ULBC Night Swim

 there is nothing better on a Hot August Night than to take a night swim in the ULBC pool. The pool is only 4 feet deep. It is great for swimming classes and fun time activities. Or just a lounge in the pool in the evening. The pool is my favorite place to be at camp next to tent city. I never swam in League Lake as I preferred the pool. I did use the lake for rowing. This was a great camp.


IMG_20171019_154430 this is Sam my beagle dog. He was a great dog with a ferocious appetite.  When he was done with his Bowl of dog food and tried for our second dogs food. Buff lightly growled to deter him. Sam was very affectionate but his appetite finally did him in. The veterinarian told us that he found rat poison in some food and ate it. I really love this dog and this hurt a lot. Even buff our second dog missed him. Sam wasn’t with us long but he will be remembered forever.

The cottage my grandmother disliked

my grandmother enjoyed old things and was heartbroken when the old Cottage was torn down. It had been her home since coming from Lithuania. My aunt couldn’t wait to move into the new Cottage. My grandmother missed her old kitchen and so did I. She slept on the second floor among bats. These bats are not Louisville Sluggers. It is hard to understand grandmothers. Aside from her kitchen argument everything else about the new Cottage was much better. The bed  was sure softer . But to my grandmother  that first cabin  was her only true home . She never came to accept the new one .IMG_20171016_183930

Tyler after the obstacle course

Nothing is better to beat the hot Florida sun than a cold glass of water .  Tyler had just competed  in the obstacle course  behind the Bradenton Boys Club . I devised the  course  and it was very difficult .  The boys were timed  on about 5 different  obstacles .  Tyler was very good at this .  The best time to have this activity  was early morning .  Even then the sun was quite hot . The obstacle course  was a great physical fitness program . steve

Where Eagles Dare to soar

IMG_20171021_053840 a few years ago I was walking on noreika Road and all of a sudden I was enveloped buy a Giant Shadow which at first I thought was an airplane. As I glanced up I saw a majestic Eagle overhead. Its wingspan was magnificent. It almost reminded me of the prehistoric pterodactyl. Ben Franklin once said that he wanted the turkey as our national symbol instead of the eagle. I’m glad he lost that vote. Instead we have a lot of turkeys serving in Washington presently. 

2011 Joplin tornado

tornado_AP110523113782 in May of 2011 a catastrophic F5 tornado took out half the city of Joplin Missouri. The Joplin Boys Club where I had worked in the late 1970s was spared. What has happened since that time? How is the community doing on rebuilding? The major networks covered the tornado greatly but they haven’t been back a whole lot since. So how has Joplin weathered the storm? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Wabash High School

I graduated from Wabash High School in 1966 and at that time the building was about 40 years old. Today this High School still stands  which amazes me. At our last reunion last year  some of my fellow classmates said the building has  undergone some renovation. To me  the biggest renovation  Was the removal of the forest behind the high school. I used to run my two dogs in that Forest  and it will be missed . They put a baseball field in its place. I have many fond memories of my time in Wabash  including the high school. But Time Marches On. I wish all the best for my fellow classmates and I hope the great community of Wabash  continues to grow and prosper .454

Bowling alleys and Boys Club

l the salesian Boys Club of Columbus Ohio had 8 bowling alleys! It was located in an old Knights of Columbus building. In addition to the bowling alleys they had a full size pool, a gymnasium with overhead running track, 3 games rooms, and a large arts and crafts area. But the bowling alley made this club unique. The Bowling Center was in use often. The club also had a fully-equipped health center. The Club was located in downtown Columbus right next to Grant Hospital.