Ah, Spring is Finally Here by Wendy

can you believe the weather today for Mid April? Instead of working in my garden I’m working in on the shovel. What a mess! Possible ice coming tonight. I prefer my ice in a cold drink. Oh well. Maybe this is Winters last blast? I’m cozy enough at home and I just put an extra blanket over me so I’m good. Maybe by May. I can get out my garden tools again?

Beaver Island Airports by Sawyer

Beaver Island has two airports year round and you could say it has a third one in the weather which would be Lake Michigan froze over. One of the airport’s is in the middle of the island seen here. This is my airport of preference. It is not on the coast of the island. Flying to the island is much less time consuming then taking the ferry. This is the other Airport. Landing here would make me a bit nervous. It’s too close to the water to suit me. So there are two options to get to Beaver Island by air.

Underground Restaurant by Larry

hey guys, I know this place isn’t in Michigan but it’s just south of Michigan in a town called Syracuse Indiana. What do you think of this restaurant? Well, this is only the opening. The restaurant is completely Underground. And what a menu they have! They have both a bar and a restaurant. this place is really cool. It freaked me out when my friend took me here and I thought I would be claustrophobic in such a small place. I wondered how they could do any business in such a small restaurant. Was I in for a surprise! Now, I didn’t have any fancy food but take a look at this tenderloin which I did have and I made the mistake of ordering two! here you don’t ask where’s the meat but where’s the bone! Check it out if you’re in Indiana.

Bear in Bear Swamp by Ron

when I spotted this bear in Bear Swamp last year I generously gave him the right of way. After all discretion is the better part of valor. Fortunately I had a long-distance lens and that was close enough for me. He looked like he could eat me in one bite. I could use a bear rug in my living room and I plan to get one someday but not today. I didn’t stick around after getting this photograph. I had to get it to the store before it closed. I’m sure the bear understood.

We’re Going to the Haunted Island? by Guy

I took my two young Sons to a place called Hog Island in Lake Michigan. I told them it was a haunted island. This is an aerial picture of the island but we went by boat. When I got there to spend the night I begin to think it was a haunted island myself. There were a lot of unusual sounds that night and I had to remain as calm as possible because my two boys were freaking out. I just told them their imagination was running wild. After they went to sleep I kept hearing those strange noises. I don’t think I slept all night. I also don’t think I’ll be coming back to this island anytime soon. At least the boys got to sleep through the night.

Success, Michigan WAS’NT by Dan Barnes

success, Michigan is located on Garden Island which is in close proximity to Beaver Island. There is an Indian burial ground on this island and that area quite spooky to be sure. There are ruins scattered all over the island. For a Time success Michigan was a success what with the timber business and fishing but that all ended in the early 1900s. The island is now uninhabited and owned largely by the state of Michigan. The Indian burial ground is protected as a National Historical Site. Still, if you’re out there all by yourself it’s still a pretty spooky place.

Ferry Service by Sawyer

you can get to Beaver Island by air, using one of the two airports or by ferry boat. It’s a couple hour trip out to the island. As you enter Beaver Island itself your breath will be taken away. It’s an awe-inspiring moment. If I could afford it, I would live on Beaver Island. I fell in love with the island on my one and only trip there. Mackinac Island they have more charm but this is a down-to-earth place. Can you imagine going to High School here? Anyway, try the ferry trip.

Like Mother, Like Son by Bob Hamilton

my photographer and I caught this picture this past winter in the Manistee National Forest near White Cloud. We are both taken aback by this picture and we weren’t about to interfere lest daddy dearest be around. It does appear that this creature has family. My photographer thought this might be Bigfoot but it doesn’t appear that large. The adult was just about my size. Whatever it was I don’t believe it was Bigfoot. It’s not dog man either. Maybe I came upon a new species? After a few minutes they moved away fast. There are no footprints in the snow as they Shuffled their feet making no tracks what so ever. They must be capable of quick movement because they were out of sight in no time flat. I will return in the spring to check this whole area out.