Great Winding Roads

One thing that the Manistee National Forest does not lack is dirt and sand roads. They are found in abundance within that forest.  In fact, the road that covers the east side of Dave’s Big Bass Lake was not paved over until only just recently.  Until that time it was a rather bumpy stretch of road that passed both Lakeview Cemetery and Camp Martin Johnson. 

I actually prefer the sandy roads even though car wash owners also adore them for they are good for their business.  The roads I enjoy most are those that wind their way through the forest with only a rare straight-away.  They are largely one lane roads but I rarely see another car on them when I travel them.

I have a map at home telling me of every road within the national forest that I have taken and one day I hope to travel them all.  By my calculations that will take about ten more years for the one’s I have marked down for future reference.  Each year I rotate around a different county covering as many roads as I can.  Paved roads do not count yet they are often the one’s that take me to the unpaved pathways. 

The one in this photograph is near Irons, Michigan.  Next week I have one planned for near Luther.  What a great past time to have!

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