Ferry Service by Sawyer

you can get to Beaver Island by air, using one of the two airports or by ferry boat. It’s a couple hour trip out to the island. As you enter Beaver Island itself your breath will be taken away. It’s an awe-inspiring moment. If I could afford it, I would live on Beaver Island. I fell in love with the island on my one and only trip there. Mackinac Island they have more charm but this is a down-to-earth place. Can you imagine going to High School here? Anyway, try the ferry trip.

Hyper sub water skiing

home-surf can you imagine water skiing behind this baby? At the speed this is going you might lose your swimsuit. I like to be the first to have one of these things.  Plus this vessel can dive beneath the water. I wonder if it can fire torpedoes? Maybe I can save some money and buy this at a pizza parlor by asking for a sub?