Nuclear Sub Spotted at Big Bass Lake

IMG_20171108_221901 nuclear sub at Big Bass Lake Irons Michigan? Someone sent me this picture but I have grave concerns about it. For one thing look at the size of the Wake behind the submarine? Not much of a wake is it? The submarine looks more like a child’s toy. Maybe the submarine is there to enforce speed regulation of speed boats? I wonder if it would fire Torpedoes at offenders? Battle Stations Battle Stations!

Who is Mr. Pibb?

Good morning Mr Pibb. Your assignment, if you decide to take it, is to find out your true identity. This soda pop can will self-destruct in 30 seconds. Just who is Mr Pibb? He has been seen driving about the United States as he is not known elsewhere. Mr. Pibb is said to be colored red so could he be a Russian in disguise?

Way too obvious! Could he be Donald Trump? Or maybe Nancy Pelosi because she is always in red? What does Mr. Pibb do for a living? Could he be working for the Coca-Cola plant or is that too obvious? Probably so. And what is his first name? Perhaps that could give us a clue? How about Waldo Pibb? I am wondering what state he lives in? Michigan would always keep him cold. But they also have a Refrigeration in Miami. Could he work around Big Bass Lake? Perhaps we could have a contest as to who or what he is? Could he be sitting next to me right now? And why the name Mr Pibb? Is that meant to throw us off? Some said Mr Kim was tossed off a pier recently so did he survive? Or could Mr Pibb secretly be Mrs Pibb? Where I live a great many ladies wear red? This could well be the question of the century. Just who is Mr Pibb? It just has to be someone other than a soda pop can. It has to be the inspiration for that can and what’s inside it. I’ve heard it said that some people are always trying to get rid of Mr Pibb. He must have a high security position somewhere? I heard one National Football League player say that he would take a knee for Mr Pibb any day of the week. Is that a clue? Maybe Mr Pibb was supposed to be Mister Tibbs? I’ll have to ponder that In the Heat of the Night. It’s weighing heavy on my mind. Does anyone know the identity of Mr Pibb?

Belly Buster Award at Big Bass Lake

Take a gander at the fellow at the top of this picture! Then check out th kids in the lake below! The water doesn’t look too deep where they are and the extent of his dive doesn’t appear to be too far from them. I can just envision the belly buster dive this guy is going to have and I wouldn’t want to be his stomach afterwards! Ouch!

Can you imagine the big red mark that will soon be appearing on his belly? Wow! Talk about a belly smacker! It will take several jars of lotion to offset that red mark. And when he hits the water, they’re sure won’t be a lot of depth for him to deal with. Maybe he’s a member of the Red Chest Tribe? If not, he soon WILL be!

Even if he’s attempting a cannonball, there isn’t much water below for that cannonball to land in! I just hope that this fellow has all his affairs in order and has his life insurance up to date!

A Michigan Snowbird Speaks

I’ve noticed something strange in human beings. The ones in Michigan migrate south every winter just like some Birds do. Some of them even look like birds. I noticed a female with feathers in her hair and she had a long beak to her. It was positively nauseating. They move South on vehicles of Tires. And they move fast too. they mostly head for the Carolinas or Florida. Some of my kind have noticed a great many Michigan license plates in Florida. To us birds it can all get rather confusing. Florida license plates should belong to Florida people but in winter that’s not necessarily the case. At any rate it leaves me rather lonely and unfed because nobody fills their bird feeders. They can’t because they deserted Michigan. It’s just too much for my bird brain to absorb? I think those people that go to Florida from Michigan are the real bird brains. They give up all this lovely snow and wonderful cold weather to sweat in Florida. Can you believe that?

What in the World is a Flea Roast? by Gus

When I first heard of Flea Burgers I thought Gaines Burgers had come out with a new flavor for my cocker spaniel.  Only my dog wants to get rid of his fleas so I can’t see him turning around and then consuming them all over again!  What in the heck is a flea roast?  When I googled this term I found that Irons, Michigan, has one of the oldest of these oddities.  Since I live in Grand Haven, Michigan, last year I took the time to go to this Irons to find out for myself.

Irons is a tiny hamlet in Lake County, Michigan, yet for this flea roast it nearly grows to twenty times its size.  A parade kicks things off yet this town is less than four blocks long on the main stretch so it ended in a park called Skinner.  It was then that I found out that a flea roast has nothing at all to do with those tiny bugs but instead is what I might term a grand old ho-down!  Some might even call it a county fair or even a carnival except that there’s more to do here than just take in concessions and rides.

Before the doings were over there were country western singing and a beer tent plus fireworks.  You know, I don’t think that I ever saw a drunk flea nor would I want to see one.  I pitched a tent in the Manistee National Forest at a place called Driftwood Valley and spent the entire three days in Irons and had the time of my life.  I plan on going in 2012 too even though I never did find out just exactly what a flea roast was?  I wonder how they’d taste on a grill?

Which Cookie Received Free Advertising on The Wizard of Oz?

The Wicked Witch of the West castle guards were singing the song that advertised the cookie but which cookie was it? Let’s listen in? What cookie is it? Leave us a comment if you know the name of the cookie.

Ferry Boat Makeover

It’s not widely known but rumor has it that many fish in Lake Michigan have fallen dorsal over fin at the new look ferry boats heading out of Ludington, Michigan. Apparently cupid has shot his arrows at the pan fry occupants of the vast lake. As a human goes, how do you find the appearance of these ferry boats?

No, the dippy hippy of Mississippi was not the inspiration for this new form of artwork. In fact, I’m not even sure who the artist or artists are but one thing I do know is that you can now see those ferry boats coming from quite a way out! They don’t have to sound their horns very loud anymore because their horns aren’t all that loud anymore considering all things.

I wonder if this new design is just for the Badger or if the Spartan is decked out this way too? I must say that this new design does make our ferry boats stand out. I just hope that the bigger fish of Lake Michigan don’t take them home to meet their mamma’s before returning to port!?

Effortless Motoring

In July Mike Reynolds talked about effortless rowing. It was due to something about the air currents in Arizona. However here in Michigan we don’t worry about dry air as we have plenty of wet air to go around. And, we don’t waste our energy rowing a boat when we have motor and speed boats at our disposal. Plus these boats use little gasoline as the wet air currents here act as a buoy catapulting us into the air as if we were floating on a breeze. When that happens we save gasoline. So Mike you can row all you want on dry air currents getting you nowhere fast or you can adopt the more superior way and float quickly on wet Michigan air currents.

Rubber Duckie Rebuttle to Mike Reynolds by Duckie Sara

No, Mike, that isn’t a lemon slick coming down the Pere Marquette River but a yellow duckie slick and one that is very slick indeed!  How dare you be so obtuse as to think Ludington should get such a race!  That really ruffles my plastic feathers!  If you want a tip bet on the duckie in the middle of that “slick” as Ora Duckie can really float!

This race puts Scottville on the map and we’ve become even more famous than those jokers that dress as clowns and play band instruments.  Anyone can do that!  But how many rubber duckies do you know that can float down a river with such ease and grace? 

I’m the reigning Duckie and I really strut my stuff with that honor.  In the race almost anything goes to get across that finish line first.  I even hired a carnival guy to take some pot shots at the lead duckies.  KM Duckie thought she was going to win this year but I sure showed her.  Yes, these rubber duckie races can become ruthless in our mad desire to win first prize.

Last year I got featured in Rubber Duckie Review before I was stuffed into some easter egg to be given out to some kids.  Us rubber duckies just don’t get any respect.  Nuff said, Mike?

Duck Hunting

IMG_20170920_060642 I’m presently living in Arizona and retirement is going well. Darlene and I are very content here however I do miss hunting. I must confess that I’m not big on duck hunting however I would have to be blind as a bat not to be able to hit this duck. My two Husky dogs couldn’t retrieve this Duck together. But just think about the feast this duck would bring!

Has the NHL come to Big Bass Lake?

ISu0cy0jydky7b0000000000 I think that the National Hockey League is on Safe ground here! I wonder how these boys feel about shoveling snow on the lake in order to play hockey? They Grumble at home about shoveling the walk but not here which takes even more work. But its for a fun cause. Now they know more about what NHL officials have to do to get the ice ready for games. And now that the work is done the fun begins. I wonder who gets to drop the first puck?