The Talking Feet of Camp Martin Johnson


Thank heavens my master took off those hot sneakers. I literally choke to death in there. Ah? Fresh air! I wonder what those other six tootsies think about their masters’ tennis shoes? At least I get a little airing out in this tent although it also is a bit musty in here. Great! My master is putting on his swimming trunks and that means one last time in Big Bass Lake this summer. He’s heading back to Chicago tomorrow as camp will be closing down.

Wow that cool grass feels good. Yes, these great steps that lead down to the waterfront are so cool they make me feel like a new foot again. I won’t be seeing them again for awhile. Oh, yes, going up, but down? Not until next summer. That sand feels so good. I often wonder why my master brushes that off after swimming?

Even better! Oh that is refreshing! That first run in to the lake and now I am totally submerged and feeling better by the minute. Us feet take a pounding in the event that you did not know. We’re hard to reach to clean so these times in the lake feel really good.

You know, to tell the whole truth, I heard this is the last summer at this camp. From now on when I get to go into water it will either be at Lake Michigan by Chicago or in some hard bottom pool. It’s just not the same as Big Bass Lake. I’ve been coming here three straight years and each time, for some reason, I seem to be getting bigger. I’m sure glad that my master keeps getting new shoes or else I think I’d be squeezed to death in those sneakers of his.

Well, I’m out and for the last time. Yes, up those stairs too for the last time. You know, some day, after this camp closes for good, I’ll be back here again. I will not be de-feet-ed!

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