An Afternoon at Pine River

After a stop at the Dublin General Store (mentioned a few days ago), the Salesian Boys Club kids and I set out for the Pine River Bridge near Wellston for an afternoon of hiking and dining.  Our gourmet special for the afternoon was hot dogs and potato salad.  First, though, the kids descended down a spiral wooden staircase that was situated over a spring that gently flowed down beneath their feet. 

Once at the bottom, there was a sandy trail that led under the spacious Pine River Bridge and into the picnic ground.  While one of the boys and I began to prepare lunch, my older member, Jughead, took the rest of the boys on a hike along the river where they could observe both canoes and kayaks floating by.  They walked to where they could easily observe the island (above) and then returned back to the picnic area.

By then delicious hot dogs awaited them along with several condiments plus potato salad and soft drinks.  Then the kids played Frisbee or just took it easy before our return walk under he bridge and back up that spiral staircase to our car above.  You know, come to think of it, I never took the kids over that bridge by way of the car as our destination was in the opposite direction back to Big Bass Lake. 

Even so the kids were always impressed with our Pine River side trips that gave them an afternoon away from our campsite at Big Bass Lake.

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