Oh, what good memories roll out of my mind in regard to tent city where fellow counselors Gordon,Bob, nd I lived in 1970.  There were four big wall tents and our rotating kids from various cabins came to stay with us on their particular counselors days off. 

I remember names like Mike Kokines, Jim Coconate, and Mike Hartman as kids that kind of stand out in my memory of those days.  Then there was a foul mouthed kid by the name of Johnny Capps who changed everything about his language after an encounter with Swamp Man who came a visiting at the tents one night.

ULBC Camp is again open for another summer of fun.  In retrospect, perhaps Tent City should have been located in the forest around what is now known as Fox Lake?  Instead it was about a quarter of a mile behind the dining hall.  There was not much forest land there.  I often wonder if Gordie and Bob would ever consider reuniting at camp for a week at Tent City?  Hmm?