Bob and Sharon’s Homestead

This is Bob and Sharon’s love nest. I wonder if there’s a good eye chart inside this shanty? Bob always wanted a flat roof and after a few minutes of being on the roof fixing some shingles, he got what he wanted- sort of.

Sharon, on the other hand, wanted to make sure that her dog, Bowser, got a suitable dwelling and so she purchased this building because it had a place for her dog to live. You can see Bowser’s new home off to the right. In fact Bowser liked it so much that he offered to share it with Bob.

To each of their surprise, the cabin had running water to it.  They found an old Indian inside when they finally got the door open after a mere five hours.  It seemed that Running Water had been held prisoner there since the last of the Indian wars. 

Sharon wanted to bring a girl friend up to see her new home but once she saw it she was looking for another girl friend.  And that included a brief tour through Bowser’s new abode as well.  Sharon knew her family would adore her new love and they did.  They adored the picture and said that she could move into it any time she liked. 

To some, Sharon and Bob are a modern-day Odd Couple and I wonder why?  After Sharon observed the shingles work that Bob had done on the roof, she got the shingles.  By the way, the couple got this cottage for a steal.  It cost them only $800,000 dollars.  Sharon sure does have the eye for a bargain.  By the way, Bob found an outhouse inside the house that was built for convenance.  He thought that made for plenty of sense especially in the winter time. 

By the way, the real estate agent who sold them this homestead was Horaito Haney.  And his partner, Arnold, thought this was a real great place to live.  Did Sharon and Bob bring the bacon home on this deal? 

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