Bear It All

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DANCE? I THINK I CAN BEAR YOUR BREATH! What a Rumble they’ll make on the Dance Floor. The fur will fly! Next I want to show you the proper way to hire a crossing guard for your children. Who would mess with this crossing guard? Oh, and make sure they all get across safely.
Every last one before traffic can proceed again. And remember please Don’t Feed the Bears or they might feed on you!

Keeping HERD over Customers

I like that. A cow keeping herd over her customers and not trying to milk them for all their worth. And that’s no bull! I’ll bet this company makes plenty of hay. They’d have to pay Else’s salary. After all if Else makes enough money, she can retire to Hawaii in her moo moo. So let’s go out and lasso up some customers!


Strange Place to take a Bath

I thought Big Bass Lake was a good place to take a bath but not like this! I’m not sure who that is in that unique bathtub but I have a few ideas. It might be Sharon Salanetro trying to get the attention of our resident Monster Hunter? Or it might be Angela trying her best imitation of the cleanliness of Hyacinth Bucket? Then again I might be Jeannie trying to impress a former Suitor? Whoever it is the bubbles are really flowing. Hey, maybe it’s Mrs. Lawrence Welk?

Rumor Herd!

autumn3 I I heard a rumor the other day about a steer getting caught in a building. I don’t know if this was a bum steer or not? It was supposed to have taken place in Custer Michigan. To get his head caught in the building like this must have happened due to a stampede. The customers got the raw end of the deal because the rump is right in the restaurant. Maybe they should call this place the steer Inn? They steer you in and you get the best steak possible. Or rump roast whenever you prefer? Healthy eating!

Hot Pursuit on Big Bass Lake

This is Sheriff Buford T Justice and I’m in a hot pursuit in this puddle called Big Bass Lake. It’s  a black trans am and she’s knocking over paddle boats, and  canoes and whatever’s in front of her. IF you see her get out of my way cause she’s all mine. 

The Boy that could Fly by Aeroboy

IMG_20171004_114957 the other day I was sledding down a hill and my sled went Airborne for a moment. When what to my wondering eyes should appear was Aeroboy flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I think I like that name but please don’t let Mommy know cuz she may worry about me. Mommy won’t let me cross the street by myself but you never said anything about flying over it. Flying does kinda bother my eyes. the oncoming wind makes them water. Flying is real cool.

This Is NOT A Ludington Ski Ramp


Some boaters in Ludington seem to have confused the breakwater with a ski jump? He must have thought he was part of the A-Team and tried to jump it to escape something or other. Obviously, he missed.

What might have happened had there been people walking about on that breakwater? I’ve heard of flying fish, but flying charter boats? What’s next?

How Did Alice Lake Earn Its Name?

With so many lake names around it revolving around loons or fish, just how did Alice Lake get its name? Perhaps it was named after Alice Kramden, wife of Ralph Kramden. Maybe all her tears over the years filled up a lake? Or could it have been name after the Vincinnes Alices? That’s a college team in Indiana. But what men’s basketball team would want to be known as the Alices?

How about Alice in Wonderland? Maybe someone thought that Alice Lake was another Wonderland? Maybe it was named after Ed Hawks dog or cat? Now, I can see names like Big and Little Bass Lake as well as Loon and Bluegill Lakes, but Alice Lake? Of course then there’s Government Lake that is close to Baldwin? Of course that could refer to our government being all wet.

Alice Lake? Hmmm? That’s a puzzeler? Or maybe it was named after the first resident on the lake? Maybe someone in that area will know the answer to this most important question?

Not So Little Deer Blind In The Woods

This is a deer blind found in Michigan which very might make a deer blind just to look at it! Quite elaborate wouldn’t you say? Maybe the deer hunters in question make this their fall retreat? Then again, maybe for all other times of the year it serves as their kids tree house?

Maybe an elevator could be installed to really modernize the place.  t sure gives those deer hunters something other to do than to hunt deer while they’re waiting.  Perhaps a round of poker or two?  It looks big enough to warrant a few beds.

On our property at Big Bass Lake, we also have deer blinds throughout our forest even if it was private land.  Deer hunters don’t seem to respect private land especially in hunting season.  Those found on our property were more of a wooden perch set among the branches and were nothing at all like this.

This perch would seem to give the hunters an undue advantage over the deer.  With trees barren of leaves one could spot deer from quite a ways off and till get in a poker hand or two before having to shoot their prey.

It also serves as a great place to escape from any nearby bear!  What will people think of next?  Maybe a swooping glider to reign down terror on deer?  And just pity the poor hunter without all these advantages!

Advice from Yogi

In this film publicity image released by Warner Bros. Pictures, characters Boo Boo, voiced by Justin Timberlake, left, and Yogi Bear, voiced by Dan Aykroyd are shown in a scene from “Yogi Bear.” (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures)

A good morning all you people from Big Bass Lake & Beyond. Swimming in Lake Michigan it’s a serious business. If you’re eating from a picnic basket wait at least an hour before going into the water. If you go to soon you may have a boo boo and not my little buddy either. You might want to avoid mr. Ranger too. Now if I can just find a picnic basket?