Beware of- You wouldn’t believe it!

AL-Weird-5-700x849 can you imagine running into this thing on a foggy night where you can barely see one foot in front of your face?  Talk about Jurassic Park. Even a stout heart would  need a bracer after that plus a new pair of underwear. I saw this a few years ago in Michigan but forgot about it until Darlene found the photograph again. I’ll bet Intruders stay off this guy’s property.  I wonder if it has any movable parts?

Ted Nugent and Ward Hills- a fallacy?

7bcb22fd011f81af5a65440e4b01cfc4--jewel-box-ted this property in Lake County Michigan is said to have once been owned by recording star Ted Nugent. The property is on Six Mile Road. To me the property Bears no resemblance to the one at Ward Hill ski area. Nugent enjoyed hunting but you cannot actually call him a professional Hunter. I would be interested in other views on this subject with verifiable evidence to the contrary. I believe that Ted Nugent never owned any part of Ward Hills.


931960721_29646c04d7 when I left Michigan 3 years ago I thought I said goodbye to Forests rivers and tree. I always thought Arizona what is arid, dry and Dusty. Yet this picture of the Petrified National Forest looks exactly like the Manistee National Forest. One only has to go to the higher elevations to get the same kind of scenery. This made our move worthwhile. My wife Darlene wanted to move to a warmer climate over that of Michigan’s cold Winters. So now we both have our eden.

Kind of far out to be jumping in

I took this picture several years ago. These two boys jumped off the Breakwater quite far out where the water is very deep. I thought them to be a little young to be doing this  especially without a lifeguard . But you know the recklessness of youth . They must have been very good swimmers . Oh to be young again !kids-lake-michigan

How to climb a tree

The first thing you have to know in how to climb a tree is to dig your claws into that tree . Of course you have to be a bear to do that. And I think we interrupted Mama Bear  in teaching her Cubs  how to climb a tree. In fact she looks a little flabbergasted by being caught unawares. What she uses as a back scratcher  her Cubs will use for protection. After all mother bears do know quite a bit.27eab370e223aab7255a9f6f0e4cfa80

Demonic wolf attacks lighthouse!

IMG_20170924_115718 here you can see a clear illustration of a wolf attacking the Ludington lighthouse. The wolf is even more spooky in the night. You can see the snout of the Wolf and his piercing eye clearly. This is a great photograph. At least tonight the three little pigs have nothing to worry about!

The channels of Sauble Lake

I enjoy fishing for perch  and bluegill  and I find an abundant Supply in Sauble Lake. But even more important than that I have been  intrigued  by the five channels  leading to each lake. One leads to the headwaters  of  Sauble River.  the  channels Between the Lakes  are fascinating to navigate. Someday I’ll do a proper post on those channels.IMG_20170924_095657

A microburst!

No this is not a nuclear explosion from that nut in North Korea. It is a microburst. If you’re not in the know  of this phenomenon I will try to explain it to you. I have seen a couple of these outside of Phoenix in the past several years. They are caused by sinking air  in the midst of a thunderstorm and they  can be  two to three miles  in diameter. Like a tornado, they can cause great damage. I also saw this occur on Lake Michigan. They are really something to see. Are there any other thoughts about microbursts?IMG_20170926_105643