Land Locked Haunted House By Swamp

On one boys club trip we encountered an old deserted errie looking house right next to a swamp in the middle of nowhere within the Manistee National Forest not all that far from Big Bass Lake. Fortunately for the boys we encountered this house in the daylight hours so after we hiked around the swamp they set out to explore the old building. That is, all except Alan, who said he had enough what with the island haunted house and all. Now he let us all know he was dead set against visiting this land locked haunted house. Yet he reluctanly tagged along anyway.

As we approached it the kids swear they heard sounds coming from it. I only heard a sound as we approached it as a racccon bolted out the open wall on the far side of the building and darted into the woods. The kids began exploring as I kept a watch for that raccoon as that is one critter that I don’t want to mess with.

After twenty minutes or so the boys tired of searching around that house and we then briefly talked about who would have wanted to live way out here by themselves. The kids thought the old swamp was just as spooky and worse probably at night.

I did inquire of them if they wanted to spend the night there and got a quick response, “No way!” I tried to find this place again on another trip but lost my bearings to where this place was. It was ordained to be a one time event.

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