Sauble Contrasts


Both of these pictures were taken at the Sauble River outlet into Lake Michigan next to the Hamlin Dam Park Entrance just off M-116 about seven miles out of Ludington.

Notice the stark difference between summer and winter. Our winter photograph seems ever so desolate whereas the summer shot is so full of activity and joy. When you walk in these waters in the summer they appear ever so warm in the shallow water before they join in the much colder waters of Lake Michigan.

Still it is a favorite place for waders that prefer the warmer waters. Of course the water is too shallow to swim in but ever so much fun to explore. I even like sitting down in that water and enjoy the warmth of the flow. If you’re in the area make sure that you visit this location.

Brown Fisheries Fish House

a few days ago Darlene told of an ice cream place in Hell Michigan. Well, instead of talking about hell, I chose Higher Ground. I’m talking about the brown Fisheries Fish House in Paradise Michigan. For those not in the know that is in the upper peninsula. And their white fish shrimp basket is the best ever. They get their white fish from Lake Superior. Here is a copy of their menu. how do you say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach at my stomach was well taken care of at the fish house. It’s a good atmosphere and friendly staff. And the food is outstanding. I’d say Paradise is one leg up on hell.

Oh, Oh?

I have often wondered what would happen if two cars met on a road like this? Fortunately this is never happened to me but I’ve often wondered, what would I do? As you can see, there’s only room for on there’s only room for one car. I suppose one of us would have to back up to the nearest place where we can go off the road and let him pass. In the rain or snow that could be a problem. Maybe I shouldn’t think of something like this until it happens?

The Big Boy Graveyard

no these aren’t the Seven Dwarfs as there are too many of them. What we have here is a form of Resurrection. The big boy franchise is Alive and Well on the East Coast. But it died in the central USA several years ago. Now, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, are many big boy character from various restaurants. Surprisingly they are all in the same place as if by Magic. Will the Big Boy franchise make a comeback in the Midwest? I hope so because I enjoy eating at Big Boy restaurants. as for the big boy hamburger, it surpasses all other burgers because of its unique sauce. It looks a little like thousand island dressing sauce. But it has more zing to it and it is far more tasty. I wish I had one right now.

the Manistee National Forest touches Lake Michigan

when I worked for the National Forest Service, this was a place for me to be. The wind off the lake was refreshing and I love hearing the sound of the surf. Now that I live in Arizona I miss this greatly. There is nothing like the sound of surf crashing against the shore. Or going down to the lake on Windy days and watching the huge waves come to land. This area has unsupervised swimming and plenty of sand dunes to hike around. There is a campground for lunch and dinner not to mention breakfast. This area is called the Lake Michigan recreational area. I would recommend it to anyone.

A Long Winter

As seasons go, this winter has been an unusually long and cold one in the Manistee National Forest especially so when it is your workplace day in and out.  But don’t get me wrong as I enjoy my work and I love this forest dearly.  It seems as if Michigan is down to two seasons these days as summer drifts right into winter and vice versa.  Spring and Fall seem never to happen as October warm days lead into the winter days of November and then winter doesn’t yield the ghost until nearly mid April. 

Perhaps its just me but fall and spring seem never to happen in Michigan.  Or they don’t happen to last as long as the calendar says they do.  Winter lasts about five months in Michigan and summer is about four months long which only leaves about three months for fall and spring  to share.  Does anyone else feel that way about Michigan weather?  Not that I’m complaining, mind you, as there are enough activities in each long season to suit me.  And since evergreens are always green, summer never seems to really lose its edge around here.  Perhaps that’s why they’re called evergreens?

According to my watch its almost time for our month and a half of spring?  I’m ready!

Ski Hiking

Of all my winter sport activities, this is the one I hate the most but Darlene insists on it to keep me in the shape she prefers.  I find ski hiking tedious at best as well as being quite exhausting. 

Now I can understand down hill skiing because the hill provides the movement,  but this?!  I have to do all the work and believe me it is not fun! 

Darlene likes me to go out a couple of miles before returning home.  But you don’t see her out here with me doing this endurance tester.  She’s safely back at home preparing dinner.  Where’s a good hill when you really need one?  I believe I’ll pass on ski hiking next year and take up something else less tedious like checkers.

Dangerous Jogging

So, what’s wrong with this picture? This youngster is jogging on a partially iced over lake and by himsef, no less. What if he were to fall through? There would be no one around to help him out. The viable danger this kid is putting himself in is a no brainer. If a lake is only partially covered in ice, do your jogging on the shoreline.

This youngster is asking for trouble. I would caution all parents to warn their children of the dangers such as this. Use this kid as your example of what NOT to do. Even at Lake Michigan I opt to jog on the shore over that of risking my life out there on the ice.

This was taken at a Lake County lake by someone that was obviously his friend but you can see where his friend would be standing in contrast to where the kid is jogging. Not even close to him! A picture is worth a thousand words and all of the words here would be dumb!

How About A Polar Bear Swim?

As a member of the Polar Bear Club I should let you know that this sign is right- There is no lifeguard on duty today! So how about a nice refreshing swim? That is after you wade through about nine inches of snow just to get to the beach. You haven’t lived before you’ve done that! Once on the beach, the sandy shore is covered by snow and ice and there’s that sharp wind coming off Lake Michigan.

No sand castles today although you might be disposed to make a few snow angels before you take a dip. After that brief dip the race is on to get back into your car and hope whoever is there with you has that heater going full blast. Makes one long for the nice hot days of summer!

Lake Michigan Winter Dunes On M-116

I don’t think you’ll be needing your sun tan lotion today. How foreboding the dunes now look along Michigan 116 between Ludington and the Hamlin Dam. That seven mile stretch of highway is alongside Lake Michigan all the way to the dam. In the summer, almost any spot is great to park at and have your own private beach literally.

Today, though, the wind would be biting and even sand kicks up in your face. Eyes water easily and can almost freeze over along this shoreline. I know because when there isn’t snow on the ground, I jog this area even in the winter. In high winds stinging sand provides a whole new meaning. Between the highway and the lake stands only a singular sand dune all the way to the dam. This is the view from one of those dunes along the way.

Yes, it’s a beautiful vista albeit a cold one. And a cold one is the last thing on my mind right now. Instead a mug of hot chocolate comes to mind.