This Would Not Be A Good Swimming Day

Warning for Lake Michigan

I wouldn’t recommend swimming on this kind of day. Even if you might consider it there is an ample warning sign here to steer you away. The size of the waves should detour just about everyone. In this kind of weather, otherwise known as a gale warning, even boats are urged to stay inland.

Even the ferry boats would be wise to stay in port but oftentimes don’t. Their skippers are taught to brave this kind of weather. Those aboard though may need sea sick pills to get through the trip without doing their own heave hoeing.

Can you imagine the look on a surfer’s face if he saw these kinds of waves?

When Will THESE Be Coming to Big Bass Lake?

Big Bass Lake already has high-powered speedboats and jet ski’s but when will the Airboat be making its debut on the lake? I’ve always been a big “fan” of these kinds of boats which I hear can be very loud so earplugs might be in order as with these boats they just won’t be for swimming anymore!

Why should Michigan Snowbirds be the only people who benefit from Airboats? Kent Conner seemed eager to get a glass bottom canoe that we featured recently at Big Bass Lake and Beyond, so what about an Airboat churning its away around the five islands on the lake?

The Big Bass Lake Belle was a parade entry a few years ago but an actual Airboat could make tours around the lake. And, if an Airboat isn’t quite your speed, then what about a Hovercraft?

With this baby you don’t even need a public landing to put your boat on the lake, much less to take it off. You just simply glide it over land to wherever you store your boat for the winter months. Plus, why have a passageway to Bluegill Lake when you can merely travel over land from Big Bass Lake to Bluegill Lake as simple as pie?

You could even take it over to Na-Tah-Ka Tavern, that is, if they had a drive-up window for orders to go! And what about traveling the North Country Trail with one of these? Since it’s almost Christmas, how’d you like to find one of these under your tree? Of course it would have to be under one of your outdoor trees but who cares?

The Big Bass Lake Store Grass Stairs

The Marion Boys Club largely made all their trips to the Big Bass Lake Store by rowboat for any extra supplies we needed at our wooded beachfront campsite. They also liked the store for an occassional snack or postcards. These were the steps leading up from the pier to the store.

There were also “dugout” wooded seats embedded in the hillside where one could relax with their snack or soft drink until everyone was ready to head back to camp. Grandma’s Hat, the tiny island, was in full view out north into the lake. The island was just to the right of where we turned west and under the bridge that led to the Big Island.

For some reason, Hostess Snowballs was a big favorite of the Marion Boys Club kids on any trip. We usually took two boats over to the store always keeping close one to the other in the event of any emergency. All the kids had life jackets on for added protection.

Our trips to the store were usually in early morning just after breakfast. The lake was fairly quiet at those times. The boys always looked forward to that store for their needs including a comic book or two. It was their personal oasis from their camping experiences that brought them a taste of a return to normalcy. Even so, they were always ready to head back to camp for whatever activities and side trips awaited them there.

Moving Day

I’ve heard o I’ve heard of house trailers but this is ridiculous! They won’t have any trouble obeying the school zone speed laws. In fact they may hold school buses up. How’d you like to get behind this guy on a curvy Road? Well he won’t have to look for a gas station if he has to use the bathroom. But he may have to look for a plumber to hook him up to. Use the bathroom. This is actually the Baldwin Historical Society Museum being moved to its new location. Hope they made it?

4th of July Special

As you can see, the Big Bass Lake boat parade is floating on and this float is something like a van or bus. It’s interesting as to how the residents of the lake get so creative with their pontoon boats. Perhaps someone can fill us in on the actual course for this parade, start to finish. It appears to start on the north side of the lake.

I wonder if this float has some music with it? Perhaps Bob Hope singing, “TANKS for the Memories”? This is a great military tribute to our combat forces throughout the world. I wonder if it has a water cannon?

A covered wagon could represent the pioneering days of Big Bass Lake or even the beginnings of Martin Johnson when he first moved to his beloved Big Bass Lake, which you can read for yourself on our page Martin Johnson History.

There will be more of this parade come tomorrow morning.

Mishawaka Boys Club Fishing Trip

I took Chet and Gary to the Muskegon River for some fishing a few weeks ago. The water temperature was too cold for even wading so This pier had to do. They caught a few fish but had the time of their life at the end of that pier. They talked about school, sports, and even a little about girls. These two scamps are members of the Mishawaka Boys Club. They tossed what they had caught back in the river so I took them to Long John Silvers for a real fish lunch.

Hiking Charley Creek

when my family first moved to Wabash Indiana in 1959, my sisters and I thought we were coming to Hicksville USA. Boy were we wrong. When we first saw our house we forgot all about Forest Park Illinois. And behind our house was a hill leading down to Charley Creek. In all four seasons I hiked that Creek even to its source. It was great fun especially in the winter because then we can walk on the creek itself. The Hipskind boy showed me the creek initially. In the winter we would slide down the hills on sleds. There were two Hills to choose from one a little steeper than the other. There was so much to explore along the shores of that Creek.

A Tour of Haunted Island

With the owners permission, how about a walking tour of Haunted Island? Most times you see the island like this or even aerial views. What about what’s behind those trees?Mushrooms or toadstools? What would be more at home on a Haunted Island? Where will this trail take us? To the Indian Cemetery and the Bone Pickers? Or along the southern shoreline? How would you like to be out here at night? What kind of noises would you hear or even imagine you’d hear?We have more coming up this summer. See you next time, I hope.

Beaver Island by Sawyer

good morning. My name is Sawyer and I thought I’d provide you with a few pictures of Beaver Island which is the largest island in Lake Michigan. The second picture is of St James Harbor. St. James is the only city on the island. The island has a year-round school, two airports, and two golf courses. The Islands history has a lot to do with the Mormon faith. I’m not too well read up on that. There is a ferry boat that goes to the island so you might want to check it out.

Red Flag Day At Lake Michigan

I saw where one of our readers questioned as to why a lone man would go out onto the Ludington breakwater, almost to the lighthouse, in heavy surf. They questioned as to why Ludington does not have red flag days. They do however some fools ignore that rule and if authorities aren’t on the scene they can’t enforce it. As well, some authorities might not want to risk their lives going out onto that breakwater to haul offenders in.

One would think that people would take the red flag warning seriously but there are always the risk takers that choose to ignore the law. One such person was recently swept off the breakwater which cost him his life. Red flags are there for a reason and should not be ignored.

My wife asked me about that red flag suggesting that the offending person might have been color blind. But he wasn’t that blind not to see the high surf breaking over the breakwater or that he was the only one out there on that day. And fish don’t usually bit in high surf. Maybe he was out there to drown his worms? The bottom line is that red flags are out there for a reason and should be heeded.

Is Big Bass Lake Campground Still In Operation?

This campground located about where the Peacock Resort once stood might also now be out of business.  Two days ago I tried contacting them by their Irons listing in the phone book only to receive a disconnected number message.  I then contacted a long time resident of Big Bass Lake who felt the RV Park still had a few people using the facility. 

However, my biggest misconception was that this facility you see here was also part of the campground when instead it is the owners home.  But what a boarding house it could have been for a resort.  Can you imagine lunch being served on that massive second floor deck overlooking Big Bass Lake? 

Now, Grant’s Resort still exists on the north side of the lake, ut doesn’t this grand old lake deserve a great resort?  Maybe some of the mansions that are up for sale on the lake could be converted into som fort of inn?  Seaman and Harper Lake have fine resorts so why not Big Bass Lake?  Food for thought!

Tom’s House to Left

That’s Tom Irshmeyers Home which he tried to build of our old barn. Too costly. Its very close to Lost Lake which is really a swampy area. My grandmother said at times looked like a small lake depending on the season. Tom owns all of my grandparents farming land all the way down to Noreika Road. He has a fine looking home.