Where’s The Back Porch?

This was our home at 570 North Wabash Street over the Hipskind garden next door. One thing is missing though and that is our back porch. In the back of the house, where you can observe those three windows, was the location of our back porch. Apparently, the new owners chose to enlarge the kitchen thus forfeiting the porch.

That porch was my quick exit out to the back yard and down the Nagel’s hill, across Charley Creek, and then across some open stretch en route to Wabash High School each day. It seems strange not to see the back porch there anymore. The house now only has two exits and that would be the front door and the french doors just to the south of the front door.

This was probably the best house our family ever lived in and its too bad we couldn’t take it with us when we moved to Illinois. It was really hard leaving Wabash in 1967 as that is still considered my home town. Growing up in Wabash was great.

Our house was built-in 1910 and is a 3,026 square feet home. It has three floors and a full basement.  The estimated worth of the home is $154,700 dollars.  There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms.  The third floor has a bedroom, bathroom, a walk-in closet, and a full attic.  The second floor consists of the other full bedrooms and bathrooms. 

The first floor has a large living room with sliding doors on each side of the room with one of them leading into the dining room.  There is a full pantry just outside the kitchen and a sunroom.  A half bathroom is just off the pantry. 

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