Stalking Dogman by Bob Hamilton

spooky_forest_background_by_indigodeep this is Bob Hamilton Monster Hunter reporting. This time around I’m taking two people with me. One is a photographer the other a cook. For the entire four days we were there a thick fog blanketed the area. Several times we heard the Howl of something other than a wolf. I tasted the straw around some droppings I saw to see if it was fresh. I believe the entire time we were there Dogman was close. After the first night my cook wanted to leave. We had two rifles with us including a shotgun. Even if Dogman was spotted I doubt if our photographer could have got a clear shot. OfOf all the luck to plagued by fog. One day I will prove its existence.

The bone Pickers

IMG_20171007_223220 just north of the haunted house was an Indian graveyard. From that area came the legend of the bone Pickers. The Hoffman Estates boys club kids had just had their Taste of the haunted house. They thought that was all there was to their trip this time. Yet the bone Pickers remained. I told the boys but whenever they hear the cracking of a stick. The bone Pickers can’t be far away. All of a sudden two boys stepped on a stick and leaped forward about 10 feet. Cemeteries have that effect on some people. All and all that was a pretty good trip out to the haunted house.

The Piano & The Fog

When I was at Camp Tower Hill, the counselors told of a field near the camp where at night a mysterious fog would appear and piano music could be heard. I sincerely doubt if Van Cliburn had made a guest appearance! But that kind of talk kept the kids in at night myself included. Although this was a Christian Camp, but councillor sure had a lot of stories about the fog and the piano as well as a mysterious green hand coming out of Lake Michigan. This is the stuff that makes for great nightmares. Oh well, the camp only lasted 2 weeks.

The badger in high seas

S.S.Badger I have personally taken the badger to Wisconsin several times. But I have never taken it in weather such as this. I wonder how high seas affect the performance of the badger? Can customers feel the difference? And what about storms in the middle of Lake Michigan? Maybe someone has experiences such as these? Let us know by way of a comment.

New usage for old gym

oldgym_tipoff this was the old Honeywell gymnasium where the Wabash Apaches played their home games. The gym was also used as a community center for young boys. When the Honeywell Center was transformed into a modern theater center, the old gym needed a change too. legacyhall(2) the bleacher sections of the gym are blocked out by curtains. The basketball goals Are gone and the floor has been redone. It is now used for parties and Conventions.

Loon Lake questions

My husband Mike has fished this lake many times. For those of you that live on this Lake just how deep is it? Does it have a public landing and if so where? What is the speed limit on this Lake? And did a camp  once exist on this Lake  on the north east side ? Thank you for your help on these questions.IMG_20171019_202442

Before the changes to our property

IMG_20171023_143816 after  our property was sold in 2002, the Southwest part was leveled gradually down to the lake. This is what the area looked like before that. Many trees were removed from the hillside to create the new look. Our cottage was hidden by those trees so it could not be seen easily. I miss those trees greatly. However the new owners have the right to change the property as they see fit.

Red eye and Camp Martin Johnson

lakeviewsign 30 years ago I saw red eyes for the first time. I had sneaked out of Camp Martin Johnson for a smoke which the camp did not permit. Out of the Blackness of the night two piercing red eyes appeared out of nowhere. I nearly dropped my pants. I was in the portion of Lake View Cemetery where a red eye has been seen before. By the way my name is Otis. Meeting red eye for the first time was the last time I ever smoked. I can’t help you to believe in this creature but I saw those two red eyes and I’ll never forget them.evileyes-1

Kayaking in the fall

IMG_20171020_045840 if you want a lot of restful Solace, try kayaking in the fall on Big Bass Lake. It’s not only good exercise, but a chance to get in touch with yourself. It’s a great stress reducer. At this time of year, you won’t have much traffic on the lake. As long as you stay upright, you’ll not only feel free energized but also ever so relaxed. I would always recommend going with another kayaker just in the event of trouble. Just kick back and enjoy the scenery for your going to have a great time.

Grant’s Resort

grants-resort-bear I have often wondered why Grant’s Resort picked this image to represent it?  How long has Grant’s Resort been in existence? And are there any other resorts on Big Bass Lake? If the owner of the resort get this message please leave some information about your Resort on a comment.