How do Flea Burgers Taste?

If you never made a flea Burger you really haven’t lived. First you have to extract them from a mother dog and that’s a tedious process. Once you have about a hundred of them you mix them in with flour which suffocates the Little Devils. Then you add a half a pound of butter and one cup of water. By the way, make sure that when you extract the fleas that no ticks get in the mixture as they can be very bitter in taste and stick to your ribs far more than fleas do. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and then form the mixture into paddies. Grill them up adding salt to taste. Make sure they’re well done and then sit back and enjoy a feast like you’ve never eaten before. By the way if you believe this recipe, I have some swamp land in the Manistee National Forest to sell you.

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