Boys Club Learning Center

the Mishawaka Boys Club in Arizona had a great Learning Center complete with many computers. The key thing here was these computers had very few computer games. They did have Microsoft Word and they taught the boys how to compose stories and also how to use computer for later in life. The club also had a variety of quiz Bow The club also had a variety of quiz bowls and spelling bees. The Torch Club met weekly in the Learning Center. Boys ages 11 to 13 were eligible to join. It was a junior Leaders Club. Finally this room had guest speakers from the community on a variety of topics. Every night had a specific program. The kids have fun at this Boys Club and also learned a lot.

Marty on the Mound

This is Marty of the Mishawaka Boys Club. I am now his mentor as he does not have a father. I had a chance to coach him in this baseball league but opted not to. Instead I’m his biggest fan and encourager. After the game we head out for burger and fries. Then I help him with his homework. I never had much chance to work with kids before but I enjoy this one. Marty makes me laugh as he loves doing silly faces. Later this summer I plan to take him on a fishing trip along with my dog Lucky. Mentoring is important to children so if you ever get the chance try it out for yourself.

Mishawaka Boys Club Pool and Crafts Tent

This is the Mishawka Boys Club camps pool and arts and crafts area. A week ago at camp we had a three day arts and  crafts long weekend event including  a scavenger hunt. The boys had a ball. Due to cold weather at night we used the club gymnasium for sleeping but everything else was done at camp. The only activity that the pool had  was  it being  drained. The club staff took care of that.

The event concluded Sunday afternoon with barbecue ribs and cole slaw. The arts and  craft winners were announced after lunch. It was a great weekend.

Chow Time

This was the kind of stew that we made out of fish and beef which was a kind of unusual combination. We mixed in a few veggies that are not seen here. This was a made up meal as we went. After cleaning his fish, Chad offered it as part of our stew so I sliced and diced it into our mixture. Once completed the beef and fish actually tasted good together.

For this meal I used Trail pack chili and added into it 2 lb of ground beef and some shredded cheese. The trail pack sauce was Incredible. The kids had a lot of chili that day and it became a favorite of our trip. The sauce had just the right kick to it. Just a few treats on our latest camping trip with the Mishawaka Boys Club. Lucky just liked his fish plain but what does a dog know?

Where Does this Path Lead?

A few weeks ago I took a hike in the Manistee National Forest with the Mishawaka Boys Club. In all 10 kids went with me in their van. I took Lucky with me as he is our retriever. I selected the path just to see where it would take us. We brought along a cold lunch and we wanted a hike about 10 miles that day. For a while we are going uphill and Scott, one of the boys, started getting leg cramps as the incline was high and steep. We rested for a few minutes until he felt better. We had thought about 6 miles and I thought we had better head back. The kids started getting on Scott and I told them I also was getting tired and that calmed things down. At that point we had our lunch and then started back. By the time we got back to the car all the boys were tired and thanked Scott for getting leg cramps. At this point they all had them. I may have over did for our first hike but there will be more paths to conquer.

Pumpkin Patch

This week I took two boys with me from the Mishawaka Boys Club to find a suitable pumpkin for the club pumpkin. The two boys were part of the Torch Club which is a Junior leader Club. We were looking for a rather large pumpkin and Scotty found the best one. Lincoln also found a good one but not quite as large. But we took them both so feelings would not be hurt. Back at the club the program director Lester took the pumpkins to the arts and crafts area. Later that day the arts and craft project for the club would be to carve the pumpkins for their Halloween party. Lester thought the boys made excellent choices which made each of them very happy. I enjoyed myself as well at the pumpkin patch.

The Road Leading to Mr. Nobody

I recently took a van full of Boys and girls to a place where I myself had been years before. We traveled off the main highway on a dirt road for about 12 Miles. As we entered the area a low thick fog hung just over the ground. Even though I had 11 and 12 year olds I told them to link hands.the fog was too thick and I didn’t want anyone to get lost.

We walked a hundred yards and I abruptly yelled, Mr Nobody! A few seconds later they heard an echo saying the same thing. They all laughed saying it was only an echo. Just then a voice yelled back. Who’s looking for me? One girl said, that was no echo. I shouted in return if we had permission to go on his land. A stern no followed. And then several more no’s all with their own echo. The kids asked if they could go somewhere else. They had all they wanted of Mr. Nobody.

In a future post I’ll tell you about the legend of Mr. Nobody. 

Mishawaka Boys Club Athletic Field and Camp

You basically cross a wide alley and through about ten trees and you find yourself at our camp home. As part of our staff we have a full time camp director who operates it year round. Her office there is heated but the other three buildings are not though each has a fireplace.

The camp teaches camping skills. The boys club itself has sports, educational, crafts, and community involvement programs. Each has a pool one indoor and one outdoor. Only two cabin groups per session are used at camp during the summer except for day camp which has three groups. More later.

Mishawaka Boys Club Camp Pool

The Mishawaka Boys and Girls Club has a seventy acre summer camp located directly behind the club. It can be used for both a resident camp and a day camp. During July it is a four week resident camp whereas during the last two weeks of June and the first two weeks of August it is a day camp. Day campers do have one over night per week.


The club has an indoor pool in the main building but also one at camp. As you can see, it is an outdoor pool. There is a separate cost for the camps. The camps are also used during the school year as part of the boys club program. It is a unique partnership. 

One Night Trip To Beartrack

The Mishawaka Boys Club spent a one nighter at a primitive campsite known as Beartrack. It is located on the Little Manistee River. Our five boys fished, swam, had splash wars, and hiked for that day. For water, there was a water pump on site. We arrived in the area just before lunch.

We had a great time cooking our meals and had a fun campfire that night. I’m planning an afternoon outing there this fall. Great place!

What Do We Do WIth This Field?

The Mishawaka Boys Club was well planned out by a local benefactor who donated a lot of land behind our club to be used as a summer camp. He gave us a small pool as well. Then across the next road over another man gave us this field. It’s a good three blocks from our main building. It could not be secured very well. I thought we could use it for track and field events. The club and camp area are about three squared blocks and hemmed in by two roads. This is an exception. Ideas?

Mishawaka Boys and Girls Club Berry Pickers

The nature club of the boys and girls went berry picking in a two phase program at the Mishawaka club. After the berries were picked and cleaned, the cooking club was planning to make scrumptious pies out of them. Our Educational Director Belinda wanted a multi berry pie to be made first. They picked me to be the guinea pig to taste it.

I love pie so I couldn’t argue with their choice. And for some reason, to get things exactly right,that took three pieces of that pie? Superb!