The Rock Formations of Shanty Falls

This is the great rock formation found at Shanty Falls just south of Wabash. It overlooks Shanty Falls itself and is found just to its right as you face the falls. You can actually sit down within this formation and enjoy a lunch.

About a quater of a mile further away, in the direction of the Wabash River, is nearly a mile of rock formations, many with caves within them. This was always a fun place to explore when I was a kid. One could have a very complete day at this locality.

How many of you have been to Shanty Falls? At the top of the falls, the creekbed is nearly solid rock for about a half mile coming down toward the falls. Leave us a comment as to your experiences at Shanty Falls.

6 thoughts on “The Rock Formations of Shanty Falls

  1. Jerry, it is on the south side of Wabash and it is out a road to the west behind a cemetary. There is a field to cross and then you will run into Shanty Creek. Follow that north to the falls and the rock formations exist from there all the way to the Wabash River.


  2. So is it OK with the owner of the field to go back there? I was there about 5 years ago and some people in town said they thought it was OK to go back there but no one could really say for sure. I did decide to venture back there and it was a beautiful falls. I’d love to go back to check it out again but I’m just not sure I should be walking through that field without permission. Do you have any other insight as to the access issue? If the owner is alright with it I’d love to return.


  3. I haven’t been back to Shanty Falls since the 1970’s. If you think the falls was something, follow that creek for about a hundred yards and then walk west. There is nearly a half mile of rock formations iwith caves


  4. Do you walk 100 yards upstream or downstream of the falls? I think I must have bushwhacked through some thick brush and came out right at the falls so I must have missed the caves. I went back the way I came and so I didn’t walk along the creek for too long. Do you have any idea if you can walk the creek from the jct. w/ the Wabash River to avoid any potential access issues?


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