Tree Maintenance

Having worked with the National Forest Service for several years one thing I understand is tree maintenance. Over the years several kinds of hardwoods have come up with diseases and that is why periodic spraying of our national forests is vital to prevent more outbreaks of diseased trees.

The easiest way is to spray by air as it saturates the entire area with chemicals that can reduce tree disease. These are akin to crop dusters that help prevent plant diseases. Since a national forests reputation, as it is, depends on trees, it is vital to have a tree maintenance program for without it, our nations forests would soon disappear or be populated with dead trees.

Already the Manistee National Forest has been thinned somewhat with new homes going in and new businesses that have taken the tree line further from various roads across the area. I am ever so happy much of the acreage is under federal protection. Trees are in a large part my business and I want them preserved so that people can enjoy them for centuries.

Ice Thickness Safety

this is probably a little late in the season to discuss this but it’s still cold in Michigan. I hope this chart is helpful. I know David Norris’ father almost lost his life going through the ice on Big Bass Lake. He was fortunate to find the hole he fell through. Many aren’t as fortunate. Let’s be careful out there on the ice.

Dr. Smith and a Bubble-Headed Booby

 do you remember the television series Lost in Space? There was a character called Dr. Smith who referred to the robot as a bubble-headed booby. Apparently we have another bubble headed booby.  These new devices appear difficult to control. I must confess they look rather fun but I don’t think I’d want to be in one. I saw two or three of these in the same area and they kept bouncing off each other and it was rather hilarious. I wonder what they’ll come up with next?

Snowy Road

now that I live in Arizona I don’t miss the snowy roads in winter time that Michigan is so famous for. This is the road that led to our house and sometimes it proved difficult especially on days like this. My former Huskies loved the winter in Michigan. Even I didn’t mind at all that much as it gave my snowmobile something to do. And in Michigan, we still get snow in March. We even get snow in April and sometimes May. But you have to say one thing for a snow like this. It sure makes one beautiful scene and one perfect for a Christmas card.

fun at the sand dunes

I always enjoyed hiking on the sand dunes all I got tired rather quickly. I don’t know how Lawrence of Arabia did it? Or the French Foreign Legion? But I do the best I can. The farther away I get from Lake Michigan my feet get hotter. I try not to get too far from the lake in the event I need to cool myself down. I used to take my dogs with me and they had a ball. And then the cool off they would walk into the lake, sit down, and get totally wet. Now that I’m in Arizona, one thing I miss and that is Lake Michigan.

That is Some Water Fountain!

I took my nphew, Daniel, on a trip to Lake Michigan at Ludington last fall. He was amazed at how high the water explodes at the end of the breakwater out by the lighthouse and this is just one example of the fury of Lake Michigan. If you’re out there sometime in weather such as this, just open your mouth for a cold drink of water! Of course, I would never recommend that anyone really do such a thing as the danger speaks for itself.

I just love photographs like this and on this site there are many such phoographs and videos of the fury of this lake against that lighthouse. Check them out for yourself sometime!

The Catwalk Bridge over Hamlin Dam

From my earliest days in the greater Ludington area this bridge has always terrified me. Only recently have I got over that terror. When I was eleven, I remember crossing it with my parents at a time the river was quite high and the narrow walkway made me quite dizzy and I almost went over the side.

As I got older, I usually only went across the dam when the river was somewhat low or made an excuse about not wanting to to go to the sand dunes on the other side. After all there were miles of sand dunes just off the seven mile stretch of M-116 from Ludington the the Hamlin Dam Park and those dunes didn’t require a walk over a narrow catwalk.

As you progress across that catwalk you can literally see thousands of gallons pouring over the side directly beneath your feet. I always thouht they could have made that venue a little wider. My wife, Darlene, has helped me to see that my childhood memories shouldn’t affect me that same way today so now I can go across this narrow catwalk with little trouble. I can enjoy the huge sand dune on the other side more frequently now. Strange how child phobia’s can still affect people even into their adult lives.