Abandoning the Choir Loft

this is where the choir of the First Congregational Church used to perform during services. It was the choir loft just below the pipe organ. That seemed to work until 1976. Then an organ was removed, a merger with the Presbyterian Church was instituted, and a new organ installed. The new organ took too much room from the choir loft and so the choir was moved to the side of the sanctuary on the ground floor. occasionally the choir, or part of it, returns to the choir loft to sing. The Children’s Choir also uses the choir loft. What I would propose would be that the Senior Choir would sing from the balcony so they would be on the same tier as the organ. the trumpeters and singers were as one. To make one sound and praising the Lord.

The Dangerous Picnic Basket

Some picnicers sure left the area in a hurry as they must not have been too hungry. Just imagine all those tasty sandwiches being left to Yogi with nary an objection? Well, it would seem that those folks just learned the bear facts of life. Life is a choice word here as they did have a choice- Their sandwiches or their life!

Lake County Michigan and the Manistee National Forest has an ever growing black bear population so folks out in the middle of nowhere need to be careful. It would seem that there was no Mister Ranger to protect them from this Yogi devouring the contents of their picnic basket.

It reminded me of a time that my friend Ben and I came across two fresly slashed fish as we were hiking along the Pere Marquette River. Needless to say we had interrupted a bear and his lunch so we left the area pronto. If you’re out in Lake County, Michigan, just take all due notice when picnicing and be on the alert for bears. After all, you don’t want to become “their” picnic lunch for that would be one major “Boo-Boo”!

Tree Lined Shoreline

These pictures were taken in mid-November and some leaves are still on the trees. As you can see it already snowed at this time and ice had already formed on the lake in selected areas. Nothing that you could stand on yet but still there. You didn’t find much boat activity on the lake at all. Everything was so quiet at this time of year especially in contrast to the summer. It was rather Eerie at this time of year. And most desolate as the majority of people chose to stay in their cabins or cottages. All that will change soon as the ice hardens and the snowpack deepens. Prepare for that winter blast for it is not all that far away.

HEBC Small Softball Field

The small softball field was largely used for the cadet program which were boys ages 6 through 10. The softball league was played on this diamond for all League games. The championship game was played on a large diamond directly behind the boys club.

Our Cadets also used this field for kickball and wiffle ball. During the Spring and Summer this field saw a lot of game on a variety of sports. The older boys used this field only for Bubbleball. The unique design of this particular field also served the boys club well in our Frisbee Golf Course. This diamond was located on the southern end of the football field

Chicago White Sox World Series 2005

I have a video today of the Chicago White Sox 2005 postseason which is the year they won the World Series against the Houston Astros. That year in the postseason the Chicago White Sox tied a Major League record going 11 and 1 in the postseason. That tied a record held by the New York Yankees. Here is a video of the Chicago White Sox 2005 postseason.

Something Mysterious in Sauble Lake by Larry

My name is Larry and when I was fishing on Sauble Lake about a month ago I saw this creature surface just for a moment. I grabbed my camera and snapped this picture and then left that lake immediately. I don’t know what it was and I’m really not sure I want to know. I wonder if people that live on that lake have ever seen it. At first I thought it was a child’s toy until it dove underwater. I don’t think I’ll go back to fish on that Lake ever again. I’m still shaking as I type this.