Aqualad Kyle

Kyle of the salesian boys club was nicknamed Aqualad. He swam at our beach more than any other kid on the trip. He was around the water at Lake Michigan and at the little Manistee River. His skin must have been wrinkled half the time. I never saw a kid that took the water more than Kyle. Some of us thought he was born with flippers on. Kyle was Fancy free in the water. On land he wasn’t bad and he liked to cook the most. The only thing he didn’t like was clean up chores which included the latrine. But I’m sure glad he went on the camping trip because he was very enthusiastic about most anything.

The Greening of Big Bass Lake

sometimes it’s hard to get good pictures of Big Bass Lake. Many times the lake is overcast and sometimes we get a blue look to the film. But today, the lake has a greenish look to it and that’s because the reflection of the Trees of the lake. To me, the lake looks even more beautiful than ever before. I have the motor boat out today and as I pass by the tree line of the land the green Reflections are overpowering. I’ll have to do this more often. Well until next time happy Motoring.

Pier Fishing

what a beautiful day for fishing at Big Bass Lake. I’ve dabbed my hook with peanut butter and I’m ready to fish for perch. I gave up on the worms long ago and have switched to either peanut butter or cheese. I think fish have lost there taste for worms. It is said that worms have protein in them but I suppose fish will have to get their protein somewhere else at least today. Ask for how I did today, I caught for perch and one bluegill. And all without using one worm.

An Ice Cutter on Big Bass Lake???

This scene should have some music with it much like Dragnet. “Dumb, De Dumb Dumb! DUMB!” I think these boys dipped into the rum cake a tad early this holiday season. This scene is almost hard to believe.

A speedboat on Big Bass Lake in the dead of winter? I think the Deadheads are making a comeback! Or the spirits of Haunted Island have gripped these fellows into doing something stupid. Yes, this may well be the first ice cutter on Big Bass Lake but who would want another?

I think some Christmas gifts are in order for these guys and maybe, like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz</em, these boys could also use some brains. Amazing! Now I've seen just about everything!

Big Bass Lake in the Olympics

Howdy! My name is Hoody Hooten. I’ve been sitting here on this tree thinking about entering the Olympics in about 3 weeks. Can you imagine an owl competing with all those guys? I’m thinking of entering a swimming race. Oh, you didn’t think I was going to swim? I’m an old Dipper from way back. How do you think my feathers stay so clean all the time? Water isn’t just for drinking you know? For the longest time I’ve been content just to stay on this tree. It’s not that I don’t give a hoot but all that guy stuff gets one sweaty and it looks so undignified. but here I am taking the plunge, so to speak, for the good of Big Bass Lake. I guess Hootie Hooten does give a hoot.

Frozen Big Bass Lake

In just a few weeks this scene will revert to open water as the weather rebounds. Yet this photograph brings out the best of winter for Big Bass Lake. Soon snowmobiles will be put away for another season and ice skaters will be hanging up their skates. Ice fishermen will have to be content to use a boat and walking across the lake will cease unless you use water walkers.

Those ice cold breezes off the lake will yield to warm air penetrating through open screens. Parkas will be replaced by shorts and swimming suits and the no wake law enforced by winter freezing over will give way to high powered speed boats. And, the lake population will no doubt nearly double in size.

Yes, can spring be that far away?

Our Cottage in Winter

My thanks to Ed Hawks who sent me many pictures of our former property on Big Bass Lake in winter time.

Here is a picture of our non-winterized cottage which stands ever so small to the other homes now built on that property which are not in view. If you can make out the windows to the left on the back side of the house, that was the living room which emptied into the kitchen. From that living room window one could view Big Bass Lake nearly to the bridge on the big island. Now extensive landscaping has taken place just behind our old cottage as a new back door is in view where once stood a mound of ground thus concealing the new lower level.

From the house and down the hill led to our pier. Thanks again, Ed, for a great picture

little Lake Critters

Jason was a member of the salesian boys club and he loved walking in the shallow water of Big Bass Lake looking for little creatures. He even brought along a little net to catch them with. Unfortunately most of the other boys didn’t care for his Hobby. They didn’t want Little Creatures in the tent with them. So Jason had to keep them outside. I suggested that he just catch them briefly and let them go. It was later suggested that he take a picture of them so he would have a copy of what he caught. That seem to be the best way of handling the situation. Jason’s favorite area to catch his Critters was the Pointe.

House Next to Our Wooded Beachfront

This was the house right next to our wooded beachfront at Big Bass Lake. But in all the camping trips I took with boys clubs I never once saw anyone living there during the 1970’s. I always liked their unique boathouse down by the lake. Our kids fished in this area often.

Behind this house was a fern covered pathways leading from Noreika Road down to our camping site. On a trip with the Marion Boys Club, one of our black kids was asked at dusk to run back to the car to get some extra blankets. This youngster would walk some of the most dangerous areas in Marion at night but on this occassion he looked at me saying, “By myself?”

This particular white house had a fence around it and when walking from my grandmother’s home down Noreika Road, we would often follow their fence line to that fern covered path. It was a shortcut from where we parked just off Noreika Road.

In all my travels to our property, even by myself, I can think of only one time that I saw anyone use this property. They must have used it more in the off season. Their pier was a rather simple one even in that time and I never saw a boat tied to it. I often wonder how lived there as the house seemed nice enough. Anyone know who does own it now?

BBL at Dusk

Twilight brings a special presence to Big Bass Lake. From Labor Day to Memorial Day the lake takes on a very quiet nature. You can actually hear the Crickets again. There is no loud noise speed boat engines. You can actually take a rowboat into the middle of the lake without dodging speed boats. Now you can enjoy a sunset in a row boat. Take a good look at this picture and just relax. It will do you good!