Reviewing Downtown Ludington

No one in Michigan loves shopping more than me. At least, that is my opinion. I enjoy shopping downtown Ludington because it is only a mile from the lakefront where my husband Mike likes to jog along the shore of Lake Michigan. Oftentimes why he is doing that I am shopping in downtown Ludington.

The Antique Store I love frequenting because I like old things and they have a wonderful selection. I also like frequenting the Bookmark and browse through all the literary publications that are found there. And, knowing of my desire for sweet things, Chef John’s European Bakery is visited often by me along with Kalwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream. Yum!

Of course, House of Flavors is a must but only in the warmer months. Did you know that their factory is also located in Ludington? Synder’s Shoes is another hotspot for me as all women love shopping for shoes that they never wear. I wonder why that is? Mike questions me about that all the time.

Then after Mike is done with his jog we often stop in at the Plaza Cafe for a light bite or two. There is just so much to do in downtown Ludington these days and of course, for those outsiders that frequent our town, no trip is complete without stopping by the dock of the SS Badger for a few photographs. Even in winter Ludington is a great place to shop!

Where Does This Road Lead?

I found a video that tells me where this yellow brick road leads to and you will be surprised to learn that it’s in North Carolina.oz from what I know it is now abandoned. My friend David sent me this picture about an occupant of this mysterious place.

I am Sharon Salinetro and I’m looking for a mystery date. I am Levitation Lady and my card reads, have broom, will travel. I can give you the lift you need today!

You Light Up My Life

How about this power surge to get the Ludington Lighthouse going? Wow, what a photograph. Perhaps that is how God powers up His lighthouses around the Great Lakes. I don’t know if I’d like to walk out on that breakwater on that particular evening. I think I’d get a major charge out of that.

Some of the more intriguing photographs are taken at just this location which is probably the single most photographed area in Ludington. I don’t think even the ferry boats come in a close second or the prestine beaches of the area.

I often walk that breakwater out to the Lighthouse just to take in the sheer beauty of the area. No longer is diving allowed off that breakwater as that is something I used to do in my youth. I’ll have even more pictures of this location for you in the future.

The Manistee National Forest Is Downright “Cool”

It’s been a long summer and hot as well so I thought a little preview of coming Michigan attractions was in order by way of some “natural” air conditioning.  As much as I love Michigan summers, I also happen to like its winters, within reason of course.  I never like sub-zero weather but some of what I can observe here is rather welcome especially today after another sizzling day.

Mike and Ben are off fishing somewhere so I thought I’d take a break from gardening to post a winter feel that might serve to cool us all off.  Now, to tell the truth, I don’t mind the hot weather but I don’t care at all for the humidity which is a mosquitoes best friend.  And, as I type this post from the comfort of my great air-conditioned house, I have to reflect on just that.  A lot of us can’t wait for the summer and then spend countless hours INDOORS with air conditioning which we can get naturally in the winter?  There’s something wrong with that picture!

Oh, well, back to my gardening and my brain is getting tired thinking about all this.  Now from the cooler back into the oven!  Isn’t life in Michigan grand?

What A Wave!

Thar she blows! What an explosive wave to strike the Ludington lighthouse! I would like to have seen more of these that day. By the way, Mike gave me that explicit expressions thar she blows. He told me it was used for Whalers. Next to sunsets and sunrises, I love to photograph scenes at the Ludington Lighthouse like this. Can you imagine if someone were out there at this time? There’s always some idiot willing to risk his life to take a wave like that. I’d rather appreciate it on shore. I wonder how many coats of paint that lighthouse has had over the years? At least I don’t have to worry about washing the windows as Lake Michigan takes care of that.

Three Possibilities

There are three possibilities as to what you are observing might be. The first, and most logical, is the easy choice, that being storm clouds approaching land. But, if you use your imagination, it might also be one large jetliner approaching a landing pattern or an eagle in flight. The mind can alter our perceptions and that is for sure. I find this cloud bank full of possibilities.

If a jetliner, you can amost visualize the pilot’s compartment up front.  Or could that be the enormous leering eye of an eagle?  I find occasions such as this at Lake Michigan quite intriguing as there is always something interesting going on there, especially in times of an approaching storm.  Perhaps your mind has also conjured up something altogether different than what I have laid out for you. 

Perhaps, the possibilities of interpretation are endless here to the iniquisite mind.  Then again, the more logical answer would be just another storm cloud approaching the shoreline.  Mr. Spock uses logic but I prefer the more inventive mind.  What say you?


a friend of mine went to a bike event and send me two photographs. Can you imagine the look on this guy’s face when he became separated from his bicycle? I wonder how many bones he broke? OUCH # 1.This fellow will be in worst shape than the first guy. The reason why is that he’s farther up in the air. I think the first guy survived his jump but I’m not sure about this one. I wonder what makes these people want to do these Reckless things? OUCH, OUCH #2.

Sauble River Outlet

You might have a hard time believing this but this is where the Sauble River empties into Lake Michigan. Not much of a river is it? It looks more like a trickle. About a half-mile up River is the.Hamlin Lake Dam. Sometimes the dam is but a trickle itself holding back the water in Hamlin Lake. At the outlet the water is quite warm. As it empties into Lake Michigan the water becomes quite Cold. But warm or hot or frigid the scenery is outstanding. The outlet is just before the Ludington State Park.

The Storm of 2008- Part Three

In this, my last in my series of the Storm of 2008, I would like to feature two pictures from Ludington, Michigan, and this first one shows you what a tree looks like in the middle of a crevice. Washed out roads gobble up everything in sight including trees! That just made fixing them all the harder. I sometimes wonder just how many roads had to be fixed between Ludington and Manistee, and I’m not just talking about city streets and highways either as there are a lot of backroads in this area that had gapping holes in them as well.

Here is an aerial photograph of Lincoln Street and another hole in the road.

You know, this is probably how Michgan found all those holes in the road, sending up either planes or helicopters to find them all. County roads would be almost impossible to cover except by air. I know Mike and I found one knew Free Soil on a county dirt road that we had to detour around. Those that traveled about on June 8 during that storm, especially at night, did so at their own peril.

How’d you like to come up against this hole in the road at midnight during that storm? You’d better hope that your driving skills were up to the A-Team in order to hurtle that chasm. Hope you liked the photographs in this brief series??

The Storm of 2008- Part Two

This is a road near Free Soil and can you imagine coming onto this break in the road at night? You’d better make like the A-Team and get ready for a running start to jimp it or you’ll wind up like this car near Ludington-

This car didn’t make the leap of faith and wound up at the bottom of the hole. Can you imagine the sheer horror of driving into nothingness for those precious few seconds? Better have your seat belt working that morning! I wonder if the driver was able to walk away from that?

In this photograph, the road on US 31 near Manistee just washed away due to the heavy rain of June 8. In fact it caused a 72 mile detour on a road that usually took only twenty miles to bridge the distance between Scottville and Manistee.

The temporary detour lasted for about two to three weeks because this was not the only portion of US 31 that washed away that weekend. The Michigan Department of Transportation was kept busy for weeks repairing road or fixing those gaping holes in roadways throughout the area.

This afternoon, I will bring this series to a close with some pictures of what the Ludington area itself looked like after this storm.

The Storm of 2008- Part One

The June storm of 2008 was a might one indeed. Two of my pictures here are of US 31 just outside of Free Soil and about seven miles from Manistee, Michigan. A Manistee Sheriff vehicle is guarding the area where water is running over US 31. Or this could be the Manistee version of a car wash where you need to provide your own soap and wax. Just make sure your windows are rolled up first.

I have another picture of the road leading to the Lake Michigan Recreational Area and as you can well see it is flooded over. This road is in close proximity to my first two pictures of US 31 as they are only about four miles apart. Many campers at the Recreational Area were trapped by these flooded roads as the deluge dropped nearly seven inches of rain that evening.

I will have more in Part Two later this morning.