Camp Martin Johnson Through The Era’s Of Time

Here are two pictures of Camp Martin Johnson on Big Bass Lake in different era’s of time. In the black and white shot you can observe Grandma’s Hat Island somewhat easier in the background than in the color photograph. The black and white picture is from the camp in its heyday whereas the color photograph would be as it would be seen today.

I have often said how difficult it would be for former campers and staff to see it as it is today and the same would go for me and my family of our former property. Each has been built upon with large homes and with the old buildings scrapped living only in our memories now. Yet it is the kids that have suffered the most. Big Bass Lake should have a resident camp on it even now to share in the lakes history and recreational potential.

If former campers or counselors are reading this post, you might want to describe your memories of these photgraphs by way of a comment.

In winter you see it; in summer you don’t

IMG_20171115_024329 what part of Camp Martin Johnson can you see now? It’s summer and you can’t see a thing! Yet beyond that tree line are the remnants of that camp including cottage’s and campfires. In winter you can see all of the remnants of Camp Martin Johnson. Yet please don’t tresspass on the island as it is private property. If you want to see the cottages, check out our category Four Winds Island and you can see what’s on the island without violating private property.

Camp Martin Johnson and Four Winds Island

IMG_20171116_194049IMG_20171116_194505 both Islands are Four Winds Island and in the former you can see how close it was to Camp Martin Johnson. For many it would be an easy swim to the island. In the color photograph you can actually make out a building from the camp. How many former campers stayed on this island? And what was this island like?


rest in peace are such comforting words. The Big Bass Lake store, Sauble Lake Emporium, Loon Lake roller rink, Ward Hill Ski Area, hotspot, the Paul Bunyan Museum, peacock Resort, North Shore camp, and Camp Martin Johnson remain in our memories but are no more. With some the structures remain but the spirit inside is gone. Perhaps you know of another entity that belongs on this list. Add a comment and let us know what it is and your memories of it. That also applies for any of our list above. I would also add to my personal list the Marion Boys Club, the salesian boys club, Hoffman Estates Boys Club, and Bradenton Boys Club. Of these only then Hoffman Estates Boys Club is gone completely. Rest in peace!

Swimming at CMJ

IMG_20171022_230536 the Waterfront at Camp Martin Johnson was the busiest place at camp. Counselors made sure that every child could swim before entering the water. There was instruction in sailing, water skiing, canoeing, and using any type of boat so that a child felt completely at ease at whatever they were doing. Any comments about the waterfront former campers?

Red eye and Camp Martin Johnson

lakeviewsign 30 years ago I saw red eyes for the first time. I had sneaked out of Camp Martin Johnson for a smoke which the camp did not permit. Out of the Blackness of the night two piercing red eyes appeared out of nowhere. I nearly dropped my pants. I was in the portion of Lake View Cemetery where a red eye has been seen before. By the way my name is Otis. Meeting red eye for the first time was the last time I ever smoked. I can’t help you to believe in this creature but I saw those two red eyes and I’ll never forget them.evileyes-1

Camouflaged Four Winds Island

IMG_20171022_230758 as you can plainly see, it is impossible during the summer months to photograph any of the camp Martin Johnson Buildings on Four Winds Island. The island is perfectly camouflaged with Greenery. All the pictures that we’ve taken of this island where when the camp was still in existence. Any other picture would be blocked by trees. This island is now privately owned and we respect the rights of that ownership to not trespass on their property.  I wanted to make that crystal clear.

CMJ Campers? Where are You?

IMG_20171008_143913 what is happening to Camp Martin Johnson today? There used to be two Facebook pages about the camp full of pictures. Now hardly any pictures remain. At Big Bass Lake and Beyond there are 70 articles about the camp. We used to have a lot of comments from campers but not anymore. So where have all these campers gone? I have even developed a campers page much like a formum. Again where are you campers?

The camp Martin Johnson Heritage Museum

MI+Lake+County+Eden+Twp+Irons+Sc does anyone in our audience know anything about the current status of the camp Martin Johnson Heritage Museum in irons Michigan? I’ve been out of the loop for about 4 years. I’m sure some former campers know what’s going on? Leave us a comment to update us