Fall at Alice Lake

can you hear it? The rustle of leaves in the Wind? It’s fall at Alice Lake. The deer I starting to get nervous as hunting season is just around the corner. Squirrels are busy adding nuts to the trees in case of a Long Winter. I see a singular rowboat on the lake. I think they’re fishing. At least he has the laken to himself today. It would be a good day to rake leaves but tomorrow might be even better. I can feel the wind at my back today. I might just cook out this afternoon. It’s a great day to be alive.

How Did Alice Lake Earn Its Name?

With so many lake names around it revolving around loons or fish, just how did Alice Lake get its name? Perhaps it was named after Alice Kramden, wife of Ralph Kramden. Maybe all her tears over the years filled up a lake? Or could it have been name after the Vincinnes Alices? That’s a college team in Indiana. But what men’s basketball team would want to be known as the Alices?

How about Alice in Wonderland? Maybe someone thought that Alice Lake was another Wonderland? Maybe it was named after Ed Hawks dog or cat? Now, I can see names like Big and Little Bass Lake as well as Loon and Bluegill Lakes, but Alice Lake? Of course then there’s Government Lake that is close to Baldwin? Of course that could refer to our government being all wet.

Alice Lake? Hmmm? That’s a puzzeler? Or maybe it was named after the first resident on the lake? Maybe someone in that area will know the answer to this most important question?

Joplin Boys Club Ping POng

 this is a Joplin Boys Club game room. When I was the executive director of the club we had a game called holy ping pong. We cut a  cut a 1 inch diameter hole in the middle of the paddle. The trick was to learn to hit the ball on the sides of the paddle.  It was a great game on skill and Agility. We also played regular ping pong and around the world ping pong.

Seaman, Loon, Heart, and Alice Lakes

Seaman lake 4

How about this overview of not only Seaman Lake, which I discussed this morning, but also Loon, Heart, and Alice Lakes which are all in close proximity to the others. In fact, Big Bass Lake is just to their north. Alice Lake, which Ed Hawks has a cottage on, is just a hoot and a hollar from Heart Lake which will be featured here soon.

Loon Lake, of course, once hosted the Loon Lake Pavillion, which was a roller skating rink par excellence for this area. If there are residents of any of these lakes that would care to comment about their particular lake, please do so by way of a comment. Ed Hawks has given us some infomration about Alice Lake but what about Heart Lake?

The Blizzard at Alice Lake

Recently, both Ed Hawks and his wife were up at their Alice Lake cottage when Ed’s wife suggested it would be nice if they had a blizzard. Ed thought the request was rather strange but began praying for such a result to happen. The next morning, a full scale blizzard set upon Alice Lake. His wife was near livid as she wondered how they would be able to return to Grand Rapids later that day.

Ed seemed beside himself saying, “But, honey, you asked for a blizzard??” “Ed, I meant a blizzard from Dairy Queen!” Ed wlll really have a hard time gulping down THAT response!

The Monster of Alice Lake


Alice Lake is only 16 acres and when we first bought our property we had a real nice perch population in it 10-12 inches in size. Over the years the numbers of these perch had greatly diminished to the point where we don’t catch them any more.

Two years ago I was fishing off my pontoon boat and I saw a Pike approximately 3′ long cruise past our boat. Now I understood what had happened to all our perch. Since that time I have tried various methods of getting that fish out of there but no luck. I am afraid the only way is going to be for someone that knows how to spear fish do it during the winter. I hope there is only one of these monsters in there but there may be more.

I  For anyone that enjoys pike or wants a nice trophy to put on their wall this is the fish. For me it belongs anywhere but in a 16 acre lake. This lake is simply too small to support that type of predator.

Who’ll Be The First On Big Bass Lake With One Of These?

Can you imagine one of these parked at Kent’s Dinty Moore Dock at Big Bass Lake?  Yes, it’s time to trade in that old kayak for one of these Kayak-Canoes.  Now you can use the glass bottom of this watercraft to “sonar” out the fish of your choice.  Or maybe Ed Hawks could use this vessel to trap that “monster” fish that Alice Lake boasts of going uncaught?

This canoe-kayak hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers paddlers an underwater vista of aquatic wildlife and waterscapes unavailable in conventional boats.  Why ever go scuba fishing again when this craft allows you to observe whatever fish you are after first before ever putting in your pole!  Plus it allows you to as fully take in what lies beneath the surface of Big Bass Lake whenever you are out on the lake. 

Yes, who’ll be the first to own this canoe/kayak on Big Bass Lake? 

Peaceful Alice Lake

Alice Lake is tucked quite neatly close to both Heart and Seaman Lakes.  I like this particular lake because no motors are permitted on it.  That means row boaters will not have to deal with huge wakes from big speed boats.  Just examine how crystal clear these waters are with nary a ripple to them.  Mike has taken me on a few romantic rides on his canoe and rowboat on this little lake.

Now and then he will drop a line into the prestine waters of this lake to try his luck.  Yet instead of focusing on fish, I wish he would be a tad more interesting to me.  He usually  jokes “You can’t compare with the taste of perch“.  So he thinks that, does he?  I’ll remember that the next time we bed down for the night!

Smetimes I like to row all by myself while he fishes from shore.  Alice Lake is great for rowing.  Those that live on this lake have a special place without the sound of mighty engines roaring about this lake.  It’s like a touch of heaven rght here in Lake County!

The Yellow Plane Taking Off

As you might know, the north side of Big Bass Lake also funtion as a landing strip for the yellow airplane and here you can locate it in the distance.  In past photographs of this plane, we have featured the windsock that is found on land near the owner’s cottage but here you can also find one in Big Bass Lake itself.

I wonder what kind of distance he needs for both a take-off and landing?  And, for what months does he keep this plane on the lake?

Also what airspeed is needed to take off and to land?  Now, this plane is used each year in the Big Bass Lake Fourth of July Float Parade so it does get around the lake.  Does it also take off or land from any other part of the lake?  If any one knows the answers to these questions, leave us a comment.

Seaman, Alice, and Heart Lakes

This picture highlights Leisure Park campgrounds located on Seaman Lake. You can see Heart Lake and Alice Lake here as well. Ed Hawks, who provides us with a lot of photographs of the area, just moved from Alice Lake to the exact same spot where my grandparents had built their original cabin. This is a great aerial photograph of the Three Lakes.

Which Lake has the Best Fishing?

This is Seaman Lake Where leisure time resort is found. A question. Which area lake has the best fishing? Is it Big bass lake, Little Bass lake, Sauble lake, Seaman Lake, Alice Lake, Harper lake, Loon lake, Heart Lake, Bluegill lake, or Wolf lake? Which one has the best fishing and let us know why by way of a comment.

On Golden Pond at Alice Lake by Russell

Not that long ago I happened across a friends little place on a lake known as Alice in Lake County, Michigan. I took a rowboat out on the lake in much the scene as you see above. The sunlight was near glaring and the moment was so special. Of course, I was also out there for some fishing but I do like beautiful scenes as well. The day was well spent as I also caught four fish but not the monster fish I had heard so much about. I understand it is an uncatchable fish.

For those that are fortunate enough to live on this small lake you should count yourself lucky.  I love fishing and I had a great time on this lake.  I also want to thank the moderators for this website for allowing me the time to briefly tell of my day out on Alice Lake.  Next I hope to do some ice fishing this year if my friend stays up here year round.  Have a great day!