Rope Swings at Wagner Lake

The Marion Boys Club got to use Wagner Lake each summer for two weeks as a resident camp and much of the activity revolved around this lake.  Aside from swimming, a rope swing was attached to a nearby tree where the boys could swing out and jump into the refreshing water.  Rowboats were also used on the lake for races and fishing.  There was a lagoon on the far side of the lake that for all purposes looked like the Everglades the farther one went into it.

We also had a jump the pit contest where the boys would jump over a mud filled pit and each session pushed the jumping line another five inches back.  As it was only one boy was spared the indignity of landing squarely in the mud by virtue of winning the event.  Fortunately for the boys, Wagner Lake was right next to the pit and ideal for washing off the mud.

I always liked this two-week experience each year.  The boys did too to get away from the club routine.  Mr. Wagner always paid us a visit each trip to encourage the boys to keep his land well. 

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