Just Grin and Bear It

Hey, Ed! I’m back and hibernation is over! How about a grub steak? I’ll take mine rare and plenty of juices. I’m as hungry as a bear. Hey Ed, do you hear me? Stop hiding under the bed.

Ed? Brownie was here yesterday. I’m here for my honey and you can send her out anytime. No that’s not me growling it’s just my stomach.

Unusual Food Labeling

for the main course, how about some pressed turkey carcass? I think a turkey proctologist gets this in the right shape? Then for a side dish try this delicacy. Gerber. It’s not just for babies anymore. In this jar you get a whole McDonald’s meal. I guarantee you it will taste better than strain carrots. And now for dessert. And we have kept diabetics in mind here. the perfect candy for diabetics and those struggling with obesity. Just the right supper menu. Happy eating.

Strange place to take a bath

I thought Big Bass Lake was a good place to take a bath but not like this! I’m not sure who that is in that unique bathtub but I have a few ideas. It might be Sharon Salanetro trying to get the attention of Bob Hamilton our resident Monster Hunter? Or it might be Angela trying her best imitate the cleanliness of Hyacinth Bucket? Then again I might be Jeannie trying to impress a former Suitor? Whoever it is the bubbles are really flowing. Hey, maybe it’s Mrs. Lawrence Welk?

Who Let This Joker on the Lake?

holy bat crap. I guess they’ll let anyone on the lake these days. I wonder if Commissioner Gordon knows the Batmobile is on Big Bass Lake? It’s too early to find Mister Frost or the penguin around these parts. Maybe Alfred knows why they’re here? I think they’d be better off at Wayne Manor. Or has Wayne Manor moved a Big Bass Lake? Riddle me that. Now Batgirl might have made that float a little sexier. I just hope that Robin doesn’t have plans to Nest here? And where is the Caped Crusader? Maybe he was smart and say back and go Maybe he was smart and stayed back in Gotham City? Stay tuned to find out, same bat Channel, same bat time.

Burp!! by Benny Bear

well, after about 40 picnic baskets I think I’m full. I don’t know why all those people took off when they saw me coming and left me such a banquet? I might have settled for a few handouts. Someone should have had some Alka-Seltzer at least. In my shape now I couldn’t chase down a turtle with arthritis. Oh well, I guess it’s time to hibernate. I sure hope I have enough blubber on hand for a long night sleep?

Fake News- Or Is It???

president Trump is always talking about fake news. But I had to consider something else what I thought about how Mrs. Clinton lost the race for president. She had such a big lead. All the polls were saying she had it won. So how in the world did she lose? Was it really Russian interference? Or perhaps?Arizona is a Republican state and here we have a lot of aliens. Maybe that’s where Hillary Clinton got hers? That could explain a lot about her. She supports illegal aliens. But if they are labeled illegal what does that imply for a lawyer? They are not legal!

Big Bass Lake in the Olympics

Howdy! My name is Hoody Hooten. I’ve been sitting here on this tree thinking about entering the Olympics in about 3 weeks. Can you imagine an owl competing with all those guys? I’m thinking of entering a swimming race. Oh, you didn’t think I was going to swim? I’m an old Dipper from way back. How do you think my feathers stay so clean all the time? Water isn’t just for drinking you know? For the longest time I’ve been content just to stay on this tree. It’s not that I don’t give a hoot but all that guy stuff gets one sweaty and it looks so undignified. but here I am taking the plunge, so to speak, for the good of Big Bass Lake. I guess Hootie Hooten does give a hoot.

Animal Antics

I think this dog believes himself to be George Raft. Or is this dog stranded without a paddle? I hope he knows how to swim? He does look content the way he is. In fact, he seems to take things in stride. I just think I’ll let him sleep and move on to the next critter. I’d like to introduce you to snuggles, the first with a security blanket or should I say security log? At any rate, snuggles feels very comfortable with his log. Plus I don’t think I’d feel comfortable trying to separate him from his log. He might object.

Keeping HERD over Customers

I like that. A cow keeping herd over her customers and not trying to milk them for all their worth. And that’s no bull! I’ll bet this company makes plenty of hay. They’d have to pay Else’s salary. After all if else makes enough money, she can retire to Hawaii in her moo moo. So let’s go out and lasso up some customer!