Incredible sunset

ExamineIMG_20171006_140247 examine all the shades of Orange  in this picture. What takes my breath away  is the ever  so small  current of water  coming from  the Sauble River  into Lake Michigan. The water coming from the river is ever so warm  as opposied to the Cold Waters of Lake  Michigan . This is my favorite location  for photography. Nature  seems to robe this area with spectacular  venues. Now in Arizona  I will miss this area greatly.

Cereal Killers

AnxiousCereal I went shopping for cereal yesterday and found the strangest boxes. I wondered what was in credit crunch? Could a debit card be in this box? I remember when I was a child and couldn’t wait to get the prize in the cereal box. Perhaps people in debt should not get credit crunch. But this next box is really something . I think the colonel has finally flipped his lid . Kentucky Fried  breakfast bites ? By the way  do you know why it KFC can no longer be called Kentucky Fried Chicken? Because KFC  is using  Mutant Chickens now . You know maybe the cereal  is a step up from that idea ?ngbbs4621a9715c1ed

The pride of Scottsville, Michigan


1915652_1529418154027274_7411061 I am ever so proud of the Scottsville clown band.  this band is made up of people from throughout Michigan whose only goal is to make people happy by their performance. The band’s energy and dedication is evident to all who hear them. The band is made up of doctors and lawyers and all kinds of professional people who come together for the love of music. They annually March in parades throughout the state of Michigan. Scottsville be proud of that band!
































How about a venison Burger?

I know you won’t find a venison Burger  at Burger King or even Arby’s. Even McDonald’s have no idea what this is. When we lived in Michigan  I made Mike many venison burgers. I put bacon in the skillet  and cooked it was Chrispy. I put that into a bowl  along with Worcestershire sauce, a couple of eggs, pepper, and choped onions .  Add your favorite toppings  after you  roll the ingredients into the venison meat  and cook it over the grill until done. You will have one tasty burger  and you may never go to fast food restaurants again  because you sure won’t find a venison Burger there.Venison_Burgers_6057

The Jam Farm

  • Just one mile outside of the city of Ludington is the  Jam Farm . There you can find a wide assortment of  fruit  Jams. They even have spicy Jam. In addition  they have  maple syrup  and flavored butter . The owner  daily makes jam when the fruit is in season. This would be a great place to visit if you’re ever in Michigan. And bring your appetite with you!30ed0fef01c4892ff5e84bb661f3cd98--traverse-city-michigan-the-jam

A spectacular sunset!

IMG_20170924_160833 this is one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen took place between Ludington and the Ludington State Park. That section of Lake Michigan has 7 Mile of sand and Beach. In effect you have your own private beach for seven miles. There are no lifeguards to bother you here. However swimming is at your own risk. But I’d risk almost anything to see a sunset like this! The blending of orange and yellow is fantastic! Maybe that sinking old Sun May heat up Lake Michigan a bit?

A picture says a thousand words!

My husband Mike and I have written several articles about this lighthouse  but I’ve never seen Lake Michigan assault that structure like this! Can you even imagine the force of the Wind  driving that water? What is almost completely engulfed that structure.  And yet some people  risk  their own lives by going out on that break water  in storms such as this? They are absolutely crazy when they do it. It’s never wise to mess around with Mother Nature.