Supplies for Pine River Bridge Sidetrip

During our rainy trip to our property with the Salesian Boys Club, on a sidetrip to the Pine River area, we stopped at the Dublin General Store to pick up some supplies for our picnic.  This store has an abundance of products so we not only purchased hot dogs and buns with condiments, but also Mike Myers bought a poncho to keep out the rain even though on that day it was just a light mist.

The boys shopped around for a good half-hour exploring all that this general store had to offer.  Comments were made as to how superior it was to the Big Bass Lake store which had a limited product line.  From Dublin, it was less than five miles to the Pine River Bridge where our we planned to explore and have our picnic there.

The boys also purchased a lot of post cards with scenes of the area on them and also comic books which were a staple for them wherever they could find them.  I think any shopping was good for the boys after several days of tent camping as it got them back to their real world for a time.  Thus, this general store was used on all my trips to the area for supplies prior to going to the Pine River Bridge.

4 thoughts on “Supplies for Pine River Bridge Sidetrip”

  1. Dave Norris, my wife was asking on the information on the new bar and grill in Wellston. We are the owners. Bill and Dani


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