More on the Big Bass Lake School

One has to wonder if Mr Potato Head ever made an appearance at this early school with a field named after him in ever so close proximity.

A hundred years ago, writing paper was scarce and much class work was written on slates with slate pencils. These slates, and especially the slate pencils, were very fragile. Michael Landon’s “Little House” also showcased those slates in its early years.

There was no janitor for schools in those days. Teachers and pupils did all clean up work required to leave the building and grounds in perfect condition for the next day’s class. Boarding around, or living for a few weeks in the homes of each of the students, was a common practice for teachers at the one room schoolhouse. While boarding, the teacher not only did her share of the chores, but was also expected to tutor the children. An alternative to boarding around was for teachers to live with relatives.

Pupils enrolled in a one-room country school attended all grade levels, from first through eighth. In some semesters, however, there might be no students in one or more of the grades. In its day, the on-room school as a neighborhood center, as well as a place to introduce youngsters to classroom education and discipline.

Today this school still stands and is used as the Sauble Township Hall.

Maybe Ed Should Consider This for his House?

Ed? Why swim in Big Bass Lake when you can have a pool in your house? And a sauna? You could live like a king! This house and pool are in the Irons area. Perhaps Ed should consult with this homeowner? And remember, Ed, those long Michigan winters? Just think of how good that sauna could be in the winter?


rest in peace are such comforting words. The Big Bass Lake store, Sauble Lake Emporium, Loon Lake roller rink, Ward Hill Ski Area, hotspot, the Paul Bunyan Museum, peacock Resort, North Shore camp, and Camp Martin Johnson remain in our memories but are no more. With some the structures remain but the spirit inside is gone. Perhaps you know of another entity that belongs on this list. Add a comment and let us know what it is and your memories of it. That also applies for any of our list above. I would also add to my personal list the Marion Boys Club, the salesian boys club, Hoffman Estates Boys Club, and Bradenton Boys Club. Of these only then Hoffman Estates Boys Club is gone completely. Rest in peace!

No Swimming Today

 I think we’ll pass on swimming today. Someone was in the swimming hole before us and I think will let him stay there. After all if we trying to go in we might have to grin and bear it. Besides he looks so happy in there by himself. First come first served I’ve always said. Besides if we went in that old expression might be true. Misery loves company. Besides Bear Swamp should be for Bears. Why should we intrude on their privacy?


When I was a young boy  I went to this building  to get a haircut .  My dad took me to the back of our property  and across the creek  to get to this building . I am sure this was the building  but I don’t know if it was called Bradshaw’s then. I do remember getting a pretty good haircut  plus a lollipop . Do any of our readers  know any more about Bradshaw’s ?IMG_20171016_152337

Which way do we go?

d7ee1514-78de-4f25-b8cc-4c32d13c8390 well this gives us a few choices. Do we desire to go to the staging area at Wolf Lake? After all they have a couple of motels there and they are heated. Or do we have in the direction of irons? Irons has a few good restaurants to choose from. Or do we finally opt to go to Big Bass Lake? We can eat lunch at the Na-Tah-Ka and then board overnight at Grant’s Resort. Choices, choices? What would you do?

Great dining at the club 37

IMG_20170922_212938 on occasion when I get a break from cooking Mike likes to take me to the club 37. I call it an oasis in the wilderness. No one is their equal in prime rib. Each bite is a Savory experience like none other. Mike enjoys their perch dinner. They are known for their Seafood as well. For almost being in the middle of nowhere their Ambience is excellent. The staff is always friendly and the place immaculately cleaned. I would even eat my prime rib without A one. I won’t even mention their desserts because they’re out of site. If you’re ever in the area enjoy this Oasis in the wilderness.o

Manistee National Forest for your backyard

carport-home this house was located just off our property on North Big Bass Lake Road. A great selling point for this house was having the Manistee National Forest for your backyard. It also had a railroad flashing sign in the front yard. You can’t see that in this picture. A great location and fantastic scenery awaits you.

Red eye and Camp Martin Johnson

lakeviewsign 30 years ago I saw red eyes for the first time. I had sneaked out of Camp Martin Johnson for a smoke which the camp did not permit. Out of the Blackness of the night two piercing red eyes appeared out of nowhere. I nearly dropped my pants. I was in the portion of Lake View Cemetery where a red eye has been seen before. By the way my name is Otis. Meeting red eye for the first time was the last time I ever smoked. I can’t help you to believe in this creature but I saw those two red eyes and I’ll never forget them.evileyes-1

When is a Township Hall not a Township Hall?

IMG_20171003_141759 the answer to this question is quite simple. This is the Sauble Township Hall on the Eastern shores of Big Bass Lake. But in the days when my dad was a child it was known as The Big Bass Lake School. My dad was not allowed to use English at home even though it was taught at school. My grandparents were Lithuanian as was half the population around the lake. This particular school was a one-room School consisting of six grades. Any teacher must have been frustrated by such a situation including having to deal with Lithuanian families that would not allow their children to speak English at home. Comments?

Tis the Season

oh the weather outside is frightful but inside it’s so delightful. Now where have I heard that before? This is not good driving weather unless of course your mode of transportation is a snowmobile. A dog team also might be able to make out well. What are your feelings on snow or are you a Michigan snow bird? If you need to consult the Audubon Society on that one you really aren’t from Michigan.