Camping in the Wilderness

How’s this for a tent in the Canadian wilderness? Darlene made me a great deal of stew and biscuits with turnovers for dessert. I don’t know what my stomach would do without Darlene on our camping trips. Tomorrow, though, I will catch a mess of fish and clean them up for her to fry. You know, I’ve often wondered just what a mess of fish is and it could be the mess I make when I cut the good meat from the rest of the fish. You think?

I have a lantern flashlight so we both we reading some material about the Great Slave Lake in our tent. Then we played two games of Uno before turning out the light for a great night in the north woods. We both heard the crickets playing us a concert for awhile which helped us both drift out into slumber land.

I awoke the next morning to bacon frying in the grill and a slab of ham on the side. Darlene’s camp coffee is unbelievably good and hot as all get out. It cuts the tar out of my throat each morning. And after that great breakfast I did the dishes down at the stream while Darlene set up her hammock. We then fed Frick and Frack for they were also with us. Our two huskies’ always go on trips with us.

The dogs stayed with Darlene while I caught that mess of fish which numbered ten before it was all said and done. What a fish fry we had that night! The dogs ate well too. Darlene fried up some onion rings to go along with our main course and that really hit the spot.

What comes next will be Darlene’s account of the northern lights later today.

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