone Pickers remained. I told the boys but whenever they hear the cracking of a stick. The bone Pickers can’t be far away. All of a sudden two boys stepped on a stick and leaped forward about 10 feet. Cemeteries have that effect on some people. All and all that was a pretty good trip out to the haunted house.

The badger in high seas

S.S.Badger I have personally taken the badger to Wisconsin several times. But I have never taken it in weather such as this. I wonder how high seas affect the performance of the badger? Can customers feel the difference? And what about storms in the middle of Lake Michigan? Maybe someone has experiences such as these? Let us know by way of a comment.