Surrounding the swimmers

Underwater Island well pilgrims it’s time to circle the pontoon boats to allow the swimmers to swim safely. The kids won’t be able to swim without that protection. They might stray without those folks being there in too deep water. Well after about 2 hours of swimming all I can say is this- Head em up and move those pontoon boats out!

Are you ready for a good swim?

bf54153b7f2280ed23b23399eb953d44 our title question is a little unusual it being in  November, but let’s pretend it’s in June. And there’s your launching pad!/ just think how refreshing that would be in the summer? In the distance is haunted island. Even in the daytime it looks very foreboding. Just imagine how it feels at night? Yet for now just enjoy that cool water. After all summer is just a few months away!

Big Bass Lake gizmos

Now what in the world is this at Big Bass Lake ? It looks like  a spa  on water . I suppose that in the middle of this contraption  you can dip your feet in the water  and have the fish nibble at your toes . I wonder if you can take this thing behind the boat .  It would seem somewhat relaxing  behind a pontoon boat  but not behind a speedboat . And what is this child on ? Is this what is known as flat boarding? Or is this a new version of walking the plank ? I wonder what each of these costs ? You just never know what’s going to show up on Big Bass Lake !IMG_20171106_161028IMG_20171108_222721

Nuclear sub spotted at Big Bass Lake

IMG_20171108_221901 nuclear sub at Big Bass Lake Irons Michigan? Someone sent me this picture but I have grave concerns about it. For one thing look at the size of the Wake behind the submarine? Not much of a wake is it? The submarine looks more like a child’s toy. Maybe the submarine is there to enforce speed regulation of speed boats? I wonder if it would fire Torpedoes at offenders? Battle Stations Battle Stations!

The coves of Big Bass Lake

ISyzdi6cbbr5d50000000000 one of my favorite things about  Big Bass Lake was a multitude of coves around the lake. With each one came an Orchestra of croaks and chirps. You could see small fish swimming about the lily pads. The coves were a place you  could just drift about with Nary a care. They were away from the speed boats and a place of virtual quiet. So just drift and dream!

Swimming at CMJ

IMG_20171022_230536 the Waterfront at Camp Martin Johnson was the busiest place at camp. Counselors made sure that every child could swim before entering the water. There was instruction in sailing, water skiing, canoeing, and using any type of boat so that a child felt completely at ease at whatever they were doing. Any comments about the waterfront former campers?

Kayaking in the fall

IMG_20171020_045840 if you want a lot of restful Solace, try kayaking in the fall on Big Bass Lake. It’s not only good exercise, but a chance to get in touch with yourself. It’s a great stress reducer. At this time of year, you won’t have much traffic on the lake. As long as you stay upright, you’ll not only feel free energized but also ever so relaxed. I would always recommend going with another kayaker just in the event of trouble. Just kick back and enjoy the scenery for your going to have a great time.