It’s a dog’s life

Camp-Fido-Snow-Dog1-640x538 humans sure like to complain about winter. I’ve heard it all in my house. They don’t like to drive in winter or shovel or go to school. Ask for me I love winter. I can run down Hills, slide on ice and shake myself all over with snow. My master then towels off my paws so they don’t have frostbite. I wish humans could have a dog’s perspective on winter

Frost quakes

Several years ago Mike and I were awakened by what sounded like a small explosion. It sounded like a large firecracker. The next day Mike found out that the sound we heard was heard throughout the central United States. They were Frost quakes. They usually occur when the temperature is under 20 degrees. As I understand it two pieces of ice at those temperatures rubbing together makes the sound. We both found out the next day there were several calls to 911 about this. Some elderly people were very afraid of that sound. Well you learn something new everyday.1297451667-ice-crack










Fall at Loon Lake

I know we’re in December, but still technically it’s Autumn. And here at Loon Lake, it looks like Autumn. I love the reflections of the trees on the lake. My husband used to fish Loon Lake when we lived in Michigan. I don’t think he misses the cold weather but he does miss the Manistee National Forest. He always thought that Loon Lake was a peaceful and Serene place. He never took me to Loon Lake but he has shown me pictures of it like this one. If we ever get back to Michigan I think I want to see Loon Lake.

Use of snow fences

fence-in-the-sunset I’m in trouble here because I know nothing about snow fences. However in this picture was too good to pass up. I think snow fences are there to protect highways and train tracks. I also think they have something to do with beach erosion. If anyone knows anything else about them please leave us a comment. Thank you. For now just feast in this beautiful photograph.

Breakwater explosion

I usually get this type of photograph  in Ludington  however  today we are in Manistee . The waves are just as ferocious here . And the Manistee Breakwater is shorter in width than the one in Ludington .  Just imagine if someone were on that break water today . I believe they’d be swept out into Lake Michigan . I dearly love these types of days .ecc1a1a0815feaae51abaf43b2ffc76d