Visiting the Big Bass Lake Public Landing

This is the road leading into the public landing from Big Bass Lake Road. As you can see, there is a new area being developed. Perhaps a gasoline pump as I have been advocating for some time. Or maybe a worm station so people don’t have to dig for their own. Only time will tell what actually goes into this clearing. Maybe even more expanded parking is in order?

By the way, Mike Elsner provided us with these two photographs of the public landing and this picture shows you the actual place to unload boats into Big Bass Lake. Also in view is a section of the Haunted Island to your right.

Our old wooded beachfront was almost directly across from the public landing about a half mile away. The landing is largely in use from Memorial Day through Labor Day although it is also used at other times of the year when it is much less busy.

Who Needs The Public Landing?

Some residents on the north side of Big Bass Lake really don’t need the public landing anymore as they have a road that leads right beside the lake for easy access to deposit their boats on the lake. Most of the lake has hillsides that make that ability quite difficult without massive landscaping to correct that problem.

Given the two options, I would rather have a grassy tree lined hillside leading down to my pier as our property was much like that on the southwest corner of the lake. Our cottage was situated on top of the hill overlooking the lake for a great vista of the lake. Five large windows were set in our dining area so that we could look upon Big Bass Lake while eating. Our hillside trees largely concealed the house from the lake.

However, for some, they don’t have to wait in line to get their boats into the lake when they have a lakeside road. Which do you prefer?

The BBL Public Landing

I remember the public landing at Big Bass Lake very well as it was adjacent to our property. On Memorial Day and Labor Day it was loud and noisy as quite a few boats entered the lake. On Labor Day it was just the reverse with boats being pulled out of the water. Our Cottage was almost invisible from the lake as a great many trees blocked The View. Many of those trees are now gone due to the selling of our land. But the public landing remains to this day. It is almost directly across the lake to our swimming beach. I still maintain that the state could make some extra money by putting a self-serve gasoline pump there. It has a great venue of the haunted island from The Landing.

Poll: Would BBL Be Better or Worse without the Public Landing?


I have a poll for you about the public landing on Big Bass Lake. Would the lake be better or worse without it? Leave your response in the form of a comment. Give any reasons to support your view. Thank you.

A Sinkhole Develops Near the Public Landing

Big Bass Lake now has their own sinkhole which has forced the closure of Big Bass Lake Road between the public landing and North Island View Lane which in the old days was known as the Noreika driveway. No details were given other than thesinkhole is about 30 Feet deep. The area recently had 10 inches of rain in eight hours.

What’s Next for BBL?

The South side of the lake features a bridge, a public landing, and three islands. The central part of the lake has two islands, a sunken island, and a channel to Little Bass Lake. Until now, the north side of the lake didn’t have much. With all the rain they now have a waterfall.Eat your heart out southern and central parts of BBL.

Aerial Public Landing

How about a view from above? This is the Big Bass Lake public landing. The month of May will be quite busy here. Every local resident will launch their Boat most likely from this location. Then you have all the boaters That arrives here strictly for vacation. They bring all sizes of boats and water skis. Aren’t you glad they have an outhouse there? Plenty of parking too. When will you be watching your boat Go into the lake This year?

Looking Toward the Public Landing on Big Bass Lake

This used to be the view that many of my boys club kids had from our wooded beachfront looking toward the Public Landing on the opposite side of the lake. About where you notice the covered wagon float on the right side of this photograph, taken by Mike Elsner, was our property which ran all the way to the landing on the southwest corner of the lake.

Memorial Day weekend will see the Big Bass Lake Public Landing do a brisk business as all the big boats will make their return to the lake.  Cars will be lined up throughout the landing ready to get their boats into the water.

As well, the wooded beachfront was also our family land and well beyond that. I used to love to row this section of the lake to our pier which was about a hundred yards further than where that covered wagon is located.

How things have changed though over the years as this lakefront property now has large homes on it all the way to the public landing. Where before stood large sections of trees or an open field has now been filled in with homes galore.

Yet after Labor Day things seem to settle down at Big Bass Lake where rowboats again to take dominance over that of speed boats on the lake. Not that far away now!

The Big Bass Lake Public Landing


This area is the public landing and the property you see across the lake was once our family property. What you are observing there is a tree lined hill that, in mid picture, would have led to our cottage.

It would have been nice to put a gasoline pump at the landing. Since the Big Bass Lake store closed, there is no ready access to fuel for the boats. Plus the state could have made some extra money.

I used this old landing only once and that was to take our old wooden and water logged rowboat over there to dispose of. It was tugged over by my friend John’s pontoon boat which was no easy task given the amount of water that old rowboat had absorbed over the years. It now serves as someone’s boat garden.

By the way, it does have a public restroom on location. Next week, this landing will be the hub of much activity as the official time of summer on Big Bass Lake comes to a close when residents remove their speedboats from the lake and begin pulling in their piers.

This area once belonged to the late Frank Benish and at the time that Benish owned this land there was no public landing at all, only his pier.

Aerial Public Landing Parking

This was the area Big Bass Lake where they launch the boats. Outside of a parking lot and a restroom area it was pretty primitive. Just to the west of the public landing was my grandparents property. Before the public landing went in Frank Benish owned that area and he had a long series of planks through the marsh to get to his pier where a rowboat and speedboat were tied to the dock. When it became a public landing, the noise level increased from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The rest of the year was very quiet as very few boaters used the landing. In tomorrow’s posting I’ll show you a street level View of the public landing.

New Property Next to Public Landing

This picture shows the last new home on our former property that is nearest to Big Bass Lake Road. Some of their small boats are anchored close to the swamp. From our old pier, there was a windy trails along the shore of Big Bass Lake heading south. Toward where you see those docks the trail angled upward toward Big Bass Lake Road and it was the course I often took to get the mail.

I did so because it was a shady walk over the walk down our driveway in the hot sun. In the 1950’s there was no public landing as that area belonged to Frank Benish and he had his pier there through a section of that swamp. I often wonder how people got their speedboats out of the lake before the public landing. That must have been a lot harder.

Anyone care to let us know for those on the lake in the 50’s and 60’s?