Hawks in Wabash

My friend Ed Hawks had a lot to do with the Wabash downtown Redevelopment project many years ago. I just found this picture again and it took some effort to find it. Ed was involved in the planning stages here. Now he is building a home at Big Bass Lake almost in the exact spot of my grandmother’s old home. What we have here is a Wabash, Big Bass Lake connection. Wabash’s downtown has really changed with the expansion of the Honeywell Center, the Charley Creek Inn, the Wabash Historical Museum, and new shops in the downtown area. Plus Eagle Theater had a makeover. I wonder if they still have Canal Days? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Ed and his Cooking Area

After a long time, Ed is finally at home on Big Bass Lake. I wonder how many of his new neighbors are year rounders? I like how this bottom floor is laid out. Good for cookouts or parties. With all those windows, I wonder if they’re the insulated kind? It gets mighty cold there in the winter. I wish him well there. 

A Close Call

Ed Hawks has been taking pictures for me for some time. This weekend, while taking pictures at the channel between big and little Bass Lake, he broke through the ice and went into muck up to his waist. He didn’t tell me how he got out but obviously he did. I’m sure glad Ed is okay. I hope he leaves us a comment as to how he got out.

Sundog Seen in Michigan Today

Is this a rainbow or Snow-bow? It’s neither. It’s what is called a snow dog. This is a photograph of Ed Hawks. Here is some more information about Snow Dogs. What isn’t known is if they prefer dogs snacks when they perform like this? Maybe we can name these after Ed’s dog? I have added a video about this phenomenon called a sundog.

Hill to Dock to Ice

This is Ed Hawks property now which used to belong to my grandparents. This was the view they woke up to in winter. That could well be Ed out there right now checking out the ice the hard way. If he were to go through he is far enough away from land to be in big trouble. Especially since no one is with him except the photographer who is well up the hill. But for now he looks like he’s safe. What a great picture to look out into everyday.

Hawks Property Now

Ed’s pretty busy this weekend hanging doors and putting the final touches on the interior at Big Bass Lake. We had an old cement structure at the bottom of the hill almost facing his Pier. It’s stored the oars and gasoline plus it connected the power to the house. I wonder if any of that remains? Where his Cottage is located it should be directly below at the bottom of the hill. I’m not sure how much renovation has taken place on the hillside. It may have been plowed over but it was a cement building. It was built into the side of the hill. It might make for an interesting Adventure in Paradise?

Maybe Ed Should Consider This for his House?

Ed? Why swim in Big Bass Lake when you can have a pool in your house? And a sauna? You could live like a king! This house and pool are in the Irons area. Perhaps Ed should consult with this homeowner? And remember, Ed, those long Michigan winters? Just think of how good that sauna could be in the winter?