Upper Peninsula Storm Damage by Teri

This is what 9 inches of rain does to an area. This area they have to revert to horseback for a while. Roads are nearly impossible for a wide area. The Michigan Department of Highways has their work cut out for them. They also have a lot of sinkholes to deal with. What a mess! I have added a video of this incident.storm

Sauble Lake Emporium Now in Limbo by Walt

Over the years, Sauble Lakes have taken two major hits. The first was when the Fun Stop burned down and I lost my bowling lanes tucked away in the Manistee National Forest. Then the Keasters (I think that’s spelled right} sold the Emporium. Now that was a country store.

I’m old enough to remember Otto Bartlett’s store over at Big Bass Lake but the Emporium was far greater though each had their charm. Each had a great vista of their respective lakes and that was a selling point of each store.  The Emporium stocked moe merchandise and the parking was never a problem. 

Now each of those stores stands vacant.  It’s sad.  The Bender Family has a country store between Big Bass Lake and Loon Lake that seems to be doing okay.  And ha the original owners kept their store I think the Emporium still would be in business. 

The Big Bass Lake store would need a total remodeling job to get it into shape for any business that took it over.  The Emporium would need far less remodeling.  I wonder what will become of the old Emporium store?  Country stores are an albatross in today’s economy it would seem.  Still they served their purpose and I, for one, loved making purchases there.  I really enjoyed their ice cream.

Maybe the Emporium could be made over into a roller skating rink like the one that at one time was on Loon Lake?  It deserves a better fate than to be razed or turned into a home.  Any ideas on what might become of the Emporium? 

Sharon’s Rest Station by Bob Hamilton

Sharon has been having double portions at dinner lately and a forest near our home is suffering for it. When we take our walks in the evening hand in hand she sometimes has to rest. She’s been leaning against various trees in the forest with this as a result. She has caused the trees to be somewhat deformed. I’m not sure what we can do about this but I have the same problem. Our weight is affecting the forest. Sharon got the idea of selling tickets to our unique Forest. She tells people they just grow this way. Instead of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we have the leaning trees of Hamilton Forest. Sharon is using this as justification for increased eating. Needless to say our leaning trees are expanding. She either has to go on a diet or take less walks in the forest. I must confess that our forest is beginning to take on a whole new look. I have a new name for it and that is the Hunchback forest. Not bad for a rookie.

The Talking Feet of Camp Martin Johnson


Thank heavens my master took off those hot sneakers. I literally choke to death in there. Ah? Fresh air! I wonder what those other six tootsies think about their masters’ tennis shoes? At least I get a little airing out in this tent although it also is a bit musty in here. Great! My master is putting on his swimming trunks and that means one last time in Big Bass Lake this summer. He’s heading back to Chicago tomorrow as camp will be closing down.

Wow that cool grass feels good. Yes, these great steps that lead down to the waterfront are so cool they make me feel like a new foot again. I won’t be seeing them again for awhile. Oh, yes, going up, but down? Not until next summer. That sand feels so good. I often wonder why my master brushes that off after swimming?

Even better! Oh that is refreshing! That first run in to the lake and now I am totally submerged and feeling better by the minute. Us feet take a pounding in the event that you did not know. We’re hard to reach to clean so these times in the lake feel really good.

You know, to tell the whole truth, I heard this is the last summer at this camp. From now on when I get to go into water it will either be at Lake Michigan by Chicago or in some hard bottom pool. It’s just not the same as Big Bass Lake. I’ve been coming here three straight years and each time, for some reason, I seem to be getting bigger. I’m sure glad that my master keeps getting new shoes or else I think I’d be squeezed to death in those sneakers of his.

Well, I’m out and for the last time. Yes, up those stairs too for the last time. You know, some day, after this camp closes for good, I’ll be back here again. I will not be de-feet-ed!

James and the Catfish by JF Fulk

Yes, I was out to catch the biggest catfish on record. Caught sight of him on a lake in lower Michigan. I rowed my boat into position and cast my line into the water. Within seconds I had a bite and I got hold of the monster. I beganb to pull him in and thought of him frying in my pan for breakfast. When all of a sudden I fell backward in my boat. That durn fish started to pull my boat. People nearby saw my rowboat go durn near.as fast as a speed boat. He pulled me along for nearly two miles before I cut my string. Even all that effort didn’t tire that darn fish out. I wonder if anyone will believe me about this fish getting away? That fish got the better of me this time but if he thinks for 1 minute that.I won’t be back for him he’d best think again. No fish outsmarts JF Fulk!

Sharon’s Outhouse by Bob Hamilton

I finally put together an old outhouse for my darling Sharon. We’ve been in our new house about 3 weeks now and this was the crowning touch. For the past 3 weeks she’s had to use a neighbor’s outhouse and it was kind of inconvenient. But now she has her own however the first time she used it, it kind of tilted backward
A bit. She’s not the slimmest person in the world. She was embarrassed and livid. But I told her to relax because now we had something important. Italy may have its Leaning Tower but we have a leaning out house! We’ll be world-famous. She gave me a horrible-looking stare when I told her this. It’s hard to satisfy a newlywed. I put a waterbed in to our bedroom and she got seasick the first night. It seems whatever I do to please her backfires. Even though she has the most handsome man in the world for her husband she criticizes me a lot. But I love her and she loves me. She’ll just have to put up with the Outhouse for a while till I get us a new one. Marriage is grand!

What’s IN Little Bass Lake? by Jason

I borrowed a friend’s boat at Little Bass Lake to do a little evening fishing. I had caught two perch when something bumped into my boat from Below. I almost lost my balance and fell out of the boat. It scared me because it was quite a jolt. After a few moments I regained my composure and cast my line out again. Within a few seconds something hit my boat from below again. I grabbed each side of my boat and held on. After a moment I grabbed the oars and headed for shore. I told my friend what happened and he said that I had too much to drink. I told him that I might have agreed with him but I wasn’t drinking out there. Something is out there in Little Bass Lake. I sure won’t be going back anytime soon.

Sharon’s Childhood Home by Bob Hamilton

Sharon wanted to impress me when she took me to her childhood home. It was designed specifically for her by the Hughes Construction Company. They were noted for their excellent craftsmanship. When we got there I saw this place. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And she didn’t like the home I purchased? I think the Hughes Construction Company did a horrible job. Sharon’s eyes got real big when she saw her childhood home. She told me she was overweight then and the house tended to sag. Tended to sag? It looks like a bomb hit it. As she entered the house tears filled her eyes. Mine too as I couldn’t believe the dump I saw. But to Sharon this place was the Taj Mahal. She showed me her room and I noticed that the floor was warped and sinking. I’ve heard of sunken floors but this is ridiculous. When we finally left she took a picture of this house. She wanted a remembrance. I wanted evidence for a lawsuit against the Hughes Construction Company. I will never forget this monstrosity. My poor Sharon had to live with this dump for her entire childhood. She told me her nickname was Little lotta. Today she is big lotta and secretly I’d put my arms around her right now if I could. I’m ready for a snack so see you all later.

Lurking in the Woods by Nick Sterling

I saw this creature in the Manistee National Forest one year ago. It scared the ever Living Daylights out of me. I only saw it for a short second but I remember enough of that thing to have an artist sketch it. This is about as close as I can get to it. I could almost smell its foul breath. I ran to climb a tree and when I looked back it was gone. I climbed the tree anyway. I stayed up on that tree a good hour before I came down. I quickly packed my gear and got out of that area. Everytime I look at that artists sketch I tremble to this day. I will never go back to that area.

My First House by Sharon

Before I married Bob, this was my dream house. I lived here with my first husband Thomas Hughes. Tom was the kind of guy that could never make a long story short. He twice won the Pillsbury bore off. Usually it’s the wife that talks But Tom was never quiet. Our marriage lasted only one year and even in divorce court he drove the judge crazy with his incessant talking. I often wonder what happened to him. Most likely he ran for Congress because he could filibuster better than anyone. Two years later I met Bob at a restaurant and it was love at first sight. My new house is nothing compared to my old one. That old house had a live-in feeling to it. Well enough reminiscing about the past. I have to fix dinner for Bob. Then we’re going frog gigging. My Life Is So Exciting now.