Last Hurrah for Winter on BBL

the haunted island at winter time. I think the ghosts are undercover right now trying to stay warm. The bone Pickers are probably warmly Underground. And all is quiet at haunted island. To you get there now, you can just walk across the lake. It will be as desolate as can be. Only the Eerie sound of the Wind rustling through the trees can be heard at this time of year. The haunted island on ice!

Bridge to Haunted Island

I had a dream last night where my friend Ed purchased haunted island and decided to build a bridge to it. Ed in reality is building close to my grandmother’s original home. But this dream was fantastic. In the dream, Ed wanted to turn haunted island into an amusement place full of scary things. In the dream he thought they would put Big Bass Lake on the map. Maybe if Ed wins the lottery this dream would become a reality?

The Burial Mounds on Haunted Island

I’ve heard it said that the burial mounds near the old site of the haunted house are sacred Indian burial grounds. More than one person in the Big Bass Lake area has claimed that to be true. I know for a fact that my Aunt Beth once told me a similar thing about the area just behind our barn.

Had I known about all that back in the days I took boys club trips out to the haunted island at midnight, that would not have occurred. But is there FACTUAL evidence that anyone knows of for sure in regard to that area having sacred burial rites? One can’t deny that there are burial mounds on that island just north of the central part. But who’s buried there?

Maybe some local residents, more learned than I in this regard, can enlighten us all? By the way this Photograph was taken from the Big Island.

Kenny and The Haunted House

Kenny was one of the older boys that camped with our boys club trips on our property. He was also the young man that had mistaken bear tracks for deer tracks as another article states elsewhere on “BBL & Beyond“. Now it was the time for us to travel out to the Haunted Island and House. He was a little more than apprehensive after his “bear tracks” encounter.

Kenny was a little afraid of the supernatural world and especially at midnight as our boats docked at the rickety pier on the Haunted Island. He volunteered to stay with the boats as I could tell he had no desire to visit the actual Haunted House itself. But Kenny wasn’t a real good swimmer so he had to go with the rest of the boys. Knowing his more than fertile imagination if he had gotten scared by even the noise of a loon he might have tried swimming back.

As we approached the clearing to the haunted house he was holding onto the hands of another younger boy. On this trip out to the house there was nothing planned but that sure didn’t settle Kenny. Some of the boys stuck their heads through the doorway and windows but Kenny stayed back at the tree line. A sudden wind broke through the trees and Kenny hit the ground as the other kids began laughing since he was the oldest and the most scared.

Kenny then brushed himself off and had to pretend to be brave so he walked toward the house in almost a stagger saying that he was only joking about being scared. One of the younger boys suggested that we spend the night by the haunted house to which he said, “Forget you!” faster than a speeding bullet.

After a few minutes we returned back to the boats and then on back to our wooded beachfront. Kenny got his stagger back said he was just putting on to get the kids going but no one brought that line whatsoever. First the bear tracks and now his fear of the haunted house. This just wasn’t his week. But the rest of his trip went just fine.

My Grandfather’s Original Land

this was my grandfather’s original land grant. He came from the country of Lithuania. His name was Joe noreika. All his children, to sound more American, changed their name to Norris in the 1940s. My grandmother, Barbara noreika, kept the Noreika name till death. If you’ll pay particular attention to the land grant, it clearly shows that one half of haunted island belonged to my grandfather. He owned the Western half of the island. I’m not sure when he sold it to Albert Matson.

The Mysterious Orb at Haunted Island

on a night that we were’nt scheduled to go to Haunted Island, Calvin Little of the Marion Boys Club pointed at a light in the trees of the island that had suddenly appeared. The boys gasped in amazement. The light lasted about 5 minutes and then was gone. The light was high in the tree line. After seeing what they did, David click wanted nothing to do with the Haunted Island. It is interesting to note that the light never appeared again. To this day I cannot explain that phenomena.

Bonepickers of Haunted Island by Chad

    Mr. Norris calls Matson Island the haunted island more so to add mystery to the various Boys Clubs he served. It is true that his family at one time owned part of the island. His grandmother gave that to the Matson’s.
    It is also true that an Indian burial ground exists on the island. It is to that end that I made a trip to Matson Island with two friends to investigate the burial ground. We saw the so-called haunted house that mr. Norris alluded to. To be honest it does appear very spooky. Mr. Norris also calls the burial ground inhabitants bonepickets. After a short visit to the burial grounds we returned to the haunted house where I took some pictures. When I left the island I developed those pictures and found this even though I had not visually seen it. both of my friends did not see this either yet the picture gathered what all of us could not see. Is this a bone picker? And why could we not see it visually ourselves? Perhaps there is more to this haunted island/ bone picker Legend that meets the eye?

Haunted island laid wide open

a499fe07-22c5-4a88-833d-7912a0dd5b10.c10 I took an Autumn trip to Big Bass Lake with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club but due to cool weather we stayed off site had a cabin on the little Manistee River. Daily we went through our property for tracking classes and compass work. We took a boat out to the haunted island but the kids said it didn’t look spooky at all in the fall. Without the leaves on the tree you could see from one side of the island to the other. Plus they said we went in the daytime when they could see everything. Daytime at the haunted island took away the Specter of imagination for the boys.

Frigid Haunted Island

at this time of year even the bone Pickers on the haunted island get chilled. Once there was a couple that lived on the island many years ago and they had a collie dog. The husband went out to shop for food on the rowboat. When he came back, he found the collie will an arrow through its heart. Even though his wife could not swim he never found her body anywhere even though he searched for dsys. Strangely enough, there is an old Indian burial ground on the island. Even though some say they hear moaning on the island at night even to the present day, some attribute that noise to loons. Others believe its the woman’s spirit roaming the island. No one knows for sure.

Between the Islands

This is the “gap” between the Haunted Island and Big Island at Big Bass Lake. The Haunted Island is to your left and in the 1970’s it was all forest except for the haunted house in the middle of that island. Big Island, on the other hand, is largely populated and has a bridge leading to it off of Big Bass Lake Road.

This “gap” was the northern route for speedboats operating around he Haunted Island. The western side of the island was the southbound route for those same boats. These two islands were located on the south side of the lake along with the unseen Grandma’s Hat which was the smallest island on the lake. It was just to the east of The Big Island.

The north side of the island had the other two islands those being Turtle Island and Four Winds Island, the latter of which was once owned by Camp Martin Johnson. Today houses are located on Four Winds, The Big Island, and Haunted Island. Turtle Island is owned by the Manistee National Forest.

Reflections of a Loon on Haunted Island

You know, for such a small bird I deliver a whopping impact whenever those kids from various boys club visit Haunted Island. All I have to do is open my beak a couple of times at midnight and those boys set new Olympic rowing records getting back to their beach.

I like it best when they first come on the island at Midnight. The Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids stayed so close to their leader he could scarcely breathe. I just let out one of my looney sounds and they hit the dirt faster than lightning. It was a hoot and I’m not even an owl!

When they get near the haunted house I like to be on that second floor and make a few sounds and they get nearly hysterical. A kid by the name of Tim nearly wet his pants. To think that such a little bird can get an impact like that is something else. If you ask me, there were more than a few looney birds on that island that night besides me.

I mean, only a birdbrain could get scared out on that haunted island at midnight! What’s that? Do I ever go out there alone at midnight? Do you think I’m crazy? They may call me a loon but I’m not looney!

Bonepickers Evidence Revealed!

Some said that Greg had a fertile imagination but on one trip to the Haunted Island with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club, we were about to find out just how fertile that imagination was. After a brief story around the Haunted House we moved to the burial mounds for a tale about the Bonepicker’s. Greg sat off to himself a bit farther away from the other boys. He glanced over his shoulder and here is what he says he saw.

He saw a Bonepicker above the earth in a somewhat praying position. He turned away sharply and a few minutes later looked again and saw nothing. He interrupted my story to tell what he saw. The rest of us moved over to where he had said he saw the Bonepicker. But the only thing we saw was freshly unearthed dirt as if something had recently burrowed itself into the ground.

At that point the boys suggested we return to our camping site immediately but as we began to move out one boy stepped on a branch which cracked it loudly and everybody hit the ground. Back at the campsite the boys found out more in detail what Greg said he saw.

Did Greg witness an actual Bonepicker or was it all in his imagination? One thing is certain and that is where he saw his vision the earth had been recently burrowed. Was it a mole or something much larger? Had Greg really seen a bonifide Bonepicker?