Looking West at Four Winds Island

This picture was taken just off sunken island. It shows Four Winds Island perfectly. This section of Big Bass Lake is the furthest east this lake goes. I’m not too far from the channel between big and little Bass Lake here. A few bear sightings have been in this area. So be careful out there if you’re in this area. Four Winds Island blocks out Turtle Island perfectly.

Surrounding the Swimmers

Underwater Island well pilgrims it’s time to circle the pontoon boats to allow the swimmers to swim safely. The kids won’t be able to swim without that protection. They might stray without those folks being there in too deep water. Well after about 2 hours of swimming all I can say is this- Head em up and move those pontoon boats out!

Family Outing on Big Bass Lake

The family that boats together stays together. At least on Big Bass Lake. What a way to spend a day! How about a cruise around te whole lake? Or what about dropping anchor at Sunken Island for a quick swim in three feet of water even if tis section of the lake appears to be in the middle of that lake?

Or what about cruising around each island on the lake?  You might want to eat a picnic lunch on Turtle Island.  What about checking out the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake while you’re at it as it is just east of Sunken Island. 

Maybe get out the water skis for a few laps around the lake with a family member?  Or even tubing for those a tad younger?  And, then there’s always time for a little fishing for who knows, one of you might get lucky and bring supper home with them? 

Any other ideas for a day out on the lake?

From Grandmas Hat, Tiny Tim, to Loon Island

Here is Loon Island which is located on the southeast side of Big Bass Lake. Each year loons come to nest. As such no one is allowed on the island. If you took a chance anyway you’d come out with a seven year itch as the island is full of poison sumac.

People do swim off the island on the sandy bottom. But you might rather try Sunken Island further north and east. Leave the loons alone so they can do their thing in private. This is the smallest of the five islands on the lake.

What’s Next for BBL?

The South side of the lake features a bridge, a public landing, and three islands. The central part of the lake has two islands, a sunken island, and a channel to Little Bass Lake. Until now, the north side of the lake didn’t have much. With all the rain they now have a waterfall.Eat your heart out southern and central parts of BBL.

Paddle Boating the Sunken Island

I’m not sure  if these two boys spent some time swimming  at sunken island .  You can see how shallow it is .  At any rate there paddle boat  has just passed over it . I would think that paddle boat would have safety bars  for the boys protection . But doesn’t it look like fun anyway ? I wonder how far their energy will take them ?  Maybe even to the channel between big and little Bass Lake ? IMG_20171115_070955

Kayakers at sunken island

IMG_20171003_202525 that red kayaker better realize that you can still drown in two feet of water. Sunken island at least offers kayakers a brief respite around the lake. There are no kids around at this time. But as parents watch their kids to keep them safe who’s watching the kayakers to keep them safe?

Keeping Kids Safe at Sunken Island

You might be wondering why all the boats  are surrounding children swimming  in Big Bass Lake? The reason is  the children are swimming  on sunken island! For about 30 yards  the water is only 2 feet deep. Just outside the perimeter of the boats  the water drops off  to about  40 feet deep. It is quite the popular place to swim around Big Bass Lake. Sunken island  is located  just east  of Four Winds Island. It is about 100 yards away  from the channel that leads to little Bass Lake. You can actually see  children  standing in the middle of Big Bass Lake from the shore. Interestingly enough  nearby Wolf Lake is only two or three feet deep throughout the lake


Relaxing at Sunken Island

What a beautiful hot day to be relaxing at Sunken Island. And what a view of Four Winds Island! Whenever I want to I can just step off my boat in the middle of the lake and being in only 2 to 3 feet of water. It’s so refreshing today. And behind me is the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake. Now and then I splash some water on myself just to keep cool as that sun is rather hot. It’s just another perfect day at Big Bass Lake.

Amazing BBL

Big Bass Lake was not like other lakes in the region. There was not a single place on the lake where you could see everything. Most lakes you can see about everything but not here. The lake has five Islands on it. Grandma’s Hat is about as big as a living room. The North Twin Islands are Four Winds and Turtle. Four Winds Island once played host to Camp Martin Johnson which closed in 1976. The Cottages are still on that island. The Big Island has a bridge connecting it to the mainland. It is the only Island that has a great many houses on it. The last Island I affectionately call it the Haunted island. The island is largely forested and used to have a haunted house in the middle of the island. There is another unofficial Island called Sunken Island. A small area is 3 ft deep in the middle of the lake. What also makes this like unique is a passageway between Big Bass Lake and Little Bass Lake which is about a quarter-mile long. There is no speed limit on this Lake so boats can go as fast as they like. Yes, this is a remarkable Lake.

Welcome to Vacation Land 2019 at Big Bass Lake!

Yesterday it’s bone cold but summer is only a few months away.
As the 2019 summer nears at Big Bass Lake I must let you know what a vacation land paradise it is! Five islands, a channel to Little Bass Lake, and a sunken island on the east central part of the lake all make for one great lake. The sunken island, for example, is a place you can swim in almost the middle of the lake where it is only three feet deep!

As for fishing, well, there are perch, bluegill, and of course bass to catch and feast upon. Plus this lake has almost every kind of boat that you can think of as for the majority of the day there are no posted speed limits.

You might want to check this lake out for yourself and there is a resort on the north side of the lake which you can access from our Blog roll called Grant’s Resort. It is opened year-round but the fun begins in the summer. And, don’t miss the boat parade and fireworks on the 4th of July either! Make your plans to get to Big Bass Lake now!

Aerial Sunken Island Lunar Eclipse Party

This area is just east of the twin Islands and just before the channel between big and little Bass Lake. It is usually surrounded by pontoon boats with children swimming in the middle. The lake is only 2 or 3ft deep here. But tonight it will be a festive spot with fireworks and a live band, Freddie and the Snowmen. Temperature could be under zero so dress warm. Ice cones will be given to children. This is all to celebrate the lunar eclipse tonight. Estimated ice depth is eight feet.