Grant County Boys & Girls Clubs ignores their history!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Grant County  should be ashamed for ignoring their history . On both their website and Facebook page  there is nothing of the old Club  at 2020 South Clark Street .  Not one single picture .  Without the foundation of the old Club  the new club may never have existed .  The old Club is still in existence but overgrown . To be frank  the current Club  needs to include  a portion of their history  on their website or Facebook page .  Many great activities took place in that club. I even have to wonder why the old Club  could not have been an extension  of the new . What happened to the kids of that area ? Face up to your history  as that is your duty ! 25392_386443400861_2118948_n

Dairy Daze

brewers The Brewers Dairy Bar milkman literally cried when I went to college because our milk bill was cut in half. Brewers dairy in Wabash was the company the made milk deliveries our  home. My father and I had an ongoing wager about who would have the best season between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs. The winner had to treat the other to a milkshake at Brewers Dairy Bar. In the late 1950s and 60s the White Sox usually won that milkshake for me. Ask for Su t t e r s  Dairy  in Marion Indiana, Jim Sutter not only ran the dairy in Marion but he was also president of the Marion Boys Club. He appeared on my last television program on wmcc Marion Indiana. He was surprised to learn that I was going to the salesian boys club of Columbus Ohio. He then suggested that I apply for the executive director position at the Marion Boys Club. Looking back I should have done that. 

Marion YMCA pool

IMG_20171007_000553 James freshwater of the Marion Boys Club Once went to the YMCA in Marion for a swimming exexperience. When James jumped into the water he thought it was the shallow end. Even though he was 16 years old he had never learned to swim. However the side he jumped in was actually the deep end. To his dissatisfaction he met the Marion YMCA lifeguard who brought him to safety. Later that summer I taught James to swim at our Michigan property. I don’t believe James will ever forget his time at the Marion YMCA

Have full regard for the waves of Lake Michigan

hqdefault once I tried body surfing in Lake Michigan and was having a ball. That is until a big wave broke on top of me stunning me. I was there at the time with the Marion Boys Club. Jeff and Ailee helped me back to shore. Before that incident I did not have a high regard for Lake Michigan waves. To this day I have a very High regard for them. The experience was talked about at campfire that night. It went very well with marshmallows.

Trail Pack Food- Part 1

71fqbLD2GaL._SY450_ all three of my boys clubs used trail pack food. It was lightweight and easy to use. To make a meal all you had to do was open the package and add water. The Marion Boys Club liked beef stroganoff best While The salesian Boys Club enjoyed macaroni and cheese. Hoffman Estates also craved the beef stroganoff. For all three clubs I purchased the trail pack food from a company in Chicago. I would use it yet again today. Tomorrow I will share with you a less scrupulous usage of Trail pack food.

Liability and Wagner Lake

IMG_20170922_155203 this was the Wagner Lake diving platform that the Marion Boys Club used one year. It was not put together too soundly and one of our boys slightly injured himself when climbing the ladder. The parents of that young boy challenged mr. Wagner in court and won. The next year when the Marion Boys Club went to camp the diving platform was gone. Liability is what is killing many programs in boys clubs of America. Everyone is sue happy these days. I believe the decision at Wagner Lake was a good one. I thought the construction of that platform was very inadequate. But we kept going to Camp year after year and they all had a great time there.

The matter Park Pool

Marion Boys Club used to use the matter Park Pool every Friday during the summer. I didn’t care for the pool  but it was my job  once a month to go. I thought the pool was overly dirty  and the locker rooms very inadequate. However kids don’t look at those things. A pool just means a cool refreshing dip. After a period of time we stopped going there because of liability. Again the kids enjoyed it and that was the bottom line.IMG_20170922_155326

Getting your feet wet

IMG_20170923_225109 this was the best way to approach Wagner Lake in Marion. I’m always rather suspicious of a lake where your feet disappear when you step in the lake.  You see Wagner lake is a rather dirty lake.  That’s why it’s better to swing into the lake than to step into it. The kids in the Marion Boys Club found out we’re going t The kids in the Marion Boys Club found that out quicker than a speeding bullet. I don’t know how that lake got so dirty?

In memory of Mike McMillan

donald-mcmillan I only learned about the death of Mike McMillan A few days ago. I serve with Mike at the Marion boys club in the 1970s
At the time Mike was program director and I was the educational director
I remember Mike for his gentle sense of humor his compassion for his position and his leadership ability. He will be sorely missed by that community. I would hope that the current Grant County Boys and Girls Club will honor him in some special way. Perhaps the leadership award given in his name with the appropriate. Wherever you are now you are in a far better place. I feel honored to have known you.

Feeling Groovy

4442575 one of my readers informed me about the Marion Boys Club singers. I was the educational director of the boys at the time. Dale Knaur was the director of the group. They made a record of about 16 songs. However the album was not a big success because you couldn’t see the cuteness of the boys while you listen to the music
The group eventually went to Washington DC to sing at Congress and was only the second group ever to sing there at the time the other group being the Beatles. The congressman gave them a standing ovation and I was so proud of the kids that day. So now you can see what the album looked like. And this post is being dedicated to the memory of Mike McMillan who passed away last month
Mike was the program director of the Marion boys club at the time.

The Rock Formations of Shanty Falls

This is the great rock formation found at Shanty Falls just south of Wabash. It overlooks Shanty Falls itself and is found just to its right as you face the falls. You can actually sit down within this formation and enjoy a lunch.

About a quater of a mile further away, in the direction of the Wabash River, is nearly a mile of rock formations, many with caves within them. This was always a fun place to explore when I was a kid. One could have a very complete day at this locality.

How many of you have been to Shanty Falls? At the top of the falls, the creekbed is nearly solid rock for about a half mile coming down toward the falls. Leave us a comment as to your experiences at Shanty Falls.