A Spook in the Forest

I was hiking in a Forest south of Phoenix with a friend and my dog Lucky. We separated on this one Trail and then I heard my friend screaming followed by a pistol shot. I ran to where he was and saw what you are seeing here. He was shaking like a leaf and pointed at it. He thought it was some kind of spook. I told him It was some kind of a joke. He said he shot it straight through the heart and it was still standing. As I approached it I could see a fine wire holding it to a tree. But I knew it was not real before that because Lucky had not even growled once. Lucky knew from the start it wasn’t real. My friend said if he ever caught the people that did this he would wring their neck. All in all we didn’t have a bad hike that day.

A Wonderful Place to Live

Being the fisherman that I am, I would love to own this home on the Sauble River. When the salmon were running so would I be getting into the river with a net. I could fish anytime right off my Pier. This would be Heaven to Me. Darlene can put up a little garden and water would be close for irrigation. I wonder who the lucky homeowner is? We could also watch the canoes going by. Oh well, now that I live in Arizona that’s only a dream.

Chad and his Orange Tent

I took four boys camping last weekend from the Mishawaka Boys Club and we had a blast. Each boy brought along their own tent and I brought my hammock with an overhang. My dog Lucky came along to. We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs the first night. Chad was responsible for the wood and Andy cooked the first night along with me. Ralphie and Jeff had clean up. The only thing missing was a lake although we did have a small River nearby for wading. I’m starting to get into this Boys Club thing. We did a lot of hiking and we even played a few games of badminton. We were out for two nights and had a ball especially a campfires. The next trip is in a month.

Boys Club Learning Center

the Mishawaka Boys Club in Arizona had a great Learning Center complete with many computers. The key thing here was these computers had very few computer games. They did have Microsoft Word and they taught the boys how to compose stories and also how to use computer for later in life. The club also had a variety of quiz Bow The club also had a variety of quiz bowls and spelling bees. The Torch Club met weekly in the Learning Center. Boys ages 11 to 13 were eligible to join. It was a junior Leaders Club. Finally this room had guest speakers from the community on a variety of topics. Every night had a specific program. The kids have fun at this Boys Club and also learned a lot.

The U P Beauty

This is the Upper Penisula of Michigan. The exact area is unknown to me. If you have X-ray vision you can make out one directly below. If not just enjoy the spectacular View. I’m presently up in a helicopter to provide you this panoramic view. What you see are Miles and Miles of sand against the backdrop of a pristine Forest. It’s like having your own private beach. I thought I’d share this picture with you this afternoon. I wonder if I had extra long line how the fishing would be up here?

Shivering Timbers Roller Coaster

Opening today in Muskegon County is Michigan Adventure and it’s all wooden roller coaster, Shivering Timbers. I’ve got a surprise for you. No matter where you live you’re going on a roller coaster ride now.shivering Timbers Now what did you think about that ride? The Park is open now so you can experience the thrills in person whenever you can get there! Have fun!

The Tent Hammock

I would think this would be horrible for camping. Can you imagine the bugs coming off the water at night? Even with mosquito netting can you imagine a friend cutting your rope Splashdown. Where is NASA when you need them? I would never use this tent hammock except maybe for fishing. Perhaps even spearfishing. I don’t think Darlene would like it much either. The other thing is how do you get in this thing and out of it? Out would be easy with swimming trunks. But in? Give me that old fashioned land-based tent any day of the week. As for this monstrosity, whoever invented it needs to volunteer to use it first.

Not This Boater’s Day

This poor misguided soul thought that the Ludington Breakwater was a ski ramp. As soon as he was on the Breakwater he began commiserating with us. Unnoticed by him was a small tear in his boat on the bottom. After listening to him for about an hour we helped him put his boat back into Lake Michigan. Like nothing ever happened, he moved off deeper into the lake. He moved offshore about a mile and then this happened. It just wasn’t his day!

Rural Michigan Roads

I am very familiar with this road. It was one of two roads that let into my home in Scottvile, Michigan. I enjoyed dirt roads or Sand roads as some call them. When I first came to Michigan these kinds of Roads outnumbered the paved ones. It was a simpler time then. You couldn’t travel as fast on them so you got to enjoy the scenery more. Now Arizona has more of these then Michigan. Darlene didn’t like dirt roads because when anyone went by us too fast the dust was incredibly bad especially if she was gardening. Even if you were hiking on the road the dust was bad. In my early days not much traffic on these roads. But I’ll be back in Michigan in two more weeks. Hurray!

Marty on the Mound

This is Marty of the Mishawaka Boys Club. I am now his mentor as he does not have a father. I had a chance to coach him in this baseball league but opted not to. Instead I’m his biggest fan and encourager. After the game we head out for burger and fries. Then I help him with his homework. I never had much chance to work with kids before but I enjoy this one. Marty makes me laugh as he loves doing silly faces. Later this summer I plan to take him on a fishing trip along with my dog Lucky. Mentoring is important to children so if you ever get the chance try it out for yourself.

Frisbee Golf

Imagine my surprise to find frisbee golf in Arizona? I loved playing it in Michigan. There I played it on the shores of Lake Michigan but here in the Prescott National Forest. This one is even tougher because it’s in a forest and you have to dodge the trees with your shots. I barely broke par the first time. There is a small pond on this course for a water hazard. Arizona is starting to inspire me. But in June it’s back to Michigan for 2 weeks as Darlene and I will be staying in Ludington and hope to get more pictures.