I went camping with a friend  to the Prescott National Forest  in Arizona  and just before dinner a half-starved dog came into our campsite . My friend Nathan suggested caution .  But just having  lost my two Huskies  Frick & Frack  I ignored him  and fed the poor dog .  After eating  the dog  ran back into the forest . I went to sleep  and in the morning  the dog was right next to me . I took him home with me  and my wife Darlene  took to him right away .  We named him lucky  because we were lucky to find him  and he was lucky to find us .  Now he is part of the Reynolds Family . e728a65e-6c8d-4685-87f1-8279a358

Bear track

Some have wondered  how this Manistee National Forest campground  was named .  You might find this hard to believe  but it was named  when someone found a bear track in the area .  The campground is fairly close  to the little Manistee River .  It has about 27  camping spots . It does not have modern convenience . As for whether or not  bears know about this place, well, I’ll let Bruno give you a hint-Black bear in Lake Countystelprdb5133602

A flock of trees

When I worked for the forest service in Michigan, I was always fascinated  buy a flock of trees  all in a row  and all basically the same height  and distance from each other. This phenomenan occurred basically  was all kinds of trees. But the one that isbut the one that has always stood out to me is the pine tree . The pine tree  is Nature’s perfume . Those that planted them  years before were amazing  as to their detail and distance  between each other. Sometimes this goes on for miles. My wife called these  a flock of trees  or as I prefer a strand of trees . Magnificent !5

The Kennedy Lodge at Ward Hill

the Kennedy Brothers made many repairs to the lodge. They wanted parties to be held here. A plan for a sled Hill was developed. And a warming station Atop The Sled Hill was built. Volleyball courts wear added outside and summer trips were planned away from the facility. Perhaps they made too many elaborate plans for this facility is no longer there property. Tim Kennedy is still in school and plans to try to resurrect the property are still in the works. I’m not sure if the other Kennedy brother plans to be involved again. Does anyone know who the present owner is?

the Paulding light

 the Paulding light is a phenomena that appears in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near the town of Paulding. It is close in proximity to the Wisconsin border. This strange light has been appearing Nightly since the 1960s. There have been scientific studies including Michigan State University with no conclusions. Some believe it to be car lights or swamp gas. Darlene and I have both seen it but from afar. When we tried to investigate closer we found nothing. Yet the local people have seen it every night. Just what is it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Rumor Herd!

autumn3 I I heard a rumor the other day about a steer getting caught in a building. I don’t know if this was a bum steer or not? It was supposed to have taken place in Custer Michigan. To get his head caught in the building like this must have happened due to a stampede. The customers got the raw end of the deal because the rump is right in the restaurant. Maybe they should call this place the steer Inn? They steer you in and you get the best steak possible. Or rump roast whenever you prefer? Healthy eating!