Advice from Yogi

In this film publicity image released by Warner Bros. Pictures, characters Boo Boo, voiced by Justin Timberlake, left, and Yogi Bear, voiced by Dan Aykroyd are shown in a scene from “Yogi Bear.” (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures)

A good morning all you people from Big Bass Lake & Beyond. Swimming in Lake Michigan it’s a serious business. If you’re eating from a picnic basket wait at least an hour before going into the water. If you go to soon you may have a boo boo and not my little buddy either. You might want to avoid mr. Ranger too. Now if I can just find a picnic basket?


The Peacock Peacock Speaks

Yes, I am the old NBC RETIRED PEACOCK. Retired to the thriving town where an event could be described as having a baby diapered. I was invited to throw out the first pitch at the annual horseshoe pitching contest. There must have been at least four people in attendance.

I received a standing ovation at the peacock plucking event.   None of my flume, thank you. I  should have been in the beauty pageant. That would have been a hands downer in this hamlet. 

Oh well, it’s a living and my public awaits.


What Does Na-Tah-Ka Mean? by White Cloud

How!  Oh, you need to know more about what than how.  I am White Cloud and there is town named after me in Spirit of the Woods which palefaces know as Manistee National Forest.  Also toilet tissue also name after me but not sure that is compliment or not.  My tribe suffered too many wipe out by palefaces. 

I have been asked what Na-Tah-Ka mean.  Great spirit say that it means spirit moving over blue waters.  Paleface Bender say it named after bar and grill.  White Cloud told no fire water there.  No vision quest with peyote. 

Paleface must know that Na-Tah-Ka means white man speak with fork in road.

Bon Appetite!  If paleface need to know what that means, that is secret I take to Happy Hunting Ground!


I am the American turkey. My drumsticks stand at the ready to march the enemy forward by Christmas and then that enemies goose will be cooked. I’m not a ham at my profession but my giblets are ready to please.

Sometime just prior to the bears feasting on lions, I shall be prepared with strokes of butter upon my skin To give the ultimate sacrifice. In battle you’ve beaten the stuffings right out of me and then push more into me? Most peculiar! I know I’ve had it when I submit saying, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!


Hell and Paradise by Carl

I’m good friends of Mike and Darlene Reynolds and a good pal of theirs that lives in Indiana recently wrote about how Michian is accurate theologically what with our Hell and Paradise, Michigan,  Paradise is in the Upper Peniusla while Hell resides in the lower portion of our state. Yet as unusual the name’s of those two cities, how about the following gems by way of comparison?

Now, I’m not sure whether the photo on the left is a suburb of the one of the right or vice versa?  In fact, they both are vice as far as I am concerned.  Who would name their towns for those things in the first place?  Can you imagine putting down those two towns on your personal resume?  Well how about this one-

I’m just glad that those three towns are outside my state!  But now that I’ve got the foolish ones out of my system, how about this one?

If you ask me, all these towns have peculiar names so this new revelation doesn’t surprise me a bit! 

Now I could understand “Cut and Paste” although I don’t think I would want to do that either.  Where do town founders come up with these names?  Do they do this on purpose or is it just some form of-

Yes, these town names are peculiar and one big accident.  I’m so glad that I did this post today and now I think I’ll lie down with a wet cloth over my forehead.  Does that sound peculiar to you?

The Nordhouse Dunes Dilemma

This is a tough one. Darlene asked me recently about where exactly the Nordhouse Dunes are. This has been a dilemma for me for years. Some say it is part of the Hamlin Dam/Ludington State Park area and then again, some do not!  This could well be at the northern tip of the State Park area.  But is there a marking to tell us where one ends and the other begins?

Then there’s the Lake Michigan Recreation Area dilemma for many of th trails that lead to Nordhouse Dunes commence from there.  Again the question begs as to where the Recreation Area begins and ends in connection with the Nordhouse Dunes?  This might be a good question for Jeopardy?

Then, since the State Park and Recreation Area each have dunes also, just where do the Nordhouse Dunes begin and end?  How do we tell the difference between a Nordhouse Dune and a recreation one, not to mention a State Park one?  After all, they all have sand to them. 

Yes, I do see the sign in this picture telling me about Nordhouse Dunes but it is not on the beach.  The safer bet is to say that all three are part of the Manistee National Forest.  Then again, I’m not sure if the State Park is or not?  You could go crazy thinking about all of this! 

Now the Nordhouse Dunes are said to end at the southern most part of the Recreation Area so it might be safe to say that, imaginary lines aside, that the Nordhouse Dunes is that area between the Ludington State Park and the Lake Michigan Recreation Area.  And after all this, the latter may be the place to go to recreate oneself!

Oh, by the way, does anyone know what Nordhouse stands for besides dunes?  Seriously, though,  after northwestern Michigan was heavily logged in the 19th century and early 20th century, the U.S. Congress re-designated much of the cutover land as the Manistee National Forest in 1938. Congress listed the Nordhouse Dunes as a wilderness in 1987.

As a wilderness, the Nordhouse Dunes is not penetrated by road. Two parking lots, Lake Michigan Recreation Area on the wilderness’s northern edge and Nurnberg Road at its southeastern corner, provide space for persons seeking to hike into the wilderness itself. While the wilderness nominally enjoys free admission, drivers of vehicles using the parking lots are requested to purchase a vehicle pass for display on the windshield of the vehicle.

Both parking lots are located relatively close to U.S. Highway 31, the primary road serving the Lake Michigan shoreline north of Ludington.

I Think I Goofed by Admr. Wrongway Schmidt

I think I made a mistake as I was never quite good at parallel parking. I was just so preoccupied with those Love Boat reruns. Anyway now I have to figure out how to get out of this mess. Perhaps I can wait for high tide. Well that’s no good. I used that last night on my laundry. Perhaps if I went to the bridge I can figure this out. That’s no good. Last time I went to the bridge I almost jumped off. Well my passengers won’t be satisfied where we are now. Maybe if I get the bartender to pour all the drinks overboard we may have enough moisture to get back to sea. That’s no good. Maybe I can help the passengers to drink all that booze and they’ll think they’re still out at sea? The captain chair has a lot of responsibility. Responsibility yes, but not a whole lot of common sense. What would Captain Stubing do at a time like this? Cut for a commercial? But who wants to look at a rear admirals Coppertone rear end?

Was This Bass From Big Bass Lake or An Aquarium?

Some say bass this big can’t be caught in Big Bass Lake anymore and others have a difficult time finding any bass in the lake at all. Young Keifer here isn’t saying but word has it that his aquarium provides him great fishing pleasure.

Maybe some of our readers, or those that live around Big Bass Lake, can enlighten us? How big are the fish you’re catching on the lake? Share with us your victories as well as about those big one’s that got away! Maybe all you’re catching are mosquito bites?

And what is the best location to fish around Big Bass Lake? What kind of fish most attaches itself to your line? If you’re having trouble thinking of answers perhaps you might want to visit Keifer’s aquarium? Or you might even want to tell us to kiss your “bass”?

Lake County Michigan Fantastic Sale !!

Lake County, Michigan, has a fantastic sale going on this month at one of its supermarkets. Check this out!

10 Pounds of Sugar for 42 Cents
Coffee- 19 Cents a Pound. That ought to “perk” you up!
Toilet Paper- 6 Rolls for 25 cents
Tall Cans of Milk for 33 cents
3 Pounds of Steak for 25 cents total0
Butter- 2 Pounds for 33 cents
Sliced Bacon for 10 cents a pound
Pork Roast is a little higher for 60 cents a pound
Lard- 4 Pounds for 19 cents
Macaroni- 10 packages for 39 cents

What a fantastic sale! Of course this sale was held in December of 1933 but then maybe one of you has a time machine so that you can avail yourselves of these great prices?

Which Cookie Received Free Advertising on The Wizard of Oz?

The Wicked Witch of the West castle guards were singing the song that advertised the cookie but which cookie was it? Let’s listen in? What cookie is it? Leave us a comment if you know the name of the cookie.

Getting Nowhere Fast

This is really what they call a drag race. They call it that because we are being dragged by another boat. And not very fast either. There is not even a wake here because our boat is fast asleep. A turtle with arthritis could be going faster than us. And we aren’t even dressed in Drag to match our velocity. At this rate of speed it’ll take us 2 days to get home. Whoever came up with the idea for this float should be shot! I mean what if we need a bathroom break? And what if the sheriff Patrol gives us a ticket for going too slow? I told you we shouldn’t have had Nestle’s Quick this morning as it’s given us the slows.