An Interesting Big Bass Lake Docking Area


I like the

 design of this landowners docking area. One must walk down a ramp to get to a kind of deck upon Big Bass Lake. It would seem that each homeowner on the lake creates his own unique docking area and this one could be used by several chairs upon it and even an umbrella table. On another post, I highlight a long winding staircase leading to that docking area.

Our pier was much simpler with the only extra being a bench at the end of the dock. We also had a sandy trail with built-in steps leading down to our pier but nothing as extravagant as this particular docking area. Within this site, there are several homes featured with their docking areas. Some are simple and some more elaborate. There is even a floating dock featured on one of our posts. One enormous home has an even simpler dock design than our cottages.

I suppose it all depends on one’s individual tastes as to what design dock they use. Some on Big Bass Lake are very elaborate and give the homeowner credit for their creativity in this regard. Over the course of time, we will be featuring more of these docking areas along with some of the larger homes on the lake.


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