The Vigil of the Lonely Ice Fisherman

I sometimes think of my husband out there on some lakes iceoack allby himself and without the aid of an ice tent. He has bore a hole in the ice and sits upon his seat dangling a line into the icy waters waiting for a fish to take his bait. Mike does this several times each winter and I don’t know what motivates him to do so.

He usually goes out on bone chilling days in the middle of some ice covered lake where the wind swirls about even making it colder still. Yet Mike maintains his vigil until he has landed about four to five fish. He doesn’t have to put them on ice, per se, since they are already swimming about in icy waters. Now and then his friend, Ben, will go with him but not to fish. Ben is there for moral support and to crack a few of his one liners.

I could think of better ways to spend my time four days before Christmas such as looking for a suitable present for his wife?? I sure hope that present isn’t cutting out fish guts because then someone else will be in that frying pan.

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