Black Bear Honey Escapade

Once, hen hiking in the Manistee National Forest in the 1970’s with the Marion Boys Club, we happened acorss an overlook that provided us with a full view of the valley below. What we saw was amazing. We noticed a bear trying his best to get into a large log that was obviously full of his favorite treat- Honey! With our binoculars, we focused in on that log and saw a mass a bees surrounding that bear even though he seemed to give them little notice.

That bear was more centered on the honey within that log. His claws shredded it time and time again as he stuck his nose deeper and deeper into that log. The bees did their best to discourage him but he was not to be denied. The boys each took a turn at the binoculars to see what was happening and then we moved off to leave the bear to the task at hand. I don’t think that he bear was ever conscious of us being above him on that overlook as his attentions were turned elsewhere.

Instead of finishing our hike that day, we returned to the car for the trip back to Big Bass Lake as I thought it wise to cease our hiking of that day in the event that other bears might be in that same area. And, while the bear might have had his full of honey, the kids had a “honey” of a time watching his efforts from that overlook and that is something they will never forget.

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