ULBC League Lake Then and Now

This is what League Lake looked like about four years ago. Notice the growing algae problem on the lake. Algae laced water can cause irration to the eyes and even disease. While summer camps are quite expensive to maintain, the bulk of that maintenance goes to cottages and food for the summer months. To control algae in the lake can be quite expensive.

But if you think that picture tells the whole story you would be sorely mistaken. Our next picture is League Lake as it appears today-

The algae problem seems to have worsened and there is also some sort of “sparkle” affect all over the center of the lake. I am not quite sure what that represents? Even the lagoon seems especially dried out even though Union League Camp had a goodly portion of rain this summer unlike other parts of the country. 

One good thing about the algae problem is that League Lake has a swimming pool right next to it with nice clean water at all times.  Of course, League Lake is more than safe for boating but swimming is another story.  Thoughts on this issue or on how to resolve it?

2 thoughts on “ULBC League Lake Then and Now

  1. This hill to the right of the lake in this picture used to be called Buffalo Hill. It looked like the hump of a Buffalo. At that time there were no trees up there, so one day Jim Marino asked us if we would like to plant some tiny trees up there. You see the result.


  2. We still call it Buffalo Hill and it is one of the most popular spots to hike and camp. What you are seeing in the lake is not all algae, but cat tails and lily pads.


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