Caberfae Golf

 It stands to reason that if you have a fantastic ski resort in the Winter, you might want something in the warmer months. The Caferfae Golf Resort, nestled in the Manistee National Forest, is your answer featuring a prestige 18 hole championship course. And then our resort serves both seasons with A-1 service. In just a few short months you’ll be looking down at scenery like this!

Good Ski Run

Caberfae Slopes near Cadillac Michigan offers skiers some pretty good slopes and a whole lot of fun. At least for some people. Mike took me there about 15 years ago and the old expression break a leg came true. I took a spill and broke my left leg. It was quite embarrassing especially getting out of there. But that didn’t deter me as I went back there several years later and nothing happened at all. You know why? I watched Mike ski and I just had a good time down below. I once practiced skiing in my living room and it was a disaster as well. I almost did the splits and in skis that’s not easy. Oh well, I can always watch Olympic skiing in the comfort of my living room. I’ll tell you one thing and that is watching other people fall is far better than experiencing it first hand.

Caberfae Peaks in Cadillac Michigan

With Ward Hill ski area no longer operational I would recommend Caberfae Peaks in Cadillac Michigan.

Take your entire family and enjoy the slopes.

They have open slopes like this or if you want more of a challenge trying something like this.

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon on a weekend getting some fresh air and having a great time. Check it out!