The colors of Lake Michigan

colors-of-lake-michigan12 when Darlene and I go to Lake Michigan she stays in the gray Waters only up to her knees and when done she’s Sunbaths. I like to take my inner tube and Float around Lake Michigan. I go into the lake colors of blue and green. I also like to play Frisbee with are huskies Frick & Frack. Our Huskies like the grey water too but mostly for drinking and getting cool. Our favorite location is between Ludington and the Ludington State Park. There are miles of public beaches to enjoy. You might want to try it sometime.

My tire swing

0507de3b5e9f770d41431f71b83b14d5--autumn-trees-fall-leaves I was raised near Manistee Michigan and in the backyard of our house was a rope swing. It was my pride and joy. I used to swing on that swing for hours. But like George of the Jungle says you have to watch out for that tree. You learn very easy how to propel yourself away from that tree using your feet. Mistakes can be painful. My sisters want regular swings like you have at the park. I preferred the kind you see here.

The badger in high seas

S.S.Badger I have personally taken the badger to Wisconsin several times. But I have never taken it in weather such as this. I wonder how high seas affect the performance of the badger? Can customers feel the difference? And what about storms in the middle of Lake Michigan? Maybe someone has experiences such as these? Let us know by way of a comment.

Bob’s Country Kitchen

ls after fishing on the little Manistee River, I often stop in to Bob’s Country Kitchen for a basket of shrimp. You can’t catch shrimp in the little Manistee River. I should also note that this Bob is not our Monster Hunter. Although that Bob would probably gourge himself here. Bob’s Country Kitchen also serves on Burgers and Fries including his famous mushroom burger. Borrowing a line from Gomer Pyle- surprise surprise! Bob’s also offers Pizza! And to top things off  Bob’s offers biscuits and gravy! Stop off at Bob’s Country Kitchen  for you won’t be sorry casual-dining-with-cookies

Beware of- You wouldn’t believe it!

AL-Weird-5-700x849 can you imagine running into this thing on a foggy night where you can barely see one foot in front of your face?  Talk about Jurassic Park. Even a stout heart would  need a bracer after that plus a new pair of underwear. I saw this a few years ago in Michigan but forgot about it until Darlene found the photograph again. I’ll bet Intruders stay off this guy’s property.  I wonder if it has any movable parts?

Ted Nugent and Ward Hills- a fallacy?

7bcb22fd011f81af5a65440e4b01cfc4--jewel-box-ted this property in Lake County Michigan is said to have once been owned by recording star Ted Nugent. The property is on Six Mile Road. To me the property Bears no resemblance to the one at Ward Hill ski area. Nugent enjoyed hunting but you cannot actually call him a professional Hunter. I would be interested in other views on this subject with verifiable evidence to the contrary. I believe that Ted Nugent never owned any part of Ward Hills.


931960721_29646c04d7 when I left Michigan 3 years ago I thought I said goodbye to Forests rivers and tree. I always thought Arizona what is arid, dry and Dusty. Yet this picture of the Petrified National Forest looks exactly like the Manistee National Forest. One only has to go to the higher elevations to get the same kind of scenery. This made our move worthwhile. My wife Darlene wanted to move to a warmer climate over that of Michigan’s cold Winters. So now we both have our eden.

Kind of far out to be jumping in

I took this picture several years ago. These two boys jumped off the Breakwater quite far out where the water is very deep. I thought them to be a little young to be doing this  especially without a lifeguard . But you know the recklessness of youth . They must have been very good swimmers . Oh to be young again !kids-lake-michigan