Tent Counselor Gordon had taken one of the dingy’s out for a spin on League Lake one afternoon and spent the majority of his time on the far part of the lake. The Waterfront Director began to whistle in the boats due to an approaching storm but since he was so far out in the lake, Gordie didn’t hear the whistle. After a time, he rowed back in and received a tongue lashing from the Waterfront Director for not heeding his whistle.

The totally embarrased Gordon took that tongue lashing in front of the kids and began his slow trek up the cement stairs to the upper camp before heading back to Tent City. It is quite hard to hear a whistle when you are on the other side of the lake especially if the wind is blowing. The open tongue lashing was unneccesary and would have been better to have been done in private if at all.

His punishment was being banned from the lake for two days. It could have been an either “orr” decision. By the way, at the top of the stairs to your right was the little kids cabin.