The Cabin and The Wolf

One of our boys club camping trips took place in a cabin over looking the Little Manistee River which was about five miles from our property. It was situated off of Big Bass Road on a sandy road and quite remote. The cabin had a small kitchen, large living room, indoor bathroom, and a large bedroom. Five boys were with me on that trip. Once while lounging inside the cabin one of the boys kept clicking off his flashbulb camera at something that was outside. As I approached the window I beheld a snarling wolf. I told him to cease and closed the shades immediately.

I had visions of tha wolf crashing through that window. About two hours later one of the older boys ventured out to my station wagon to get something he had left there. The car was parked less than twenty feet from the cabin. When he was halfway there the wolf charged from the woods but he was apparently after something else and darted right past the ever scared teenager. To this day I’m not sure if that was really a wolf or just a wild dog.

That was the last we saw of that critter over the entire stay of our trip which was more than enough for me. Since our beach area on our property was flooded at that time was the reason we opted for the cabin. All and all it was a great trip but I’m sure none of us has forgotten that incident.

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