My Next Quest by Bob Hamilton

a friend sent me this picture of Lake Michigan. After seeing this creature I plan to capture it. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but do it I will. I haven’t had any luck with Dogman or red eye but this one is a possibility. There are water traps that are far superior to land traps. A huge wire net might be in order possibly even electrified. I don’t like the name Messi but maybe Bessie. Bob and . Bessie could hit the road and I’d make millions. But first things first. This summer I’m heading toward Lake Michigan and see if I can get a glimpse of the thing. I’ll then worry about the next step.

Bug-Eye by Travis

name is Travis and last summer I was in the Manistee National Forest near White Cloud. I have finished supper up early, I was tired after a long day of hiking. I had gotten about an hou I had gotten about an hour to sleep when I was awakened by a noise behind me. I grab my camera fast and caught a picture this thing. I knew about this website and emailed it to the head guy. I don’t want no publicity but I thought people should be Warned. When my film developed I kind of called this guy Bug-eye. I have no idea what it was nor did I follow it. I’m neither Brave Nor stupid. Don’t know how dangerous it was and wasn’t about to find out in the thick of Darkness. Next morning I hightailed it out of there. Don’t think I’ll ever return. Stayed up all night cuz I was afraid to go back to bed. My friends thought I dream the whole thing up but I got this picture to prove my point. That’s about all I got to say.

meet Myrna Blackwood

am I supposed to come down a red carpet or something? Oh, I’m on. My name is Myrna Blackwood and I’m a friend of David Norris. I’ve never been to Big Bass Lake except through his eyes. He has some wonderful stories to tell about that lake. We have been friends for about 3 years now and I’m not here to talk about monsters even though David goo even though David could qualify being 6 foot 10. What I like best here are the beautiful pictures plus I also like the music on video. Mrs. Darlene Reynolds has taken some beautiful shots of Lake Michigan. She now lives in Arizona. Oh well, just wanted to speak my mind today but it would have helped to have had a red carpet to walk down today.

Going Ape over Fake News

this is Monster Hunter Bob Hamilton reporting for Duty. Like our president says, I hate fake news. And when I saw this latest picture of a creature in the Manistee National Forest I got mad! This is supposed to be either Bigfoot or Dogman. To me it looks like an ape or perhaps even a monkey. Now that might interest another president who starred with Bongo but not me. That picture is sensationalism at its worst. That makes real Monster Hunters out to be frauds. One day I will have significant evidence about either Bigfoot or Dogman and maybe even Redeye. Stay tuned for real news!

I got something by Bob Hamilton

IMG_20171018_000431 this is Bob Hamilton Monster Hunter reporting. After years of searching for Monsters I finally struck Pay Dirt. I’m not sure if this is Dogman or Bigfoot. I know for sure that it’s not red eye. My partner Nick Horner got this with his camera and then fainted dead away. Nick is kind of high-strung. As soon as this creatures picture was taken he didn’t wait around for autographs. And with Nick unconscious I didn’t want to leave him by himself. At least I have this tangible evidence that my years of Monster hunting have not been in vain. There are unknown monsters out there in the wilderness. My search Will Go On until I capture one of these things. I have to wonder what he thought about me? If I view him as a monster, I wonder what he thinks about me?

Santa’s Advice to BBL

I am just outside the toy Factory where my elves are making you toys. I would like to ask the residents of Big Bass Lake to fix all their piers so my reindeer can make a gentle landing on them. With my Weight I can’t afford to fall through them. And Remember to put out the fire in your fireplaces as I don’t have fire retardant clothes. You might leave nonfat milk for me along with a few cookies to keep my strength up for the night. Ho ho ho! And keep all firearms unloaded as I don’t want anyone to shoot me thinking me to be an intruder. By the way I think reindeer hunting season to be over as well. At least that’s what Donder told me. Merry Christmas.

The boy that could fly by Aeroboy

IMG_20171004_114957 the other day I was sledding down a hill and my sled went Airborne for a moment. When what to my wondering eyes should appear was Aeroboy flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I think I like that name but please don’t let Mommy know cuz she may worry about me. Mommy won’t let me cross the street by myself but you never said anything about flying over it. Flying does kinda bother my eyes. the oncoming wind makes them water. Flying is real cool.

Can you See THIS Through the Trees?

 my name is Dan Cantrell and I was hiking through the Manistee National Forest when I got a glimpse of this! I almost dropped my drawers! I had to do a double take to see if I was in my right senses. I didn’t stay at that Locale long because I wasn’t sure if this guy had friends around. I caught a glimpse of this thing and I can’t explain it yet today. I sent it too the administrators of this blog to see if they would publish it and warn people about it. I sure won’t be going back to this location anytime soon. UPDATE: I went back during the daytime hours and found a fence that I didn’t see before and it had this sign on it- animalsigns-8 I saw the comment mr. Norris put on about a fake stolen dinosaur. But what about this sign?


Russell Cooper Kelly was called out last night being the deputy sheriff of our county. He reported seeing Silver robed beings coming out of this craft. He drew his revolver he wasn’t sure what kind of Danger he would be facing. When he saw one of the aliens fire his weapon at a tree and vaporizing it you slowly returned his pistol to his holster. He got on his car radio and requested help. My name is Rudy and I witnessed the whole thing from a local Tavern. Just then everything went blank. I woke up in jail the next morning. The arresting officer thought I was drunk. I last saw those aliens and that Flying Saucer as sure as my name is Herman.

Hippo Law

my name is Harley hippo and I’m going to discuss Hippo Law. The first rule is never bake a cake in a bedpan. Serious business here. Rule number two is never use a thermometer where the sun don’t shine into the mouth. Even by accident. Rule number three is never contradict me. Violators will be sat upon and believe you me you will not like the outcome. Rule number four is never discuss your patients with anybody but me. I will then determine how much we can blackmail for. And finally Rule Number 5. All certified nursing assistants will receive special compensation. A picture of me in the buff and that’s worth a pile of gold. And now while new interns are making your rounds I’ll be making my rounds in the kitchen. Hippo Law.

Bonepickers of Haunted Island by Chad

    Mr. Norris calls Matson Island the haunted island more so to add mystery to the various Boys Clubs he served. It is true that his family at one time owned part of the island. His grandmother gave that to the Matson’s.
    It is also true that an Indian burial ground exists on the island. It is to that end that I made a trip to Matson Island with two friends to investigate the burial ground. We saw the so-called haunted house that mr. Norris alluded to. To be honest it does appear very spooky. Mr. Norris also calls the burial ground inhabitants bonepickets. After a short visit to the burial grounds we returned to the haunted house where I took some pictures. When I left the island I developed those pictures and found this even though I had not visually seen it. both of my friends did not see this either yet the picture gathered what all of us could not see. Is this a bone picker? And why could we not see it visually ourselves? Perhaps there is more to this haunted island/ bone picker Legend that meets the eye?