My friend, Ben, and I came upon this natural shower on a recent hike through the Manistee National Forest and it just seemed to beckon us to undress and go under it for one of the most refereshing showers I can ever recall.  The water pressure on this given day was just perfect as sweat and dirt disappeared fast.  Ben thought the water could have been a tad warmer but nothing is perfect.  Unless, of course, that Mother Nature is at our beckon call?

Water like this not only cleans us off but also massages aching muscles from our daily walks.  I wish I could pocket this falls and take it along with us so that it would always be available when needed.  You can even take in a good gulp or two of water at these times to refresh your throat.  Later this same waterfall would serve us both as a fishing area at the bottom of the falls. 

You know, afterthis, my home shower just won’t seem the same anymore!