Bob and Sharon’s Love Nest by Bob Hamilton

When I married the love of my life, Sharon, I built her a love nest that surpasses all others.  I have to admit that its hard to really love a woman with  a fiery personality but I was desperate.  And, I have to admit that when people threw rice at us on our wedding day, I was so hungry that I ate half of what they threw. 

I nearly got a hernia carrying Sharon over the threshold and then for the first time she beheld our love nest.  She was speechless for nearly three hours.  And, for her, that is a record!  She finally forgave me for forgetting to put a bathroom in our home.  First thing next week and I’ll start on our outhouse.  Sharon said that it had better look better than our love nest. 

I purchased our new home, sight unseen, from a real estate agent for a song.  I say that because he was singing “Happy Days” after I forked over 100,000 dollars for our love nest.  If you’re curious as to what our new home looks like, be curious no more!

Sharon screamed when she first saw this place but warmed to it over the next few hours.  I tried to fix the shingles on the roof but my weight did some damage to it.  Hey, I can fix that too!  Besides, a flat roof does have some advantages. 

Sharon did seem to like our stone foundation as she hurled a few of them at me.  It was the firs time ever that I was stoned.  She asked me how I could buy a house without a bathroom and I told her that I was interested in cutting costs.  Besides the outhouse will only be a quarter of a mile from the house!

This home was worth every penny of that 100,000 dollars I spent on it.  Sharon loved me enough to suggest that I take a mental test but I told her that I was mental enough as it was.  I told her that we did have running water as when it rains it comes down the sides of the house.  Can you beat four corners of running water? 

We had a horse trough for a bathtub and it was big enough for both me and Sharon together.  She put a fire under it and presto, I had a hot tub!  It nearly burned off thirty pounds before I knew what was happening.  She later used that to cook our food.

I’m sure smart when it comes to good real estate.  So what do you think of my love nest?

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