change of focus

The city causes me to lose my mind. I think it’s because all the hustle and bustle wears one out. Camping and gardening get me back in focus. Camping is like breathing in fresh air while gardening adds new life to our planet. Either way helps me to breathe easier. My focus with tasks on hand gets easier. So trying to leave your mind behind you for a day and focus on your soul.

Michigan Landmark Honor

in my travels around the state I learned where the 45th parallel was located. It just happens to be near Traverse City, Michigan. Now you might be asking yourself what is the 45th parallel? The 45th parallel is the midpoint between the Equator and the North Pole. What surprised me was that I thought Michigan to be a lot closer to the North Pole than the equator. But you have all of Canada to go through not to mention Alaska and both are big places. Now that I live in Arizona the equator is much closer. Facts are wonderful.

Shadows of the Evening

what brilliant colors! I love sunsets even more than sunrises. Sunsets just photograph better. I could sit and look at this picture for hours. Just look how the colors blend to each other perfectly. I’ve been thinking about taking a painting. But inside of seascapes I’ll have to settle for the desert now that I live in Arizona. Maybe I could try one where a sandstorm is in the distance? Hmmmm?

The U.P. of Michigan

yesterday I was going through old pictures Michigan and came up with this one. Mike and I were on vacation in Manistique Michigan in the upper peninsula. There are miles of beach here and this is the picture we took in the afternoon. I love pictures when the sun reflects on Lake Michigan. It was a picture perfect day. Now that we live in Arizona, I miss our side trips around Michigan. Most of all I miss Lake Michigan. Maybe someday I’ll get back there again but it won’t be in the winter

Manistee Aquatic Roller Coaster

There is such an entity in Manistee, Michigan, kinown as the Aquatic Roller Coaster but its not found in some amusement park. Today, the United States Coast Guard is experiencing it firsthand right off the shores of Manistee. It’s somewhat like riding a busting broncho but in the water.

Some civilian crafts might also be experiencing this coaster effect today and perhaps that is why the Coast Guard is on hand.  They might be enroute to some water rescue.  I sure don’t envy their task in this kind of surf.  Now I wouldn’t mind wading into waist deep water in this stuff but not expose myself to a boat in those waters.  Notice that they are all wearing life jackets.  Smart!  No one wants to hear those words, “Man overboard” and that is for sure. 

I wonder if those guardsmen and women find their particular roller coaster enjoyable?  It sure adds some spice to their day.  Can you imagine the man at the wheel today?  Yet our Coast Guard in Michigan does a fantastic job doing what they do best and that is to rescue people that are foolish enough to go out in these kinds of conditions.  I sure wouldn’t want to be in their flippers today!

Kite Surfing


In August I saw a kite surfer in southern Michigan not far from Benton Harbor. They are really amazing to watch. I just wonder what happens if they get an itch at any time as to how they might scratch it? Or if the wind dies down when they are far from shore?

In a brisk wind one can really fly over those waves. Then again, I wonder how they manuver over those waves cause the swells move up and down with severity. Also what happens if the kite takes you airborne for a period of time? How does one maintain their stance on their board? Could not an updraft take a person right off that board?

With ever changing weather on Lake Michigan I would hope that those people stay fairly close to shore when they kite surf.

Our Hiking Trail

two of my best friends, Betty and Dolores, and I used to hike this trail a lot fairly close to Branch Michigan. It was about a 10-mile Trail in all. The three of us walked about 5 miles each time. There used to be a little stream off the trail where we can wash up. Sometimes it was dried up depending on the time of the year. It was a nice refreshment break. We took a lunch with us and at the halfway point we Munched down whenever we had. We tried to do this weekly from May to September. I miss those times and fellowship.