Wintery Big Bass Lake

Here we are in mid-April and, although Big Bass Lake is no longer frozen like this, the snow is sure flying here today!  When will Spring stay put?  It’s time for the flowers and trees to stay green for good till September.  I’m tired of snow and ice.  Soon our lake wlll be full of boats and fun and the ice will be a very distant memory. 

But not today as the snow continues to fall.  Better put another log on that fireplace as the cabin tends to get a bit chilly even at this time of year when the snow doesn’t fall.  I just hope that the lake doesn’t freeze over again.    Winter just won’t seem to pull away from us this year.  Old Man Winter is sure stubborn!  Maybe he’ll take to slumbering soon and it can’t come fast enough for me!  Scenes like this can wait until later this year.  Much later!

What Crucial Element is Missing Today at Big Bass Lake?

What is missing today from this picture at Big Bass Lake? Have you found it yet? Maybe you can observe it by the number of exclamation points over it? Yes, gasoline service is missing at Big Bass Lake and has been since the Big Bass Lake store closed its doors. How convienant it once was to just pull over to the dock and fill up your tank. But those were the days of yesteryear.

Now gasoline has to be carried to your boats wherever they might be on the lake. I have always said that a self-service gasoline pump should be installed at the public landing. The State of Michigan should install it in a way to get some extra funding for that state.

Maybe some residents of Big Bass Lake have some other ideas on how to get a gasoline pump near that lake again? The floor is open!

Fall at Haunted Island

Wow! There are now 2,700  articles on Big Bass Lake and Beyond ! My thanks to Mike and Darlene Reynolds, Dawn, and all our guest authors for all their great work. I don’t know how many more we’ll be able to produce? I had a hard time deciding what would be the 2,000th Post. I’ve never had a picture of haunted island in the fall so here it is. And you get the whole island in the photograph. I’m still searching for pictures daily and Mike and Darlene are infusing Arizona photographs along with Michigan. They will be going back to Michigan this year for vacation for about 2 weeks. I’m sure we’ll get more pictures from them. As I’ve said before, my grandparents initially owned about a half of this island. I wish they had kept it in the family. Aside from using it with various boys clubs I would have liked to do things with the island. Perhaps even setting up a camping area for overnights. It was a great asset on all our camping trips. I’m not sure who owns this island presently but they have a great place. Starting April 30th our March to 3,000 begins .

North Island View Lane

This is Big Bass Lake Road taking in North Island View Lane which is a fancy name for our old driveway. Earlier today, I displayed my grandmother tending to his crops along that same then gravel road. This lane is now paved. Another difference is that there are a lot more driveways upon it as you can plainly see in this next photograph.

One thing that these new homes have with our old cottage, now painted yellow, is that they seem to all display propane tanks. More wells have to be established for drinking water for one sure doesn’t want to consume the water from Big Bass Lake. By the way, our old driveway is now called North Island View Lane because the island it views is that of the Haunted Island.

How many of these folks are using their new homes for year round living at the lake? It sure would be easier to plow this new lane over that of our driveway. However, since the field remains virtually unchanged, the prevailing winds tend to drift that driveway over quite easily which would necessitate plowing that lane nearly every day the snow flies.

Here is how this lane and the properties would look from the air-

Here you can take in the individual properties including that of the red barn home as well as the tree in the midst of the field which is also shown in one of the other photographs. Now that tree seems to have a series of bushes around it. My thanks to Ed Hawks who took the surface pictures and who will be taking more of this area just behind our garage leading into Noreika Road.  Thanks Ed for all the work you do for Big Bass Lake and Beyond!

Haunted Island Sunset

Ethereal haunted island at sunset looks rather foreboding on this day. Like a silent Sentinel the island always stands out the mystical fuel to it. I’ve taken many rides in my rowboat around the island and at each time I listen for whatever sound comes from that Island. what would it be like to live on that island? There is actually an Indian burial ground on the island but I’m not quite sure what shape it is in. It is on the northern half of the island. In the summer the growth is so thick on the island that you can’t see one side to the other. The trees on the southern tip of the island are gorgeous. There used to be a house in that area that one could see back in the 1950s. Currently there is a house on the east side of the island. The haunted house was set in the middle of the island. It’s a great Island to explore especially at night.

Pier Talk

how many people on Big Bass Lake leave their pier in year round? I remember one year some kids in the YMCA helped Al Matson put in.his pier in June in return for a pontoon ride around the lake. The water was very cold and mucky. Al said he always took in his pier every Labor Day. He never left it in all year. But how many around the lake do that? I know we left our pier in year round. If any of our readers that live on Big Bass Lake want to share what they do please leave a comment. By the way, this is not “pier” pressure!

Last Hurrah for Winter on BBL

the haunted island at winter time. I think the ghosts are undercover right now trying to stay warm. The bone Pickers are probably warmly Underground. And all is quiet at haunted island. To you get there now, you can just walk across the lake. It will be as desolate as can be. Only the Eerie sound of the Wind rustling through the trees can be heard at this time of year. The haunted island on ice!

Ever so Dark Big Bass Lake

I used to like rowing on Big Bass Lake at dark. Ever so often I would find a fisherman out trying his luck. But by and large I was the only one on the lake at that time. It was ever so peaceful then. Aside from the dripping of my oar you could almost hear the beat of your heart. My destination usually was where we swam at the pointe. It was our wooded beachfront. I usually had a fire prepared where all I would have to do is touch it off then I would enjoy either a hot dog or two and maybe a few marshmallows. The crackle of the fire was very relaxing. After I put the fire out I would row back to our Cottage. Night completed.

Cannonballs at Big Bass Lake

Here three boys from the Salesian Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, were about to hit the drink at Big Bass Lake. On this particular trip we had a float put out into the lake off our wooded beachfront and the kids were leaping off of it right and left during any swimming session. This is the trip where it largely rained for the majority of the seven day trip only letting up on the next to last day.

The kids really had a blast on this particular trip as they agreed not to let the weather detour them from having a great time. The only time swimming was banned was if there was any lightning in the area. That only happened at night once on that trip but well after the kids had fallen asleep. Night hikes were limited on that trip to the downpours that happened three times in the overnight hours.

I think this trip we spent more time in the general Big Bass Lake area than any other trip there. The boys never seemed to tire of swimming. And, why not, for what better lake is there for swimming than Big Bass Lake?

Big Bass Lake is Up for Sail

I’m not a sailor by any means. At my height I am nervous about boats like this. But it does look fun. Wind Is the primary factor for a sailboat. Yes, some have motors just in case, but must rely on the wind. I do enjoy the colors on the sails.How many Big Bass Lake Residence own a sailboat? Maybe in the future, on the Fourth of July, they could also have a regatta on the lake following the parade? Food for thought.

Evening Conversation

Great location for a deck. A perfect view of the lake. You can have Good food And Great conversation and as you do, you have a perfect view of the lake. What a fantastic way to spend the late afternoon. How many of you do just that? Do you have a deck that overlooks the lake? How often you grill? What are your favorite snacks to grill? Leave us a comment and let us know.

John and his Pontoon Boat

there was a man that lived just off of Matson Road by the name of John. He lived there with his wife who was a hairdresser. John was in the Vietnam War where he contacted Agent Orange. He was near blind when I met him and he used to take me for rides on his pontoon boat. What little he could see of his beloved Big Bass Lake he enjoyed immensely. We had to go out near dusk so he could see somewhat better. He knew the lake like the back of his hand. Since his Cottage was located in the Narrows we usually traveled North as he knew that part of the lake the best. John would speak of the lake in terms of colors and shapes. He was a fascinating gentleman and I enjoyed our company greatly. Directly across from his property was our Forest and I used to take him for hikes on our property. He died the following summer and as I took our motorboat around the lake that year I thought about John as I passed his cottage. I sure miss his friendship but I’ll never forget him.